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    Not all humanity is lost. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/man-gifts-car-to-stranger-during-trade-in-at-dealership
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    Hi there y'all, Slappy here. Hot darn don't you just love this time of year. There is a chill in the air, the smell of wet sand, and blooms in our midst. SLAP BE TALKIN ABOUT MOTHER GLAMIS. YEEEHHHAAWWW....You could've mistaken it for Mrs. McDuners home cookin...but, don't repeat that, she not in a good mood right now. Anyways, The Sandy Golf Tournament is right around the corner, and Mother Glamis can't wait to see our sticks and balls, and most of all, CELEBRATE THE RETURN OF SLAPPY'S ADOPT A WASH PROGRAM. Good people doing good to keep Mother Glamis clean. OOOHHH SLAPPY GOTTA DANCE. Date: Saturday, February 23rd Where: Wash 19 1st T-time: 8 am--or when you stroll outta yo tent after a night by the fire... Entry Fee: $10.00 If you are new to the Golf Tournament, you is in for a treat. You are allowed to use 1 golf club (driver preferred), and a tennis ball. (We will have tennis balls, and clubs if you don't have your own. ) And if you get there early enough, you might get lucky enough to enjoy some of The Trapsters breakfast burritos. While supplies last... There will be a 9 hole, par 3 course set up by Slap's Staff (SandTrap, sndsamplr, Cheff---if he is awake), and even a possible Esco sighting (but Slap heard that Esco is affraid of losing another dollar to Cheff again this year). It's just like regular golf, but you are in the biggest sand bunker you has ever seen. T-off on Mother Glamis's beautimous dunes, wave hi to the Southern Pacific Railroad Trains as they roll on by, and hit your ball into the Hula-Hoop for a score. You will be doing a little bit of walking, so stretch them legs. After 9 holes, head to your adopted area, fill a small bag, or a big one, or just one piece of trash; a little something goes a long way. Come on out and join us, Mother Glamis is waiting for you.
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    I think GM is on the road so i will help him out this weekend, so what u doing ?
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    Working some OT today, watching supercross tonight and OT tomorrow. Maybe start taking apart my sons Blaster to have the top end rebuilt.
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    He is Building a Baja I told him this was the Motor set up he Needs and I told him You are a Good guy so he wont have any worries..His Name is Charlie if he Calls You
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    Sold for free
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    Heading to Anaheim for Monster Jam with the family while SuperX is recording!
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    Gonna head out to Kartek in a bit and return the wrong parts they sold me and get a couple little linkage parts to complete my drive by wire pedal set up. Hopefully take the car for a test run tomorrow.
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    Took the family up to big bear so the little guy can sled in the snow
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    loading up to go refinish a kitchen and bathrooms for a customer. the watch some suppercross later.
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    Work, then get ready for Glamis next weekend!
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    More Prep for the Golf Tourney..Grocery shopping picking up my Meds and Fuel in the Cars ...
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    I've been running something like this for years. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0043SCBD4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    It just crazy, I know many ex- bartenders that are far smarter than AOC - Mike Judge is probably looking at this and saying "Wow, Idiocracy is here" If you have not seen the movie, its worth the watch.... we are almost there https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/
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    No, I took that opportunity to change the trans oil while I was at it so it was empty when I changed the seal.
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    Well I had a blast, I had never been to Johnson Valley (what an awesome place to ride) before but I will for sure be back next year. I came out early (2/1) and left Tuesday afternoon before the crazy wind they had on Wednesday. Friday was nice but Saturday (UTV qualifying) was mad windy, ended up just driving my TV all over the place wrapping my head around how large this area and race is. It rained late Saturday afternoon and cleared up by 8 pm or so. Hammer town was a mud fest but the rest of the trails and area was not bad if you stayed off the lake bed. Thanks to whoever suggested camping near Turkey Claw that was a perfect area for us. I understand why those that fought so hard to keep this place open the last few years, it is a treasure.
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    to flip the seat red in November
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    I cannot speak to the durability of them.. What I can say is that 90% of the ones I have ever seen, are not easy on the eye. Which means if and when you’d ever try to offload it, it will be a tough sell..Unless you are getting the most rediculous deal ever, I think there are way better cars out there to choose from, that will hold their value far better..
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    I bought some of these lights because of this thread, they are awesome and an amazing price. Just replaced all my garage lights with them. Thanks
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    Trying to figure out a way to get there sooner! Gotta watch the Dallas Supercross live first! Peace
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    Some inspiration for your Z project:
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    Trying to figure out two weekends in a row... But more importantly leaving for a Cruise that Monday too... sooo I gotta pick my battles.. my poor Liver better hang on for dear life!!
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    Gonna Be a Great time ... Can't wait to see Y'all
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    One of the best trips of the season!!!
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    I must admit...…………...it's the best tournament of the year. Hitting a tennis ball with a golf club is FUN!! And the dunes take your ball where they want to! Peace
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    I'll drive all the way across Texas to play some golf. Esco better save up his money...………….No change moofer!!
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    I should be there. Unfortunately, probably just for the day.
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    Been practicing my beer drinking, swearing and club throwing all year for this Slaptacular event. I also have found a new found love of Bloody Mary's, so I expect Esco to have one ready and waiting when I arrive for my scheduled T-time
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    COOL MANG . Can't wait to see everyone . This is the second coolest weekend s of the season.

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