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    Perfect Weather... Smooth as silk fast ride, primo conditions want to thank Eric, Kevin, John and Michael Hubble for helping me when it really counts usually, I get as much video as I can, this will have to do, it's been fun thanks, guys
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    Reminds me of that time grandma broke her coccyx out at the sand dunes and uncle Rico had to come stay with us.
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    Went to Agua Caliente casino last night to watch Rodney carington. He is funny as hell. Working on chores around the house the rest of the weekend.
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    At the hospital waiting for my son to be born. He was suppose to be here last weekend but I guess he knows how crazy the world is.
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    So my 1998 Monaco came with the standard chassis battery and 2 12v deep cycle marine batteries for the house. I knew when I bought it they would not last long and my first trip in it was very cold. Just running the heater at night proved enough to drain the 2018 dated batteries that PO had put in there. So I sat down and ordered all my needed parts to do the conversion. In my last 5th wheel setup I did 3-4 years ago I built a 100amp hour pack. (4) 3.2v Calb LifePo4 cells with a BMS. It was more than enough power to keep up with my demand and heavy inverter use for the microwave, air compressor, coffee pot and whatever else my wife wanted to run. The cost to build that pack with a battery management system was about $800. Today you can jump online and buy one of the battle born or Renogy 100ah batteries for about $800-$900 ready to go. For most campers that is plenty. Since building my last pack the technology has come along way. One of the biggest advances is the solar controllers. They come with lithium charge settings built in and instead of needing to put in a monitor screen you can view and make changes with your phone via bluetooth. This time around I ordered my cells directly from China off of alibaba. I have never ordered anything from them but it was pretty much like ordering off of amazon. I ordered (4) 200ah 3.2v cells and 15 days later they showed up at my door. Cost was $634.00. Once they got here, I ran down and picked up my solar panels from a local shop. (3) 245w 36v panels. 735 watts for $135. I paired the 2 with a battery protect and 100v/50amp solar charger from victron which was about $450. I spent a little time cleaning up the battery bay as all the years with Flooded Lead acid had taken its toll on it.
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    Oh crap! I was planning to go up there and spend all of my California tax refund money.
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    Late start, hope to be done by 4th of july, had a few soft pieces of plywood on boat floor, then decided to re do carpet and then new furniture etc kinda snowballed. Got a new stereo, drivers console and metal roof to install also! On the weekends I spend a lot of time gazing at my fish pond and also lots of vegtable gardening ...
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    Riding! Had to go to Winchester today, took the Harley, Ortega home. Costa Mesa Speedway tonight for some flat track racing and Harley night. Tomorrow more riding and throw some flesh on the bbq's. Got a tritip going on the BGE and a spatchcock chicken going on the Traeger
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    On duty this weekend, made way over to my buddy's house for his sons birthday party. @Ruben Good to see friends.
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    called in sick for a 16 hour overtime day . F 7 day work weeks
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    I now work in San berdoo regularly . It’s a sheet hole
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    Went for a Drive ended up checking out the New Honda Talon .... Then came home visited with a Cousin here from the East coast then went over to my Ex wifes House for a going away party and helped them load their car on the trailer for their trip to OK...
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    https://www.mtntkperformance.com/blow-hole/16-polaris-rzr $159 and it solved all my problems - just saying.
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    Had a day off last week and cooked some shrimp and Tri tip. Costco prime Tri tip. On the GMG for 3 hours at 225 and then reverse seared for 2 minutes per side with butter/rosemary. Only way I’ll have a tri tip now.
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    Took the family dog to get her shots so she can be boarded when we go to Florida. Going to my 2 nephews graduation party tonight. 10 hours of OT tomorrow. Andrew
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    Doing this work work work A03C58AC-C4D7-40E8-861D-BAB06A062C36.MOV
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    Working on the toy hauler. Bumming Im not at the MX races at Thunder Valley 20 minutes away:(
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    Hanging out in OC great park at a lacrosse tournament then a bday party on the beach. Fun stuffs 😋
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    Youngest daughter's last softball game of the season. Then pork tacos and jalapeno poppers. Trying to sling more of the wife's wares.... Endless possibilities if anyone has a request. $5shipped
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    The wife has a wine tasting party tonight and a open house tasting here at our place tomorrow! She is really enjoying being a wine consultant! -My son has a Club Soccer game tomorrow... -Change the oil in my commuter car(Jetta TDI). -Work on the patio/deck! -Watch some outdoor MotoX if they are racing this weekend! I'm sure I'm missing some stuff!
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    90% of the time belt life if directly related to your right foot. If you drive like grandma on her way to buy 200#'s of Worthers from Costco, you wont have an issue. The other 10% is tire choice and keeping the clutch clean and operating correctly. Using air to blow the dust out of the clutches is a big thing most people do not do and is important to keep roller and sliders moving freely. Tires, that's always a debate to weight, stiffness and paddle count.
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