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    More work on the addition, finishing up a accent wall and bathroom painting.
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    Excellent documentary! Availble on Amazon prime for free. This is directed by a Thud Pilot and he takes the Rules of Engagement to task as well as the worthless bastard McNamara.
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    I hiked on the Waterfall Trail with my 23yo son in the White Tank Mountains west of Phoenix. It was my first time on this trail, and it's a very manageable trail to get some excellent exercise without any risk. There was still some leftover water in a pond beneath the huge cliff, but I didn't take a photo because someone was wading in the water. My photo is half way down the trail.
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    Just got back from the dyno getting my car tuned for the Supercharger I added over the winter. Cant wait for Easter to try it out with the new power and bypass shocks...
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    Thanks eveyone! Spending my 47th bday exactly how I wanted... in Glamis!
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    My trip to glamis was canceled cuz the car wasn’t put back together, so my wife made me take her to the JW Marriott in Palm Desert. We love this place. Although I had a few too many cocktails last night and am feeling it this morning... @Rockwood grill is here too my wife keeps asking why I keep saying ROCKWOOD!
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    Not quite sure I'm answering what you are asking but I'll take a shot at it. There should be a 1/8" NPT inlet on the inboard side in the middle of the caliper. There is likely a sticker over it to prevent debris from entering before installation. Assuming you use -3 lines, use a 1/8" NPT to -3 AN adapter to convert the NPT to the soft or hard line you are connecting. If there are interference issues with using the caliper side inlet then you could cap that inlet and use the bottom inboard bleeder port to connect your brake line (use the bottom port so you can still bleed the air out of the caliper at the top). The bleeder ports should also be 1/8" NPT when you remove the brass adapter containing the bleeder screw. Use a good thread sealant on the adapters (I was told Loctite 565). Also, be careful not to overtighten steel NPT adapters into aluminum parts when trying to get an angled adapter pointed in the right direction. A company like AN Plumbing has the adapters you will need and you can order custom length flexible brake lines. Edited to add: Found my old brake line questions thread (Brake Line Plumbing Drawings). The first post has images of my proposed plumbing diagram. I ended up using all braided stainless lines which eliminated the bulkhead fittings at the arms.
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    Help a friend biuld a swing set for his daughter, and smoked a prim rib. Now sitting here drinkin a beer and getting ready to slice this piece of meat
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    Went and Gassed up the Old lady's car and got 5 gal of Gas for my Kids truck,Smogged my Truck,Got Propane,Got Beer,Got smokes ,Went and Bought 4 gal of roundup,Did the weeds around the House and about to feed to Dogs
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    There’s nothing wrong with those tires. Run em or buy new if you want better condition. If they were 31s I’d buy them right now. Post them on RaceDezert for $450 and disclose the chunks.
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    Don't leave extra 2 cylinders at home next time. You could of stood on throttle and wheeled through.
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    Sunday funday on to the tv fake fireplace wall..
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    That reminds me of someone! This black kid from New Jersey had 5 kids with 3 different baby mamas. After paternity tests prove he's the father, he claims he has no money so the judge tells him join the military or go to jail. He joins the Navy, ends up on my sub and now he's in my watch section and he's my problem. The laziest POS on the planet We soon nicknamed him G-Money. He thinks that if he doesn't finish his watch qualifications, he won't have to stand watch and he can just sleep or eat all day. Not in my watch section! I found every dirty job on board and made him do it, like pumping 20,000 gallons of shit off the boat instead of sleeping at night, but he just didn't care. I send him to the gun range with a group of guys to qualify pistol and shotgun. He comes back with blank targets, he failed! He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!! I asked the other guys and they said he didn't even try, just shot into the ground. Now he's my little pet project! I've got him up all day and all night, hand washing and waxing decks on his knees. The next group that goes to the range, I go with them. His turn, and he just shoots the ground with the shotgun. I tell the rangemaster what's going on and he lets me reload the shotgun. I blast the center out of the torso and the rangemaster yells, "Passed!" Then he does the pistol and same thing, he aims at the ground. The rangemaster lets me reload and I get all of the rounds into the torso. "Passed!" again. I hand the 2 targets to G-Money and tell him, "Congrats! You're an excellent shot and now you're qualified to stand topside and brow sentry!" He starts blubbering, "I didn't do that!" and the rangemaster and I both said, "Yes you did!" We got back to the boat and I still made G-Money stand the midwatch for months afterward, just because he tried to skate out of his responsibilities.
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    Hey nice to see you Phoenix. Nice to put a face to the name. 👋🏽 Stugots, that looks good. Nice work man! I love the accent wall.
