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    Ha I guess I’m abnormal but 18+ years active duty and counting I’ve acquired an affinity for violence to a degree. Don’t really recognize it as non standard till I read everyone else posts. I’d of engaged that dude as soon as he started hitting the women and I knew legally there wouldn’t be repercussions. Teach the kids a good lesson on sticking up for females. A human punching bag on the safe side of metal detectors in good cause! Dream scenario. I did get my nose and jaw broke and tooth knocked out in a similar scenario when the group attacked me once when I engaged one who was attacking another, so I could see that happening but doubt I’d hold back in the moment.
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    Right Here Got this today in my change.
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    Went up Cinders way today. Amazing views and had a thunderstorm hit while we were up on the rim of the double crater. Little unnerving (and fun) having trees get struck right in front of you and burst into flames (was giving GPS coords to FS guys).
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    Bitchen Blue flat towed buggy Friday!
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    Flat tow Friday Or Bitchen blue buggy Its kind of hard to see, but there is a Vee Wee engine in the back of the truck. Makes me wonder if he did not just change from Vee Wee to Subi Wee.. Also I just noticed that my phone did a pretty good job stopping those tires in the picture, Given that he was moving out @ 70 MPH or so....
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    I think this is the best sounding motor ever! A guy Newport Beach in a black one ..got on it, Oh man...thing of beauty! That sound is insane!
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    The 700 is a total different machine. I drove one of my friends and the whole machine is different, it drove terrible compared to mine. DON~~~
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    fixed.......And this is why I go to the dunes^^^^^^^
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    Then it would be nice for someone to elaborate on that a bit!
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    I did bedliner on a couple cars, vinyl on a couple, and tweed on one. And as @Cookie said, headsets
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    I brought my panels to an upholstery shop, and they lined them with vinyl with a layer of thin foam sandwiched in between. They terminated the vinyl behind the tubes. Pretty much eliminated the squeaks, & rattles.. Didn't cost that much, and made them look a lot nicer also.
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    not if you wear a condom..
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    It's pronounced La-Dasha-Air eel-Le Qweesha-Nay nay! Oh and for the family fighting...They probably own a sxs that is on payment plan too and wave runners!
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    Here comes his Corvette is the answer to the ultimate go cart statement....
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    Like most, I started out with VWs and graduated into LS's. The answer to the OPs question is obviously cost, not only cost of the motor, but service, parts, etc. I'm sort of playing devils advocate in the discussion because if I or anyone else wanted the ultimate motor for a car built to turn as good as possible, a Subi motor would make alot more sense than a Porsche. Having said that, if money was no option, I think it would be cool as hell to have a lighter weight 2 seater with a 500hp, N/A 4 liter GT3rs motor that revs to 9000. As to your man purse comment,it seems you're confusing Porsches with cars like Lambos, Ferrari, etc. which I agree are kind of douchy. Porsches GT cars are designed and built to be driven hard around a track the same way we drive in the desert/ dunes, and then drive home. They are the ultimate go cart and driving one is an unforgettable experience. I can assure you that your opinion will change if you ever get the opportunity to drive one
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    I think they are all just good catholic school girls. You think girls running around in short plaid skirts and stockings would make it easy to figure out which priests are only interested in little boys. I went to a catholic high school and Holy crap! Those girls sure made it tough on a freshman
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    Pismo Beach last weekend. The entrance into sand highways is always very loose. So make sure to air down and keep your momentum up. 56005923-2A74-4409-9305-BC033D2980B8.MOV
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    It's a real kick in the nuts to go back out to an inspection I gave an estimate for wood repairs on, and find out illegal labor was used to do said repairs and I have to sign off on it and clear the house for escrow. Happens everyday.
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    boy been a while ? steve
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    I use the Dewalt 5.0 cfm at 90 psi for the truck and trailer. I usually air the truck and trailer down to 20 psi all the way around. Air up truck and trailer to 65 psi. The truck has 37’s. The entire process from start to finish is just under 25 minutes.
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    Just get a c02 tank from a welding supply store and a valve off eBay. Could be OTD for $150. My tank usually lasts half a season.
