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    Karen got Syphilis yesterday but won't know for 21 days. Karen gets flirty and infects 10 more people. Karen be a Ho.
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    I saw MWB point out on Facebook all the jerkoffs posting pictures from the hills, in crowds and such. Good work retards. I'm sure someone called in complaints.
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    This will be my first attempt at summer sausage. Made it with pork, venison, and lots of jalapeño and cheddar. The finished product. Did I say lots of jalapeños? Nice bite to it.
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    Beware Limitations of Freedom Imposed to Battle Coronavirus Chad Savage The drastic measures elected and unelected officials are taking to stem coronavirus (COVID-19) contagion reached new heights when President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act on March 18, 2020. The Korean War–era law grants the executive branch emergency powers to require American companies to increase production to combat shortages. Meanwhile, at the state level, governors have prohibited people from making purchases by closing bars, restaurants, spas, and salons. Officials speculate the pandemic may overwhelm our limited medical resources. But as long as their data remains woefully incomplete, we must remember Newton’s Third Law of Physics: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The draconian restrictions officials are imposing could spark an economic catastrophe more disruptive to American life than the coronavirus itself. So, officials should restrain themselves from depriving people of their freedom to transact unless or until irrefutably necessary. Imagine if I told you that, by taking a drastic action, we could prevent tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations every single year. Would you deem that a worthy intervention? The reflexive reaction is, of course, “Yes.” However, if I told you that action was outlawing all motor vehicles so we could eliminate motor vehicle accidents, then you may rapidly change your mind. You may decide that the benefits of driving justify the risks, and you would be correct. That is little consolation to someone who has lost a loved one to a motor vehicle accident. But even those who suffer that loss rarely respond by never driving again. They have instinctively made the internal calculation that the benefits far exceed the risks. We are in an analogous situation with COVID-19. The government has taken extreme, desperate measures to slow the virus’s spread, but in doing so has functionally shut down large segments of our economy. That choice has ramifications. People live and die based on a functioning economy. This is not merely a money argument; it’s a people argument. The movement and exchange of goods and services brings us food, educates our children, builds our homes, and keeps us safe. A healthy economy, in many regards, implies we are living our lives. But our lives have been brought to a screeching halt by interventions to slow COVID-19. Like the hypothetical elimination of motor vehicles proposed above, there is a tipping point where the disruption is so profound, and the consequences of the disruption so severe, that the treatment is worse than the disease. Further confounding the situation is that governments are acting on models that replicate the spread of infection, but not the effects of their draconian measures on the economy. Even worse, statistics about COVID-19 currently available are unreliable. Based on these flawed numbers, the absolute number of deathsglobally from COVID-19—in a world of nearly 8 billion people—are actually quite small. Anecdotal reports coming out of Italy and other places counter these numbers, though, suggesting far worse casualties are possible. Because our data on COVID-19 is so incomplete, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is placed in a classic Cornelian dilemma. He is in a no-win situation. If his interventions succeed and the pandemic is nowhere near as severe as expected, people will scoff and complain that he overreacted. Alternatively, if the infection runs rampant, people will ask why he didn’t do more. So, what is the right answer? That’s hard to know, but a wrong answer is easier to identify. If it is clearly right for officials to impose restrictions when the lack thereof would irrefutably encourage the spread of COVID-19, then it is clearly wrong for them to restrict freedom except when doing so would irrefutably discourage the spread of COVID-19. I’m not declaring invalid every harsh measure the federal and state governments take against liberty to contain COVID-19. But we should not long confer god-like powers of life and death on officials who lack god-like knowledge. And facing any uncertainty, those officials should err on the side of liberty.
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    Taking the edge off in troubling times. afternoon relaxation mix. Before my friend Ron died in dec. he bought me a few bottles of whiskey in an attempt to get me to quit drinking rockstar vodkas. The current events are times that make me especially think of and miss Ron. We had lot of conversations over the years of helping each other and what we had and would do if “sh*t hit the fan”. Many new favorite is Pendleton and Pepsi. Nice Carmel flavor.
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    If I saw that on the Internet I would not believe it but since I saw that on Glamis Dunes.com it must be true.
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    I think even before the toilet paper was off the shelves, the tin foil was snapped up for all of the millions of hats.........
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    The true rate of taxation is the rate of spending. $2T injected into the economy without the production of a correspondingly valuable good or service merely devalues the currency, eroding your buying power.
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    Really what don't people get, It's easy to understand.
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    Ask the people of New York if they think all this is stupid or all the medical professionals in New York. Only reason Gecko is closed is because it is considered an improved camping area. BLM closed all improved camping areas nationwide.
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    BBB got tested and came back + for being pregnant
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    I resemble that remark! Seriously though, I don't see putting $3k of shocks on it. If I want to bomb fast, I'll take the RZR. The WJ is for going slow and enjoying NEATure... or something.
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    I'll be working on jobs that have been put on hold due to our shut down. Shop time You all be safe.
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    A lot of company's don't even stock gaskets anymore they just make them when you order them. DON~~~
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    I thought Osoto triple dog dared you to lick it?
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    https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/aboutlawsregulationsquarantineisolation.html https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42/264
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    Pfft...and get COVID-19 from Amazon - No thanks! It's all about the "Splash"!
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    Maybe I was not clear. I agree that the idiots (Like the Spring Breakers in FL) are the exact reason why the .GOV has to take the actions they have done thus far. Things even keep escalating/changing because folks are not following the recommended guidelines, which in turn become rules. My comment was more to point out that the Tin Foil Hats are as absurd as the Spring Breakers in FL. BOTH choose to be blind to the real issue of COVID-19 and use this Pandemic to push their agendas, one being that the Party Life is all that matters or the Government has always been waiting for an opportunity like this and wants to remove ALL your freedoms. Both are absurd.