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    Ask for a picture of the serial number plate. It is located at the bottom of the cab on the house section close to the pin boss of the barrel end left hand boom cylinder. Every transaction involving heavy equipment is done with the serial number. No one uses the model number. Insurance, parts department, Bill of Lading, UCC filing, bonding, banking, etc. all use the serial number. It’s a bit suspect that no serial number is listed in the add. Most adds for heavy equipment include a picture of the serial number plate. Ask for it. The add shows 5010 hours on this machine. That is very low for a 15 year old machine. This Hitachi should have a life of 15-20,000 hours with proper maintenance and use so what you have here is 15 year old Subaru with less than 50,000 miles on it for comparison. Not completely unheard of but unusual. OB listed the weight for you as 82,000 lbs however that does not include a progressive linkage thumb, hydraulic quick attach coupler, or a bucket as shown in the pictures. Those items add about 5,000-6,500 lbs. depending on bucket size and use (Rock bucket vs. dirt bucket and width). That machine is an over weight load and depending on the trailer it may not be able to be moved with the bucket on because the stick and boom will not go down far enough to make bridge height laws. Older model oversize load machines like this often bring less money due to the encumbrance of moving them. Current prices for an oversized piece of heavy equipment load is approximately $6.50 per mile. There is no way to suggest $650 flat rate moving for this machine. That is a red flag in this sale add. Hitachi is one of if not the best excavators built. Very dependable. If you bought this machine for that price and it gets delivered to your house for $650 you did great! An excavator is one of the most versatile machines built. Hitachi uses a special hydraulic oil with no zinc. I would recommend changing the hydraulic oil if you actually end up with this machine. If you want any information about anything heavy equipment related call me. It’s the least I can do. A chance to pay you back for several Subaru conversations over the years.....
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    If she had as many pricks sticking out of her as she's had stuck in her, she'd be a porcupine. You gotta be effing kiddin me! If brains were dynamite, he wouldn't be able to blow his nose. He couldn't troubleshoot his way out of a wet paper bag with a chain saw. He couldn't pour water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. There goes a walking, talking disaster area. Now that guy is a soup sandwich! His sole purpose in life is to be a cautionary tale. You gotta be smarter than what you're working with. Now that you've failed miserably, can we do it the right way? I know you're 55 yrs old, but at what age precisely is wisdom going to kick in? For example, $5/lb is not a good price for tomatoes. Or a can of soup. Commonly used on the road: "Pick a lane, any lane. Moron!" "No, the light is not going to turn any greener! Just go!" "Based on your inability to drive, I'm guessing you're a Libtard!" "Hang up the phone and DRIVE!" "It's the lug nut rule. I have more lug nuts, so I have the right of way!" "I would vote for euthanasia, especially for this brain dead moron!"
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    https://www.wilwood.com/Calipers/CaliperListLanding also with the 4 piston calipers we use #3 brake lines, I have seen some cars use #4 but I believe everyone uses #3, responding to your text is the link above
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    We use 100% braided soft line no hard lines, after years of building cars we find the most firm pedal in a sand car with braided lines mostly due to the tooling people have to make hard lines, we have tried the SS lines and had them polished and had small leaks and destroyed the powder coat, we have used aluminum line but you need the line straighteners to make the line look good, and then lines get bent and get a little leaks, or when you flare them they have micro cracks and leaks, we would get Buckshots in the shop with soft line and thought that was crazy, but never any leaks and always a firm pedal, so our last personal cars have been all soft line braided and has been a super firm pedal, also if cutting brakes, with Softline we can unbolt the cutting brake and move it in different direction, to remove the air, I have purchased the hard line flaring tools line for $600 and still had moisture at the fittings, In a sandcar I have not felt any difference in soft or hard line, the biggest difference in brake feel to me is getting 100% of the air out and keep it out,
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    Caugt up on a ton of work from last 2 weeks watched a live stream of my sons lacrosse game daughter and wife went to a special ed function for big buddies program took my son to in n out and a sd gulls game!!! We scored! Free pArking and a guy handed us 2 lower level seats for free!!!!! : poule:
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    Not sure what you are talking about but when I ran my brakes, I did solid lines at the frame and soft lines at the arms. All from Pacific Customs, just measured what I thought I would need and that was it. I do believe there is a valve at my master cylinder for my fronts. https://www.pacificcustoms.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=brake-hard-lines&Offset=0&Store_Code=PC
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    Daughters softball this morning. Dropped my in laws of in San Pedro for their cruise. Fought traffic both ways. Supercross and Angel game on tv tonight. Overtime tomorrow. My OT may be coming to an end. They weren’t thrilled about the 783 hours I worked in 2018. Not my fault you can’t keep adequate staffing. Andrew
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    In Sandy Oregon at the Granddaughter’s 9th birthday party
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    Since I would be changing every inch of color on it, powder wouldn't matter. Blown Honda. Duh...
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    Been sitting here all day waiting for you to post this thread.........
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    Anything involving heavy equipment check Machinery Trader under the same make and model. Most scams involving heavy equipment on EBay and Craigslist are done by scammers who steal photos and descriptions off Machinery Trader. https://www.machinerytrader.com/ I have seen many many scams just like you are describing with pictures and descriptions. One guy I knew actually had someone use his machine listing, gave his address as the location and a potential buyer showed up to inspect the machine. It was outside as most equipment is stored and had he not been at his shop the potential buyer may have never known.
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    Exactly right. Must be given to you or when you buy the car or motorcycle. If you buy one on your own, it does not work and can bring you bad luck
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    Keeps the gremlins away? Like all the biker guys bells
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    To let the slow guy in front that you would like him to pull to the side so you can pass.

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