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    Well, I'm pretty Fuggin Essential to my paycheck, so they can suck my cleanly shaved, alcohol swabbed, purell moisturized balls.
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    This past weekend a group of us took off from Slash X Cafe in Barstow and made our way to Stateline. It is around 120 miles and can be done on a tank of gas in a SXS depending on which SXS and speed. We stop at the Shell station in Yermo to top off for the 100 mile stretch. If you need to re-fuel again you can always pull into Baker, but this year we opt not to because the dry lake bed was a lake from the recent rains. The best part of the recent rain is there was no dust the entire ride out. The bad part is there were big puddles on parts of the ride that makes for a nice water/mud bath if you don't hit them right. I nailed a few of them just right for the water to come over the hood and roof of my X3. My kid though it was funny. I let me kid drive 100 of the 120 miles. He got to drive at night which he enjoyed. There is just something cool about pulling in to Primm, NV at night with the casino lights in the distance as you get closer. Only one mishap on the way there. A rock got wedged in the wheel and took out the rim on one of the X3s. He had 15" wheels and normally the rocks don't get wedged in there. My guess is the mud in the wheel caught a rock. Those rock blockers would of helped prevent that. Slapped on the spare and continued the ride. Only bummer is that was going to be my spare tire if I had a flat. I had no place for a spare for this ride and I have not figured out what I am going to do as far as spare tire carrier with my new cage. We spent the night at Buffalo Bills and the next day we spent the day exploring the Neveda desert in the surrounding area. We rode up to the Seven Magic Mountain monument, then back to Jean where we headed up to Pioneer Saloon in Good Springs. We ended up on part of the Mint 400 course heading into Jean. Those trophy trucks left whoops that were at least 4' deep and ruts that were super deep. The trophy trucks make everything look so easy. When we heading up to Goodsprings we took this brutal rock trail that turns out is not the good trail. Some other group in some pre-runner buggies was on the same radio channel as us and told our group there is a better trail on the left side of the highway. When we got to Pioneer Saloon was saw the pre-runner group and I thanked them for the tip on the better trail. Turns out the pre-runner group was CJ Hutchins, who is a Class 1 champion off-road racer. That was pretty cool. Pioneer Saloon is a cool place. Good food and drinks. We took the good trail back toward Jean and then made our way back to Buffalo Bills for night. Ended up cover 75 miles on Saturday. Headed home Sunday morning and everything was going good for about 6 or so miles. My friend lost an upper ball joint on his XP1000 which also took our the axle. My friend had a spare ball joint for a XP900 and I had spare ball joints for my X3. Turns out a X3 lower ball joint can work in pinch. We were able to get it into the a-arm and it survived the next 100 plus miles. We ended up covering 316 miles in the 3 days. My kid drove more than half those miles. He gets better each time and figured out how to throw my X3 sideways in the long sweeping turns. LOL! It is always a fun ride and being out in the desert never really sucks.
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    'I'm feeling better... think I'll go for a walk'
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    We were going to Jawbone on Thursday. Group decided to cancel but a few of us are going anyway. Eff this BS. I'm not buying into the hype. They can arrest me if they want.
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    We have two REM micro-polishing drums in house that we run just about every day. REM is the company that supplies the drums and chemicals that we use to polish the parts and are essentially a brand name in the industry. One of the major benefits to using them is that the chemicals are non toxic. There are other companies that sell similar micro-polishing drums/chemicals but are not as environmentally friendly. (Say what you want about using environmentally friendly chemicals, it's what we have to do as a business in California and as long as it produces good results, what's the difference?) Another huge aspect to micro-polishing is proper masking of parts so that critical areas of parts do not receive treatment. These are mostly precision ground surfaces like bearing journals and other "interference fit" parts that require a specific dimension. The micro-polishing process does remove material from the surface of the parts, we have been able to measure up to a .0005" difference on outer dimensions after processing through the tumbler. This can make a bearing fit loose on a shaft and wobble, or make a ring gear fit loose on a differential carrier which can cause failure. Most other companies are more focused on how shiny their parts look after treatment, where we focus more on the proper assembly of the parts as a whole. Much of our time involved with this process requires us having a full time employee masking parts and cleaning them afterwards. One batch requires a few hours worth of work before and after the tumbling process to prepare and clean the parts properly. This is why most of the parts you get from us to not look quite as nice as what you might see others doing, but rememberer that we care more about how the parts interact with each other, rather than how they look in your hand.
