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    I have watched nearly every State of the Union address in the last 40 year's, and I never once seen the Speaker of the House be So Disrepectful.. Her face annoys me to no end. Act your age of 103💀
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    I consider myself happy as shit. I do like mucho alcohol!
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    Bring it to Alex (Hondo) You won't regret the drive for repair you will receive. I'm really impressed with what I've seen.
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    She's an idiot in charge of a bunch of other idiots.
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    If your not trying to be the fastest guy on the hill I wouldn't do the big bore kits. Instead I would do some port work to beef up the bottom end even more than it already is. Let's face fact's this bike will spend 90% of it's life chasing small children thru the dunes at slower speeds. The ability to make this thing jump off the line and climb up a steep soft dune is going to happen more than 5th gear wide open. My buddy had a pump gas bike that was the fastest thing I ever rode and it had a stock bore and crank it was all in the port work.
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    Love how bernie doesnt waste a min to comment that trump didnt mention global warming. Bernie talks about billionaires but cant see that climate change and climate legislation is the largest ponzi scheme of all time
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    Been 30 years in the making . as I have been a river rat for 50 + years . Finally made a decision to buy a sand car. This year. been to Glamis a few times renting quads . But really have no idea about anything . Wanted a two seater as I will be by myself , most of time . Wife might appear on occasions. most of my trips will be Monday —Wednesday . As weekends and holidays are not for me . Usually working anyways . didn’t want anything to radical . just something to dune and try and figure it out . here is a few pictures of my rig and rail Sand rail fab dominator 3.5 gm ,mega sand trans ,king shocks needs a little tlc , but super happy with my first trip out with it . will change it up a little after the last trip of the year . What a blast . Stayed at pad 3 and stayed close to gecko rd and sand hwy but did venture out a little any week day duners ? I can tag along with . Anyways Life is good . Hope to enjoy this part of it for a long time Robert
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    Hahaha. You are right I dont hold onto too my shit too long this one is a 5 year plan. Hoping to get lots of memories besides offroad In this baby plus the piece of mind. It has a huge slide and kitchen for the wife. Nice big bed for my ass and kids have their bunks beds and over cab. 360 hp 850tq freightliner drive train. Pretty happy with it so far. But the dumont trip for presidents will be the real test.cheers to you all.
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    Great Moment @Sndsamplr 8AE033DE-77BB-4788-8467-6CBE0F709523.mp4
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    Probably the best state of the union I’ve ever heard . Pelosi is a vile disgusting _unt
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    I don't Own a Sand rail. 😳
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    I will start a thread on it once I get a base sample and a weekend on it. Post my oil brand and additive. I currently have x brand oil and additive in it now. Plan is to take a sample as its draining. Finish the service and start the engine. Once warm and the new oil has mixed with the internals. Take another sample and use it as a new base line sample. So many variable in this but feel its the best starting point as this is what the engine will see every oil change as its new oil.
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    So who's all coming out and where ya all camping ? we have some new vendors on vendor row for president day weekend come over and check them out .
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    I have just recently come to the unmistakable conclusion that in todays age and world we live in, it is immensely easier for people to be unhappy and miserable than to be happy and thankful for what they have. I have been focusing on this the last few weeks because it seems from work to friends to home, so many people are constantly negative and whining about everything. If you take away artificial stimulants; alcohol and drugs, where is true happiness I ask. Stop whining, bitching,complaining and being so negative people ! There are So Many people that have it worse off than you. Be thankful for what you have and be happy.😊 The End !
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    Wild Card....I think I love you! Wait, that's not how that goes...
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    I think this is a realization that I have made with age. The older I get the more I realize that life doesn't need to be complicated. If people are complicated then too bad for them. I will just move on the next happy individual. Party On!
