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    I'll pack her chute!...…...wait that didn't come out right..... well anyways.....
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    Seen a real life Jawa in our camp this new years trip @Stugots !!!! It was real life there I tell you!!!! We
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    Tinkering around the house. Getting ready to post some SXS stuff to sell. Putting some wings on the smoker. And getting all excited about going back to work on Monday. Yea retirement can’t come soon enough. Everyone be safe and have a great weekend.
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    Glad you got it back. Now put a Ford badge with 6.0 on it and no one will ever think about stealing it 🙂
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    First Saturday of 2020. Home from a week plus in Glamis. We had a great time. Spending the weekend putting x mas stuff away, cleaning up from the week in G and generally taking it easy. You all be safe and have fun.
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    imperial county is doing a feasibility survey for a safe railroad crossing to access trails on the east side of the tracks. takes a few minutes to complete. link to page with all info about the project http://www.imperialctc.org/sr-78-glamis-crossing/ link to survey http://sgiz.mobi/s3/SR-78-Glamis-Crossing
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    I have the full metal jacket. going on 12 years of great service.
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    Recently bought a roll up cover and like it a lot. I bought the Retrax plastic one with gloss finish. I bought it used off OfferUP for $300. Slides very smooth and does not need a rail screwed to your tailgate like the other brand. The bad part is the box that the cover rolls up into takes up valuable room for a secondary diesel tank, so i will have to make a custom tank around it and my sliding hitch.
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    Just got done shooting, burger and beer for lunch, then hopefully go home and chill. Might try to put the carbs back on the vw
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    How often do you cross east of the railroad tracks? Uh, currently illegal, so never. lol
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    Just got back from Ocotillo, then Big Bear, then Glamis without many days in between, so cleaning the trailer, kicking back, football, etc. .... and shopping for a new turbo razor velocity 😎 abc IMG_6220.MOV
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    Going to the LA Kings game tonight. Gonna watch the recorded supercross tomorrow and smoke some ribs. I sold my 450r last night so I’m browning for an 86 or 87 250r. Fireball has a clean one I’m going to look at when he gets back from camping.
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    Cleaning and organizing the shop. It looked like a bomb went off after the thrash fest getting all the cars out for New Years weekend. Now start all over for the MLK rush.
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    There’s a thread on storing gum in yore RV
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    I'm trying to ride the full length of Castle Hot Springs Road north of Lake Pleasant. I'm also testing out my brand new Garmin Montana 610 that I was able to load satellite imagery on last night, from I-17 to Morristown, north to Crown King. I also have some gpx tracks loaded for this area. Hopefully the 4 inch screen on the Montana will be easier to use than the tiny screen on my Garmin Etrex 30x. Both are handheld devices, but the Montana is much larger. I'm all loaded up and leaving right now. I don't access this website on my phone, so I'll be off-line, but hopefully I can share some photos tonight.
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    He is building a bbq/ smoker cart to keep in glamis, cant wait to camp with him!!! Nom Nom Nom
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    Heading to the Belly Up Tavern tonight for the annual Beat Farmers Hootenanny and Reunion Show. Should be another epic party
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    I just saved 15% of headaches in 15 minutes or less reading this. Sincerely, thank you. I can relate to only our aging, this last trip was 2 truck loads full of quads. Trucks are lifted and have loaded and unloaded in the same fashion for years. Somehow this time I was extremely exhausted just loading them. Then the drive, then unloading them was less than perfect with one flipping upside down as we rolled it off the truck. Go for a full days ride.... come back and can't even push them back up the loading ramps backwards with 2 people! WTF is happening!?
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    That will be like shooting fish in a barrel for BLM looking for drunks. Survey taken.
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    What a crappy series of events! I cant believe after all the truck/trailer atm video posts in the past 10 years....
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    Taking down Christmas lights around the house, taking down the Christmas tree and dreading going back to work on Monday after being off for 16 days......... however..... I will plan something real fun for Monday afternoon for the whole family that way I have something to look forward to all day Monday at work, Party On!
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    Took the buggy into Jagged Fab for some crack surgery yesterday. Xmas lights coming down, cooking going on , watch SuperX tonight probably......
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    made my reservations for st anthonys this year, and taking down christmas lights.
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    My daughters 14th birthday is today. Celebrating this afternoon at Boardmanville and watching Super Cross.
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    Going to the staples center to see the clippers game then enjoy some family time. Sunday will be church and football. Enjoy your weekend.
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    Good to see you the other day man! Glad to hear the car is working better now.
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    I thought this thread was about food.
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    If you get a 2011 or 2012, you need to pull the primary cover and the rotor. There is a shaft that threads into the case. It has the final gear reduction on it. and is only supported on the one side. If it works loose, it will eat up the case requiring replacement $$$$$$$! If you catch it in time, then clean with brake cleaner, apply green stud mount Loctite, and torque to spec (70ft/lbs iirc). . When I checked mine, it only took 5 ft/lbs to break loose. It was getting ready to fail. BTW, it is a LEFT hand thread. 2013's and up support the shaft on both ends.
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    I remember really liking his music back in the day. Thanks for posting it, haven’t heard that song in a while!
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    Wow! Is that really who that is? I myself have never met him but I respect the dude for keeping his word for losing the bet.
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    I live in Phoenix. I have always thought it would be cool to see the Pismo Dunes. With all the crap they have come up with, I have changed my mind and have NO desire to go there. The local political environment has made it very clear me and my money are not welcome. Oh Well.
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    New rear main seal is in and everything is torqued 👍🏼
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    damn stu sorry to here all the shit u ben through
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    Save another $50 if you get their credit card 🤣
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    Still holding pressure in my old crappy Rhino knobbies.
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    It's in the grocery store isle dudes never make it to. Cleaning supplies.. LOL
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    But BROOOOOOOOOOO...I just got a Raptor and the dealer said, "it's EXACTLY like a Class 9, which is pretty much like a Trophy Truck or Class 1 Unlimited Car!...or something like that!" Class 9 has got to be better than Class 1 cause, Like it's 8 more than 1 BRO! So SIKK! Then Chapparel said my new XPT is the same! I'm gonna RACE! Gonna grab my chic..throw my boys, Rocket and Axle in the baby seats and SHRED!!!!!!!!
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    First, who the eff* is Rose Mcgowen????????????? Second, she jumped on the Weinstein wagon and dresses like this..................... Does she even realize that she is a useless woman in Iran, only good for sex and cooking. I have $1000 for a first class oneway ticket to downtown Iran. Be sure to dress this way when you show up.
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    Cracks me up, The liberal "artists" that are standing up for these terrorists would be the first to have their heads removed in a public setting by the people they are standing up for.
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    Maybe she should be shipped to Iran against her will. I'm sure the Iranian men will treat her the way she deserves to be treated.
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    Daily cam cover removal. Yeah no. All season and only have some minor belt dust.

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