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    LOL reason i got rid of my vw was parts are getting more expensive and quality going down.Had a solid 2275 ran great very reliable(i worked on it and went maintain,etc between trips) but as kids got bigger i needed more power too finally ditched it and got a honda and said after why the hell didnt i do this earlier!Now i dont do much between trips and forgetting how to work on cars.
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    Oh she is probably the dumbest person on the planet.......... Only people who are dumber than her are the idiots who wanted to drain the swamp in her district.
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    only a few have them now. think they ran them off. They are crazy to. they want $20 per hour and only will work for a few hours then want $100. I find better labor on Nextdoor app for help around the house. $15 per hour and they work for it. Mostly white Teenagers and Men looking for work. I give the hard workers $20. I have not found one boarder crosser that really wants to work hard for the money. found two of them and wanted $100 for 3 hours work. told them to pound sand. Those hoes pic work for the same money I bet.
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    Great Points made. Bottom Line is somebody out there will love this SXS and it will be perfect for them. It's clear that folks here are looking at it from a different angle/perspective....Members on GD are very educated with years of experience type group. Price paid will be higher then the average Joe because we know when its worth more....price paid will be less then the average Joe when we know its worth less... Not all potential shoppers are GD Members List it in multiple areas as others have mentioned......all you need is to hook that right buyer. GLWTS
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    Cool trailer. I’m thinking the 6-6500 range.
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    I don’t think that word describes all of them...
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    Uh what Home Depot is that at? Asking for a friend
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    This is very true. Anyone can plow through the dunes. Finding lines and flowing through the dunes is where it is at.
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    I would have said the 2015 XP 1000 was all you need for the dirt as I owned a 2 seat 2015 XP1k and loved it. I am sure you can get a nice 2015 for around $15k. But, I just rented a 2019 XP4 Turbo 1000 in Idaho, and those turbo units pull very hard. I loved it compared to my 2015 1000, and when the time is right, I will have an XP4 Turbo 1000 as I just really enjoy the way they drive & handle. Compared to the Canam max, the standard stock XP4 Turbo 1000 is better in every way in my opinion after driving both machines. The XP4 is very predictable and easy to power slide and throw it around. The Canam max feels like you are literally dragging a trailer. It was the worst UTV driving experience I have had. I put 200 miles on both machines on desert trails.
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    Time for a TOPless version...
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    Nope! I would like to add, whoever the cameraperson was, they did a good job of keeping the camera still and tracking the action. I'm getting so tired of watching shitty video that's jumping all over the place and then points down at the ground right when the good part starts!
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    “Too bad they have children” they are teaching the kids how it’s perfectly ok to be complete a55h0les...... All parties were from the same family and were uncooperative. Obviously as usual, the cops were the problem ...... another shining example of how some people should be prevented from procreating! But what do I know, I’m just another a-hole white guy.
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    For the hell of it I looked up the cost of a GT3 motor. There's one on Ebay 2017 4.0 for $35,000. Thats 500hp normally aspirated, 9000 rpm. That's a bulletproof motor that would sound insane in a rail, and handle a lot better than a LS motor, but it ain't cheap.
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    Having a house built in Havasu as we speak. Will be done next year and we will transition out of CA. Full removal from this cesspool when the wife retires. Wasn't our original plan but the writing is on the wall. I too cannot wait. This state has been totaled by the Democrats and Illegals. Good luck with the house hunting.
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    ^^^^headed there tomorrow AM.. Will be spending the weekend up in the hills above Prescott.. Will be doing some more real estate scouting while we're there.. 1 more year.. gone!! Can't wait!!
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    My wife has been telling me about this caddy for years. Its been sitting quite a while. Left a note on it today. Hopefully we can make it happen
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    Just signed! Been going to Pismo since I was 6 years old(40 years) and would be extremely disappointed if the over controlling politicians win closing it down. My dad retired up there(Nipomo) because we loved riding up there. I'm going to have to get my kids up there as much as possible so they can have great memories of Pismo like I do.
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    I already sent a PM to get the nipples so I can glue them on my current tires so they look new again.

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