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    I will be there, also. Somewhere in the washes
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    Hondo's work is awesome.. But local in SoCal I would think LRS could help
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    Steering. Originally upgraded to a V8 ZJ tie rod and it worked all right, but was having to adjust the drag link after most trips to re-center the steering since the rest of the "Y-link" wasn't super strong. Decided that while I was upgrading, I should help steering angles and get the tie rod out of the rocks a little. After looking at costs to DIY it, I decided it was a no-brainer to let Dirtbound do most of the work for less than $100: https://dirtboundoffroad.com/products/high-clearance-steering-kit-jeep-xj-mj-tj-zj Since I was relocating the drag-link's location on the knuckle, I needed to change the track bar angle. Luckily Sinky Fab (local in Escondido to boot) has a weld-on bracket for the Dana 30: https://www.stinkyfab.com/collections/xj-steering/products/sfr-raised-track-bar-bracket-axle-end Again, no brainer: $50 and all I have to do is cut some of the stock bracketry away and zap this on? SOLD. After a lot of grinding, sweating and itchyness, the track bar bracket was burned in with some forward tilt to line it up better with the chassis mount: And the steering was bolted in (no, that's not gear oil on my tire, just some chain lube to keep some of the squeaking down on the heims): As you can see by the red lines highlighting the arcs the drag link and track bar will travel, I got it pretty damned close angle wise, and length isn't too far off. There is some bump-steer, but it is very minor. Unfortunately, my IRO double shear track bar was too long since it was designed to go under the axle instead of over it. Luckily, I had some 1.75"x0.120" tube and was able to cut, butt-weld and sleeve it. I also had to add some rubber to keep the noise down from the tie-rod and drag link hitting each other on bumps (heims allow free pivot even under load, so they will bounce a little). What I noticed: Body roll was greatly reduced. This is a concern since I'm not running any sway bars. The track bar's centerpoint is the roll center on a parallel 4-link live axle, so raising the track bar makes it so the Jeep's center of gravity has less leverage on the suspension during cornering. Heims are definitely noisier than regular old TREs. @L.R.S. was correct with his tip on using anti-seize on heims and misalignment spacers as galling was evident after only a couple hundred miles. Also cut down on the amount of re-torquing I needed to do. I have drawn inspection marks (red ink barely visible in the above pic) through all fasteners, heims and the knuckle/pitman arm. Will need to add cotter pins to everything as it makes me nervous. Dirtbound doesn't give you shit for instructions. One thing to keep in mind is that washers or mounting locations MUST capture the rod end ball in the event of failure in the joint. The washers provided are big enough to do so, but if you make your own, keep this in mind when selecting hardware. I will eventually swap out the Dirtbound misalignment spacers for safety versions to cut down on hardware. Since this is single-shear, I will replace the long bolt on the passenger side annually. Overkill? Maybe, but I'd rather not have a failure... The other bolts are larger than stock (the knuckles/pitman must be reamed to 5/8") and my guess is the hard part will likely fail before the hardware.
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    Unfortunately I have some experience with this type situation. As you have seen from the replies there really is no long-term easy fix. It is highly likely the other tubes will fail "eventually" based on the way the Torsion is mounted and the size of the torsion. While its more work, I have seen far more problems with smaller Torsion tubes. if it was my car, I would swap the Torsion tube to a 2" 120-188 wall Tube, sleeve the down tubes and reattach them. Adding additional support down tubes is always preferred as long as they are placed correctly. I do not believe Gussets are going the help - I would add tubes triangulated around the down tube instead for greater surface area rather than the gussets If you swap the Torsion tube, I would definitely sleeve the 1.5" down tubes in order increase the surface areas around the weld on the down tube. I have swapped a torsion tube a few times - its not fun and requires you to be dead on straight and level in order for the car to go straight.
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    Green tube is necessary. Crack is opening up on the back of the tube, so that means there's some flex going towards the front at the edge of the trailing arm mount. Also appears to be nothing supporting the bend in the tube at the front trans mount, so may want to consider a brace while you're in there. I wouldn't worry about weight a huge amount, tube only weighs 1-2lbs/foot, so we're talking maybe 10lbs for the whole shebang. With the gusset, you could probably get away with just that, or move the new support tube over under the outside one to keep the added tube down. Right now, that corner has a lot of bends and open area.