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    I used to cough to conceal a Fart, now im Farting to conceal a cough...…………….
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    Considering that the baking, cleaning, water and "paper products" aisles are stripped bare, but the beer aisle is business as usual... I'd say that most of the run on supplies isn't dudes.
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    The kiddo took over the driving duties. Love my Baja Design lights and it made for a fun experience for my kid's first time driving a night.
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    There must be 100 pages of offers on ebay https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC2.A0.H0.Xtoilet+paper.TRS1&_nkw=toilet+paper&_sacat=0
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    I probably have a few packs of wipes from my 2 year old in the motorhome. Maybe even some size 4 or 5 diapers if that helps
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    any observations? maybe letting your people poop in the streets isnt such a good idea
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    My wife is starting to get scared............. She went to the store yesterday to get something mundane & the bread isle was bare again & she started to buy into all of this.......... I asked her to get me something out of the pantry & made her dig through all of the food we had in there to find what I wanted.......... she got the message...... bob
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    I feel like it is an attempt at forced socialism…. They want to make everyone scared, then they will show the sheep how the government will help take care of them.
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    Just gonna screw the small business owner they’re supposed to be fighting for... idiots. They’re either doing all this shit because it makes us watch the news and cuts Trump’s chances, or we’re gonna be bleeding out of our cacks next week. One of the two...
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    Funny shit on reddit in the funny section
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    We did also stop at that huge Terrible Herbst gas station in Jean. It has 96 pumps and some strange cars.
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    Seven Magic Monument is pretty cool
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    Ride Report Well the car ran flawlessly. The torque of the LS is great and the power is pretty equivalent to what the Turbo Honda had. I do love the torque being immediately there when I hit the throttle. The Honda always had a secord or two lag while the turbos spooled up. I have no regrets at all. And not spending $$$$ on race fuel was AWESOME!!! The motor I got from @fullthrottleguy ran great. No issues at all. I did have to change out the valve in the power steering pump, as it had too much assist. I had a feeling i would have to do this before I went out, so I already had one from KRC. That helped give the steering more feeling. Can't wait to get it out there again.
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    Our stance on the "aftermarket" version on Cryogenic treatment is that we do not consider it to be beneficial to our parts, or many other types of gears that we work with, specifically the UTV gearbox's. Regarding the wording on our website, the description of our gears does mention a cryogenic process, but this is not the same type of process that most people are now aware of. In fact, We just had a discussion here in house to remove that wording from our website and descriptions. In the early days of manufacturing our gears (back in the 90's), a form on cryogenic process was used in tandem with the heat treat process depending on how the gears reacted to the heat treat process, and would be used as needed if the gear did not respond well to the particular type of heat treatment that was being used at that time. I will also note that our version of the cryogenic process is not the same as what is now being advertised in the aftermarket world. Since then, we have really worked on fine tuning the heat treatment process so that the cryogenic process is no longer needed. The heat treatment we have used on our gears for the past 20 years has been well tuned and we feel it is as best as it can be. A short example would be that a few years ago when class 10 desert race buggy's where really starting to put a lot of stress on transaxles (specifically R&P's) with the use of water-cooled engines, our customers were complaining that the R&P sets were wearing out too fast, meaning they were pitting the hard face out of the gear, but we never really saw too many issues with cracking. So we tried the aftermarket version of cryogenic treatment on a set for a customer and let them run a few. We then started to see these same R&P sets come back cracked after the same amount of race mileage, where we never used to see them crack before. Our research and real world experience with this treatment is that is tends to make a gear too brittle. We want a gear tooth to have a slight amount of flex, so that when it takes a hard impact, it gives a little and bounces back rather than snap off. The cryogenic treatments tend to make gears a bit more brittle as it changes the heat treatment throughout the gear. I have personally seen quite a few of the cryo treated UTV gears com back broken after some very short race miles. There are certain types of parts that might work well with the cryo treatment, I have heard brake rotors, flywheels, and CV joints respond well to the treatment. I have put in a lot of effort into our Weddle Race Prep program for UTV transmissions and I feel like we have good process for these gears. Essentially the same exact process of prepping gears that have been used on factory VW gears in the off-road world for 50 years to make them live in an off-road buggy. I believe the REM micropolishing is super beneficial to helping a gear last longer , but I would not say that it adds any strength characteristics to the parts, that comes from our deburring and shot-peening process.
