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    Wrap it in a Amazon box and leave it on your porch.
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    As a Vapor store owner I will tell you this is false no heavy metals. Dont trust everything on the internet or CNN. Vaping got me to quit over 10 years ago and I now manufacture E-juice and sell it all around the world. Quality of the juice is everything if its mixed in front of you walkaway buy premium juice pay a little more but quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Vape juice 101 ingredients are as follows Vegetable Glycerin found in many things you eat and drink daily just look at the ingredients list on your soda. propylene glycol found in asthma inhalers used to carry flavor Flavors = artifical and natural same as Jamba juice but in PG not water nicotine found in tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, egg plant and yes tobacco plant some add sweeteners to make it taste better and thats it welcome to the vaping world. I smoked 3 packs a day for 22 years so happy to no longer smell like an ashtray.
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    Couple days ago I saw an older lady vaping in her car, she had to be late 60's early 70's ..I snapped a pic but it didn't come out all that well. Picture someone's grandma. Knowing how some of you high n mighty folks are and what you would have done......I yelled some things to her about oral fixations and ghayness. Then I shook my first at her, she didn't see me
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    Merry Christmas gd.com peeps!!!! Hope everyone has a great holiday!!!!
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    Awesome car - glad you aren't close by, not sure I could pass up on this - just what I like - small, light and Outfront Subi. Just make sure you don't test drive it with the three lug nuts missing on the back wheel!
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    Did it all for the Nookie, the Nookie!, so you can take the cookie and shove it up your ass- shove it up your ass!..........
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    Yes, build it, build it and build it already. While we’re at it let’s make employers prove they hired legal citizens too. I know elitists left an right are making a crap load of money off this. Haven’t we had enough of our border, city streets and welfare systems bastardized by Mexico’s poorest? That’s not bad enough though, so now we HAVE be compassionate enough to take in Guatemalans or whoever or we’re racist a-holes. If we HAVE to take in all the worlds problem folks, why are we sending aid? They will never fix the problems in these sh!t hole countries so let’s stop all the madness already!
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    It's the west side. Just start a burn barrel in the middle of the street. No one will mind.
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    Great ignition for fire pit and camp fires. Small amounts of course, key is to use it up before you end up with 5 gallons like a person i know.
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    we use tow trucks here for our shop- nothing but peace of mind with your living on their insurance.
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    Spectacular work. On a side note: Stugots gave SndSampler "Wood" heheheee...must be the new Chummin
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    the bbq team im part of, we competed in vegas last weekend in the nevada bbq associations downtown throwdown. we placed 12th overall out of 32. we took judges choice trophy, and we got a 2nd place call in pork which was awesome for us! chicken we placed 11th, ribs were 19th, and brisket was 22nd. great time was had. our next compatition is santa anita next year.
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    Working on an OHV Crossing still for the Imperial Sand Dunes since this tragic accident Union Pacific has done nothing to fix this. Would like to dedicate a crossing in memory. I didn't know them, but have been reading a lot about them lately. Please be mindful of your surroundings and if any of you know any Senators, Congressmen or Women, City Council members doesn't matter where they are from to write a letter urging Union Pacific Railroad to fix the situation before another life is lost it can be emailed to me at skywonders@aol.com there is a serious push right now and all the help we can get is greatly appreciated!

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