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    Just sad to think she is the leader of her political party right now and she can't take the higher road and do what is right for the country. I don't care if you don't like the President, heck I don't like him as a person either, but I do believe in his politics. It would have a gone a long way for our country if she just supported a few things that this country has going for it, but no that isn't in their game plan...…………..so sad.
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    I would do Hondo's vertical gusset to finish the season while keeping an eye on the repair, then replace the rear tube as suggested and add the diagonal as well after dune season is over.
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    We'll be in wash 6 from 2-11 to 2-17.
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    Queen of the dipchits?
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    I am in AZ. What peaked my interest is my next door neighbor sold their house. It was purchased by an NFL player. He did a complete rehab and now uses it when he is in town and the rest of the time its a VRBO. I know what the house would rent for typically and the VRBO daily price blows that out of the water.
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    The secret is the wild card 90% of the people are going to pick Tomac, Webb, Roczen & AC in some order. Hitting the wild card is tough to do and pays out the most.
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    These vertical tubes are in the wrong place. They should be right on the pivot area. That could allow up and down movement. This gusset will help. We put a tube diagonally here to eliminate upward movement of the pivot tube.
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    The gusset would be much more useful as pictured. It'll help support side movement of the tabs and still strengthen the pivot tube. A sleeve would be very highly suggested. I usually use 1 3/4" .120 wall 4130 split to sleeve 1 1/2" tube.
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    Thx Mike thanks Robert! Another year in the sandbox, life is good!
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    Such a nasty looking F'n bi-atch. Trump gave a phenomenal speech and her disrespectful attitude shows she is unfit to be Speaker of House.
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    She’s just pissed since he dissed her on the handshake
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    Then she goes lower and tears up the speech...wow...what a POS.
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    I spoke to Xtreme Tires yesterday. They will no longer be selling sandrail tires, only SXS tires. Once all the sandrail tires are sold, they will not be making any more.
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    Yup pulled the trigger bought a new bad ass rig. We looked at all Super C's 250k and under. Wife and I loved the floor plan. Already towed my enclosed with sxs and was like nothing there. 100 gal fuel tank.has 128 gal fresh water now. 7 year bumper to bumper warranty. We looked at the big Berkshire dp and I did not care for the way it drove and it was "too fancy" for us and our uses.. most of the other do just didnt fit our wants..
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    Fore sail add coming soon...
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    And this is not an actual Toyota Landcruiser, its a Toyota Bandeirante manufactured in Brazil. http://www.brian894x4.com/LCBandeirante.html
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    Welcome to the addiction! Nice setup. As stated above....try to ride with someone or be within waking distance of a road or camp. Sh&*t happens....often at Glamis. Never go straight over anything....just assume it's straight down or someone is on the other side and you'll be fine. Have fun!! ~jw Oh ya....don't haul ass in the washes! You will find a berm track eventually!
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    We used to do nothing but Tuesday-Friday morning trips when I was working the weekends. Man, I miss those times. Now with kids, I'm going on the weekends now. I envy you being able to get out there during the week. I'd try to find something to ride with though. In case something happens.
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    I'd be interested to see the results. I've often wondered just how much contamination occurs in our very dusty environment. It's too bad we don't have a large group of guys doing this, all with different air filters to see just how effective the different brands are.
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    I would like to sample after every weekend of use. I generally stock 100+ kits for my business use. I would like to see what the oil is going thru after a hard weekend, I would like to see if i can come up with a trend on oil contamination over a period of miles or hours in this engine to help me decide if Changing as frequently as i have been is actually necessary. This is for my application and my self knowledge and choice. I wouldnt change what anyone else is doing or go against what an engine builder recommends to you. I have this stuff at my disposal and its interesting to me. I interpret thousands of oil samples a year for my diesel clients. Why not see what this beast is doing.
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    Whole new world for ya! Be extremely nice to that trans, act like you don’t have reverse, try not to stay in one gear for extended periods. Have fun.
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    Or to get a ride in a real sand car. DON~~~
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    I think I found Slappy’s side hustle in Maui.

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