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    now if we could only shut the media down for like 6 months.... then perhaps people wouldn't be losing that last rattling marble, where their brains used to be. Lets just use some common sense people. And those agencies of the media and their talking heads, who are whipping this situation into a frenzy, and inciting all the chaos should be brought up on charges. They are in fact enemies of the STATE, and are in large part, wholely responsible for the economic meltdown..Causing fear and panic, causing sheeple to act like idiots.
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    If I remember everything. You can go to www.barrett-jackson.com and look it up. It was at the Scottsdale auction. I was there but I can't remember what year. DON~~~
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    How Dare you! That is just wrong....
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    That is awesome ! My daughter starts her program at CRAS this summer. She wants to produce music. They do all the "behind the scenes" stuff for T.V., Radio, movies, etc. They have full recording studios on campus. Very education for me to just attend the open houses.
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    I guess no one here knows whats going on in Italy. I believe that is what we are trying to avoid, Italy didnt take it serious, and that did not go very well.
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    I wouldn’t know but from what I’ve been told flour tortillas work really well.
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    I went this route as well, got my son a 300ex, it was a dog and heavy. I wish I had just went to a 400 first, which we did 3 trips later. There is nothing to gain by getting the 300ex, either stay on the 250 or move to the 400.
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    I’m camped at Gecko campground. Let me know if that’s near them and I can help.
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    Not even coronavirus wants to be in that lovely area. My wife was born there!
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    Dallas Mayor shut down "ALL" businesses. WTF?!! I guess I'll quarantine myself with 12 of my best friends today! Peace
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    If it’s an abnormally large purchase, hoarding. Sorry man, but we’ve lasted decades without so much as a sniff of a shortage. Worst that ever happened is your favorite brand went out of stock, but the aisle still had 14 different brands of 2-ply. Now? Nope. Not even a single shit ticket, not even communist single ply. Hell, the baby wipes went next and those of us that actually have young kids got hosed.
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    Yep. First time doing it. Ran a smoke tube on the far left, a pan of ice in the middle and the cheese on a rack to the right. Those smoke tubes put out some serious smoke. vacuum sealed for at 2 weeks. We will see how they turn out. this was my first whole packer brisket. I did a terrible job separating the point and flat and then a worse job trimming the fat but it was pretty forgiving when it was done. The burnt ends were well worth it!
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    Fixed it for you.
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    San Diego County is soon to as well. They notified the public about those counties and to me that says "be warned"
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    Resized_20200318_090416 by Jon Polo, on Flickr Resized_20200318_090355 by Jon Polo, on Flickr Resized_20200318_090447 by Jon Polo, on Flickr Resized_20200318_092906 by Jon Polo, on Flickr Resized_20200318_092953 by Jon Polo, on Flickr Resized_20200318_093021 by Jon Polo, on Flickr Resized_20200318_093007 by Jon Polo, on Flickr Resized_20200318_093043 by Jon Polo, on Flickr
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    I’ve been in this trailer, it’s a nice little set up, and 3G is ridiculous. Usually worth five
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    Yep the old AHRA days. Tough to be competitive in national classes. Work with a D hot rod, ran high 11's low 12's, national number was in high 9's.
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    I took this one to Hot Summer Nights a few years ago. 1962 C1 Corvette Street Shop chassis, a Chevrolet ZZ4 small-block with Edelbrock fuel injection, 5-spd Tremec manual transmission, 4-wheel power disc brakes, Dana C-4 rear end, full custom, side exiting ceramic exhaust, p/s, p/w, full custom leather interior, including heated seats that were designed to fit a taller person, shoulder belts, custom gauges, air conditioning, audio system American Racing wheels and more! This is a cruiser that you could drive anywhere in comfort!

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