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    That was KAOS so you Missed it by that much
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    Do you know why he made his wife's SxS so fast? It's so when she tells him to go get her an ice cream it doesn't have time to melt before he gets it back to camp. Fastest Ice Cream truck in Glamis
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    It's funny to me that the guy talking the most shit in here about "other" brands rarely even drives his sxs because it's actually his wife's sxs...
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    That’s funny. A few people talking about possibly getting a YXZ on a Honda thread / topic....... Yet we own a YXZ and we are pretty close to picking up a Honda for a second SxS......................................... Cam Am-Cam Am made of tin..... ride them out and tow them in. Polaris Polaris are the best, Drive them a mile and walk the rest......,,
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    I’m pickin John Daly. Saw he signed some girls butt. All he needs is some cocaine and it’ll be the 90s all over again.
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    give or take a few hundred! nice. Hey to put those seals on you need to heat them to 160deg.
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    I drove it in Sport the whole time. I remember it shifting but I can’t say for sure how much. I was smiling and the shifting is so smooth that you don’t feel it. You only hear it. Small stuff it didn’t shift much. You can put it in manual and lug it or rev it as much as you want.
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    I am sure this is all OSHA approved means and methods
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    We are at Glamis at present otherwise I would just jam down there real quick for some info. I just got off the phone with them and they only have 2 model X’s and no model R ‘s in stock or coming soon. Well they do have one coming in soon but it’s already sold and they do not know when they will be receiving another R model....
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    Mine had a radiator inside it. DON~~~
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    All of them!
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    For those of you with the 2500lb or any winch that struggles. Get a snatch block and run the cable back to the winch or near it. It will double the pulling power. https://www.harborfreight.com/snatch-block-61673.html
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    If you want unbiased info, go check out youtube. Not the single reviews where UTVwannabesomebody does a review of the flavor of the week and loves it, or at least doesn't say anything bad about it or they won't get to review any more of them. Those are fluff pieces where everything is a game changer. I'm talking about independent reviewers who bought a Can am, a Polaris, a XX, etc and they run them side by side over the same terrain and they all give you their honest opinion after driving all of the vehicles one after the other. Keep in mind, what they say pretty much limited to the terrain they're driving on. Duning is different than trail riding, etc. You seem to be all over the map in terms of what you want. I know you're looking at all options and thinking it over, and that's great. The best advice I can give you is figure out what you really want to do with it. Is it going to be just for duning? Just for slow trail riding and rock crawling? Do you want to haul ass down in Baja like Robby Gordon? Do you want to do 2 or more of any of the above? For me personally, I use a 4 seat sandrail for Glamis and the Wildcat is primarily for trail riding exploring and rock crawling. I don't think anyone will make a vehicle (SxS especially) that will do all things perfectly. The different types of terrain are so widely varied it will be nearly impossible. I think the YXZ and Honda really shine in certain areas, not so much in others. The X3 really shines in several areas, it just needs some aftermarket parts to make it a bit stronger. So on and so forth. They each have a different type of terrain they are better at than others, the question is, where exactly do you want to drive it?
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    You would have to get really high from smoking a clutch to be towed in by a Can-Am or Polaris. Plus it would taste like shit.
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    Town and country plumbing small family owned company went to school with one of the brothers, Able I use them for anything i don't want to do 760 744 8672
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    That’s because it’s a Honda thread. 😁
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    This is a Honda Talon thread....Dang It! Enough of the XZYXLY talk. 🤪
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    Ahh, got it. I have all HDS units cause I ball like that. Look at you working on my stuff... 20190408_150306.mp4
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    Yours! But to hold it ill have to throw in the air tank. Take it or leave it!
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    Here is a new header system we just built. It is 1-3/4" primaries to 2-1/4" out back thru a Vibrant SS ultra quiet muffler. All 16ga with true merge collector. The sound has a much deeper tone.
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    I went to two singles back when I powder coated the car.
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    You'd need bypasses. Didn't get a video but we were in Glamis a couple weeks ago and Olds was empty. @BansheeBoy914 was riding with me and we hit lip at the bottom in 3rd gear going up hill at 75mph. That was fun. I'm in 4th gear coming down the hill doing 80-90mph.
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    You had to didn't you? hate you now. 😝 So do I need bypasses to do this speed or just more "huevos" lol
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    I just want to point out that no one ever starts a thread to complain about living in Az.
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    We use 100% braided soft line no hard lines, after years of building cars we find the most firm pedal in a sand car with braided lines mostly due to the tooling people have to make hard lines, we have tried the SS lines and had them polished and had small leaks and destroyed the powder coat, we have used aluminum line but you need the line straighteners to make the line look good, and then lines get bent and get a little leaks, or when you flare them they have micro cracks and leaks, we would get Buckshots in the shop with soft line and thought that was crazy, but never any leaks and always a firm pedal, so our last personal cars have been all soft line braided and has been a super firm pedal, also if cutting brakes, with Softline we can unbolt the cutting brake and move it in different direction, to remove the air, I have purchased the hard line flaring tools line for $600 and still had moisture at the fittings, In a sandcar I have not felt any difference in soft or hard line, the biggest difference in brake feel to me is getting 100% of the air out and keep it out,
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    How can you say that when it's got your name written all OVER it.
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    This. Tie down the tires, the wheels, or the suspension near the wheels (and in such a way that the strap can’t slip closer to the tie down). This allows the suspension to move (no way you’re gonna take up all of your bump travel with a tie down) but the vehicle can’t shift position on the trailer. If it’s tied down with the chassis, every major bump has the straps loose when the suspension travels unless you tie it down so tight it’s bottomed out. I saw someone the other day with their RZR tied down by the top of the cage... LOL

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