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    My friends have a crazy guy that just moved in next to them... large lots so it's not so bad....but it seems like every week this guy has a new excavator at his house...he's moving boulders and I guess he's trying to drag a big old Oak tree across his lot...…...Geez some people!.
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    We don't have any crazies, but we do have one azzhole 2 houses down who doesn't get along with anyone. 21 yrs ago he borrowed my pressure washer and tripped over the hose and broke the wheels off of it. He came back and claimed he nearly died and was going to sue me, never offered to fix it. A yr later, he borrowed it again and that time he tripped and broke the handle off of it, same deal, threatened to sue me. So I steered clear of him. A few yrs later, he needed a table saw, so he sent his wife over to borrow my table saw and I told her, "Hell no!" Last yr he started screaming at the next door neighbor's kids and the father went over there to straighten him out, but when he got close, he was afraid the guy might have a heart attack or something, so he told him never to speak to his kids again, talk to one of the adults. He has a cowardly kid who joined the NG about 18 yrs ago to appease his dad, but avoid actual military service. He got called up to go to Afghanistan and he cried like a baby, "I don't wanna go over there and die!!" We had another neighbor, sweet old Marge, retired teacher with blue hair, who consoled him and sent him cookies and magazines while he was over there. One day I brought my trailer and parked it in front of my house to pack for a Glamis trip. He called the Sheriff's Dept. and lied,claiming my trailer had been there over a week. Coincidentally, Marge and her husband had brought their Moho out of storage to get ready for a trip and we both got warning tickets. Marge was furious, her Moho was in storage 99% of the time and the day she brings it home to pack, she gets a warning! She marched up and down the street asking everyone who called the SD on her. She didn't ask me because I also got a ticket, but she stopped by after interrogating the entire street and told me that everyone denied calling. The last one she asked was Reuben, the azzhole. Reuben denied calling the SD on her, but after chatting with Reuben's wife for a while, his wife threw him under the bus and said, "Aren't you going to tell her the truth?" So he finally fesses up that he had called to try and get me ticketed, but right after he called, her Moho appeared and he couldn't tell them to only ticket me. Apparently, Marge went off like a nuclear warhead and started cussing worse than 100 sailors (she repeated as much as she could remember, and I was really impressed how many MFers she could put into one sentence!) and she used every cuss word known to man! Here's this sweet little old lady who looks like the perfect TV grandma and she's scaring me! Then she got on the subject of the cowardly POS kid who didn't want to go fight and how she sent the weak ass little bitch cookies and felt sorry for him and now she hopes he catches one in the dome!! I was totally shocked how angry and graphic she was! I learned right there - forget about Reuben the azzhole, watch out for Marge, the little old lady! She's the one who's gonna bust a cap in your ass!!
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    Once told, base your trips by weather forecast and you will never go.
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    This happened to a friend of mine, it's a long story but I'll try to condense it. Let's call the friend "Al" and he's very smart Al had a narrow lot on the street and the guy behind him ("felon") needed an easement to get to/from his property. Al gave up most of his yard and gave the guy a very wide driveway and he drew up a contract detailing it all. The neighbor got greedy and wanted to put up a huge arch like on a big ranch and Al said "no." Felon hired a crooked surveyor who redrew the property lines so it now cut off 15' off the back of the entire length of the lot, cutting through the house and only leaving about 30' left, making the lot even skinnier. He figured this would make the lot worthless with no house on it and he could then buy it, even though he had no money, he figured his in-laws would lend it to him, like they did the down payment to buy his lot. Felon lived in a 5er trailer with his (too nice) wife. The trailer had water they hauled in with 5 gal jugs, but no septic services, black water dripped into a bucket, which he hauled into the National Forest and dumped. He also rode a quad in the NF, cut down trees in the NF and bulldozed the stumps, trying to move his property line further into the NF. He also moved tons of dirt on his property without any permits or drainage mitigation. But the biggest mistake he made was threatening Al, claiming he had a gun and he'd shoot him. As soon as that happened, Al mounted an HD camera with sound on the corner of his house and aimed it at the neighbor. Over the next few months, Al kept the recordings and hired another surveyor, who determined the property line was correct and didn't need to be moved. Al then contacted the NFS and informed them that this guy was stealing federal land by cutting down the trees and claiming it was all his land. He also told them he was illegally riding a quad in there and dumping human waste in there and he provided videos proving all of it. Then he called the county and told them about illegal earth moving and the sanitation dept. and told them about the black water bucket and the dumping. He provided videos to prove that as well. Then he called the sheriff's dept. and told them that a convicted felon owned a gun and had threatened to shoot him, again, all on video. They arrested felon and the whole world showed up to fock him over. He was tried and convicted in federal court for stealing federal land, he was tried and convicted in state court for possessing a firearm, the crooked surveyor rolled over on him for the fake property line, the county fined him a hefty sum for not getting permits and not hiring a geologist before moving the dirt, his wife gave up and his in-laws refused to pay for bail, attorneys or fines. I don't recall how long he went to jail or which jail he went to, but he lost everything and Al ended up buying the much larger parcel behind his house for the cost of the fines owed to the county which had been added to the property taxes. When Al told dme this story, I couldn't stop laughing!! Don't mess with the quiet guy with the video surveillance system!
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    The irony is; lgbt is a group that is guilty of extreme hate. They are the least tolerant of other people lives and perspectives. And will destroy you if you dare disagree with them. They even throw their supporters under the bus. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/12/19/world/europe/jk-rowling-maya-forstater-transgender.amp.html
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    Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” and im a believer!