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    Day 14 - Got the stringers all cut/trimmed and shaped to fit 1/8" or less gap. You can see we started with 3/4" to 1" of gap had to shape the stringer to the hull. Actually cut out more then a inch from the front bulkhead and 1/2" off the transom at varied slopes 2ft-3ft-4ft 1/4" at a time.
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    yes unlike most motors, the stat is on the inlet, you can fill the water from the upper hose and bleed the air out of the steam ports by loosing them, or just drill a couple of 1/8 holes like on page one, and this will make your life easy to fill the motor
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    I have aftermarket steam ports in the back and pull the pipe plugs out of each when filling and let air get out that way then put the plugs back in. I will say I did have issues before I put holes in the t stat like in the pictures on the first page so that is a must do.
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    I have ran on 4 people that have it one of them have since died. All of the ones I ran on were 50 and over. This is REAL and pretty gnarly. We have right around 25 confirmed cases in my battalion and 3 deaths. These stats were from the other day. Also The National guard has set up a hospital with the anticipation of this getting worse. I recommend taking your vitamins and washing your hands well, and limit your exposure to other people especially if you are older and have any type of medical problems.
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    Make sure to add the holes that way it will fill with water so you do not have to vacuum fill it.
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    Same here we did take the opportunity to tell our non essential broom pusher to take a 14 day quarantine since he tried to call out sick friday with a cough
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    Nope. This whole thing is bullshit.
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    MTN dew, alcohol has not agreed with me since last year. Cheers!
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    Went to Glamis and practiced proper social distancing with the return to the dunes for Osoto. Great rides and awesome times with Hozay and Family and Osoto.
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    Took my girls shooting yesterday. Kinda the first time. First time they asked to go at least. My youngest did fantastic on 3 different 22 rifles. Irons and red dot. My oldest was all ramped up after watching Red dawn 12 times the last couple months. First crack of a round and she freaked out a little I think. Didn't want to shoot. Didn't take any pictures but I did take some of my new lantern I scored yesterday!
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    Wifey request this morning. I'm the dedicated pie maker in our home. Pecan Sunday!
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    Started a tritip in the crockpot this morning. Did lots of laundry, hung with the kids. When the wife got home from work i snuck out and did some turkey hunting. Lots of sign, lots of gobbling, no takers. Here kitty kitty kitty. Not what you wanna see in an archery only area. No backup pistol allowed.
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    Shaved my head this morning since the barber is closed. We made a trip to Costco and was able to get some toilet paper since we were almost out. That was cool. Worked on the Front yard. Finished my wall. Finished my drip system. Back-filled more sprinklers and dug for more irrigation on the slope. Enjoyed a walk with the wife and my babygirl. Cleaned some guns. It’s turning out to be a nice weekend. Be safe fellas.
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    Hung out on parker strip with some close friends.
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    Speaking of artistry in craftsmanship years ago I had a meeting with a drag racing customer of mine , he was talking about getting into the off road / recreational sand market . He was building a lot of parts and selling a lot to the pro mod crowd in the uae and had a lot of interest in the sand car thing thru exposure to it on those visits . He was a pioneer and one of the leaders in pro stock car /chassis construction. Had he survived cancer and followed thru we would have seen a very different level of construction and design . He would have probably had people on a four to five year waiting list with people buying a place holder spot then reselling their spot for a profit just like what happened with race cars . His business management skills would have made all the dd stories look like baby shit . But damn he was a craftsman. Don ness
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    Woke up to snow unexpectedly yesterday. Took the day off and started the weekend early to play with kids. Snow was all pretty much gone by 2:30 as it ended up being a 65* day. Later in the day my oldest two wanted to go hiking to scout for turkey opener today. They did awesome, 4.8 mile hike. My boy found a deer carcass he wanted to add to his “bone yard” at grandmas. He hauled it 2 miles. Impressed
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    I bet on this as well. Since it’s a single handle, there is usually a cartridge mechanism that controls the hot to cold side. Sounds like it’s stuck. Sometimes you can clean them out, or you can replace the cartridge.
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    I just got a letter to carry in my Service truck that I’m required to be out to work on emergency projects.
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    Bad cartridge-single pole type fixture?
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    I thought it was my fault ! back in the 80's and 90's when I had no money the interest rates were high. Now that i have some money in the bank the interest rates are low. 😒
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    So back to the OP "how has the virus affected me" I do find my overall mannerism to be a little more conservative. While driving, I think about what if I was injured or hurt, or my family and had to go to the hospital? I/we would be delayed no doubt and be in an environment that is contagious too. Food and supplies are no concern as im stocked up for years and could probably survive for 6 month without going to the store. It would be rough but could do it. we are working more on a home garden. Im glad I live "away from the big cities" and was the plan of moving 10 years ago. I like that the freeways are wide open anytime. Work is still busy and we are all working as we are Automotive and they want us to stay open. Im going to assume there will be fire sales on lots of things in the coming months, even on homes and vehicles. It sucks not going out to my favorite lunch and dinner spots. we feel that families in general, are going to come together more and be tighter knit!--we are already that way with ours. People who are outside and about seem to be more happy and salutations come more naturally. As Warren Buffet would say, when the tide goes out we see who doesn't have their pants on. Biblically this would be the same story as the Ten Virgins, 5 were ready and 5 were not when the bride groom came. It does make me reevaluate my standing with God. Its more than ever that we find out if we are as self-reliant as we need to be more aware that the Government wont be there for me when the chips are down. there is a reevaluation of what is important swimming through my head more often. Thoughts of how or if this will have any long term "life adjustments" for me, society and method of income.

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