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    The Bible talks about it being like this....never seen it so screwed up my entire 54yrs....scary for sure.
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    it appears black is white, white is black, right is wrong and wrong is right, up is down and down is up.....stop the insanity!
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    Yep, burning that flag is an open sign of hate, yet burning the stars and stripes is just expression. Wake up people......
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    I might not have all my facts straight but a friend of a friend lives in AZ and had a mail box just built with stone all around. the neighbors dog was coming over and peeing on it. so this lady goes over and politely asks him to stop his dog from peeing on her mail box (they have lived there 3 years with him across the street). he tells her to F herself. then he starts watching her and flashing a flash light over at her when she's gardening etc. then he finally gets a large doll with blond hair (she has blonde hair) and he hangs it by a noose whenever his garage door is up. They got fed up with this crap and called the cops, women police officers came out and took lots of pictures. I guess I hear you don't mess with the female cops in AZ. the state is going after him as well as the neighbors. he was just served today and has a $1,000,000 something or other against him and he is going crazy. my friends friends are now both packing but he could go off at any time. I guess there is a leash law in AZ. what's your story of a crazy neighbor? or are you someone's worst nightmare? personally I get along with "almost" all of my neighbors. I drive down a semi private road to get to my house a little fast on my KTM sometimes. I had my only neighbor come out and yells at me for speeding. I stop and ask him if he ever sped while driving his motorcycle.....he didn't like that. that's all I have ever done.
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    I played in the Champion of Champions golf tournament at Steele Canyon, and tied for 2nd. If I only made that birdie putt on 18 I could’ve been somebody.
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    Truth ! I've pulled the plug due to weather and then sat home in the rain looking at photos of people having a great time in Glamis with a few clouds. 😩
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    Stay at home in the rain or be in the RV in Glamis in the possible wind/rain. Glamis wins every time.
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    Several times when outside I would be confronted by law with guns drawn. They would request I go inside and never had to ask twice. Can't believe home seller didn't disclose this when we bought, go figure.
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    Did they ever get you a rolex watch for Christmas? I heard you wanted to watch but they miss understood obviously...
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    Rented a house next to two hot lesbians. They ran around the house topless all the time with the curtains open. Lots of fun watching them do the dishes. Lol
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    Well shit, no one answered you/ So I will. I currently run the Tensor DS on all 4 of my current SXS. I've tried just about all of the big name tires out there (I own a SXS shop in Yuma, AZ.). The DS are not a long lasting tire if you run them on the street at all(we are street legal here in Yuma). Out if the rocks and hard pack, they are a great tire. They suck in the sand, but we have paddles for that. They are by far my favorite tire.
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    CONEX box is less than 10,000lbs empty. Lots of delivery guys out there selling them. 53’ box is 15k-ish. Still waaaaaay more weight than I’d trust with that redneckery he had on the hitch...
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    Absolutely mindblowing. If he'd punched a little old lady in the face he'd have got a fraction of that sentence. And Federal prison doesn't have all the BS early release crap. You have to serve pretty much the whole sentence. On the other hand, he's clearly a moron (he apparently admitted doing it because he hates gays) so it's no big loss to society.
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    I bet you’d get less time setting a person on fire. Well at least a straight white male on fire.
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    Trak4 has a monthly fee.....and for that reason, I'm out
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    Whipple lower intake is the new way of chilling the air on turbos.
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    Now we know why you weren’t successful in racing. You always came up short. 😂😂😂
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    Yeah, WOW. That little guy standing on my shoulder, his name is Integrity, wouldn’t allow me to do something like that, yet a whole party can, and I don’t care what party either. Sad.
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    Oh man, that vid just shows how much people don't actually care about their safety. I'm SHOCKED the harnesses stayed on their shoulders just being routed around the outside of the seats and so loose (and able to slide on the cross-bar). -TJ
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    You're trying to apply logic to CA lawmakers, that's your first problem. As for the question at hand, I'd still wear one for duning or aggressive riding for sure. There is just way too much metal around your noggin' that could scramble your egg in a decent tumble. I've seen people strap into their rides and kind of roll their heads around and say "look, I can't hit any bars" and I just have to laugh. If you ever look at in-car footage of wrecks it's absolutely amazing how much your body, the harnesses, etc. all stretch. In *some* rails there is more room - but probably still not enough to where it really makes sense not to wear a helmet for me. But to each their own. In the dunes I want my eye-protection, fresh-air pumper, and comms/music anyway, so the helmet is honestly easier than putting on goggles, some sort of face mask/bandanna, and a headset. Plus with a full-face when you're not right behind somebody you can flip your visor up for fresh air, then when you're back behind ppl flip it down to keep the sand and dust out (obviously this doesn't apply the same for folks that have windshields). Now, if I'm out at the woods just putting around it's nice not to have to wear a helmet. And yes, I know anything can happen anywhere, but I'm talking about true put-putting out near my family cabin in Idaho where there are many hundred foot drops off the edge of the road so you don't effe-around, and if you DO go off, the helmet isn't saving your ass. -TJ
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    I never wore one in a sand rail and I would go without in my SxS if the law changed. I personally don't understand the logic of why it's legal for one but not the other.
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    Let's hear about the "dry heat" summers......................
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    Pictures of wife / girlfriend and ice chest please. Also, do you own any flat faced small dogs with breathing issues?
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    Wow!! Are you so wrong...... You must not get out much. Fastest growing sounds like future crowds and shopping malls to me.........
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    Had a great time. No XL shirts available. Sold Out! Sorry Moofer! Peace

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