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    Karen got Syphilis yesterday but won't know for 21 days. Karen gets flirty and infects 10 more people. Karen be a Ho.
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    Valid points by most here (not all) I'm no lemming but we are adhering to the recommendations. I'm a pretty simple but optimistic guy. Yes , it sucks , I miss my friends and really miss my Grand Kids tremendously. The overreaction by the government may be just that but if we stand a chance of recovering economically we need to stay the course.
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    I wanted to give a shout out to @jjoseph99 for his amazing customer service. My last trip out to Glamis my whips stopped working after the first night. Couldn’t really figure out what was wrong so I shelved it until we got home. I took the car into UTV Stereo to get my lights installed and had them check on the whips(they did the install). It turns out one of the wires fried and they weren’t sure why. PM’d Jeff and asked him what he thought and if he had any ideas. He dropped a new controller into the mail express and I had it in two days, guy wouldn’t even let me pay for the shipping. Car is back and the whips are working with no issues. Our industry is loaded with hacks and shit service but I will tell anyone looking for whips he is the guy to call. Thanks again for the great service.
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    The beauty of Glamis lay not with how fast you can go, or how far you can jump. The beauty of Glamis Can be seen when the sound of silence reaches out and takes hold of you.
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    To doubt this shit even one bit is straight ignorance!
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    Steve. Here you go. Sorry ya lost Jaz. She was pretty special Jewelry and all. Give Max some luv. Janet
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    Really what don't people get, It's easy to understand.
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    The other day I read “”online”” that they were closing all of it down..... So it must be true!
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    Back during the Obama years Thomas Sowell was interviewed and he was asked what his biggest fear concerning our countries security. He said it was being attacked by our enemies and Obama surrendering. At the time I thought it was very far fetched and highly unlikely. Now seeing how easily people are manipulated into fear and cowering down I think Dr. Sowell was probably correct in his concern. Who has the fortitude to send our boys into a fight where certain death looms? These are choices that seem far removed until they suddenly become reality. I think this virus is serious and the ones among us deemed to be the most susceptible (elderly, overweight, heart conditions, respiratory problems, etc.) should be shielded by those not at high risk. That includes conducting business to ensure a stable economy which fuels the prosperity to protect those at risk. My wife and I had our foster care license for several years and adopted my youngest son who was born to a drug addicted prostitute. We saw what it is like to see the venerable not have enough resources to manage basic things needed for survival. This country is resilient but there is no way we cannot work for months. All the relief bill has done is to devalue our currency in the hope to buy a little time. That time is ticking away. I guarantee if we took away the checks from government bureaucrats and elected officials state and federal, as well as public schools and colleges suddenly there would be a concessions made that protected the venerable and kept the country solvent. We would have studies that would not over predict deaths by 20 or 30 or 50X’s the more likely results. Right now we are being heavily influenced by unelected government employees who show a strong bias towards a political class that would love to destroy the very people that this panic is likely to decimate, that is small business and entrepreneurs. You cannot miss the connection unless you choose not to. We are a culture that is now near completely emotion driven rather than driven by logic followed with reason. Because emotionalism is easy and you can readily get most to agree with you it becomes the default of pussies, wimps, cowards and the self deceived. The elite use it to exploit their useful idiots and thus ignore what reason and logic expose. Most of life’s essentials choices are hard. Real men make them and live with the consequences. Speaking of Dr. Sowell
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    First off the numbers are being spread by the Press....so we know we can't believe them. I mean if it was really as bad as they say, would CBS have had to use a photo of an Italian hospital instead of one in New York? The stories of people dying from this leave out all kinds of information of their prior conditions. Nobody will say if these people had got hit by the flu bug if they would die as well? I don't think people know how badly this is hurting the economy. We are going into a Depression...not a recession. It is going to be really, really bad with 47 million people out of work and no jobs. The public shaming of people who just don't believe everything the press says is astounding. This information is coming from the same people who said that the ICE caps would be gone 10 years ago. I'm sure this is a horrible virus and people will die, I just don't think it is worth destroying our way of life.
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    Yeah I have a buddy who has the tires I want I can ask him to let me borrow.
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    I heard that the reason they closed Gecko and Osbourne and other places where there are " RV Paved Pads"...... They are only allowing "wilderness" camping like in the washes. This complies with the rules that are in place.
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    Our President has been saying the same thing and thanking us for doing our part to stay home.
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    Yes, I get it. I also think this isn't just the "flu", isn't a hoax - it hits home when people in your circles lives are changed. I get it that many people haven't seen that so far and I hope they never do. But it doesn't make it any less real.
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    So sad. Unfortunately that is what's going on with people who are placed in senior homes / hospice. Will keep everyone in my prayers.
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    @Mac Wern't we just talking about this?
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    Hey yall, we found an Econo key (the green key) for a Can-am. It looks relatively new. It was near the Store at Glamis Flats. If you are the owner or know the owner please email kaseygeary@gmail.com for more info
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    couple of things running the cable off the transmission kick down is not a great idea, a better smoother option is the cable that raps around the TB or weld on a longer tab the picture below will allow you to hook up the morse cable and use the picture to wrap around the Throttle body, also make sure the morse cable is in good shape move it by hand and make sure everything is smooth, as of a return spring , I run one but for a cleaner look I run one on the throttle pedal back to around the morse cable mount,
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    That is way more work than adding holes but both ways work
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    I found some at HD, they say they are 7/8x1.5 but measure 1.39 OD hope they will work without openening the ID. Cars in the trailer so will see when we get out there. Thanks for the offer though.
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    You mean like Clinton News Network?
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    You need to change the anode rod in your water heater, Also spend a little time flushing it out.
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    Pfft...and get COVID-19 from Amazon - No thanks! It's all about the "Splash"!
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    I hate "Luxury" TP. Single ply is all anyone needs.....and not because of "Green" blah blah blah... A bad fast-food diet, hairy ass and occasion hemorrhoids is why....
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    Ask the people of New York if they think all this is stupid or all the medical professionals in New York. Only reason Gecko is closed is because it is considered an improved camping area. BLM closed all improved camping areas nationwide.
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    No holes needed. Jack the front of the car up. loosen the hose clamp on the upper radiator line at the motor. Fire it up. It will get hot, steam will come out where the hose clamp is lose. Shut it off. Let cool. Add coolant. Repeat. It will burp itself. Ive been doing this for years. No issues.
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    I don't know anybody with it or know anybody that knows anybody with it.
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    Today I looked at mine and there is a male to male coupler that connects the motorhome hot water line to a steel braided line that goes to the facet. I disconnected the braided line and there was a screen that was completely plugged with sand. I clean the screen put it back together and it works perfectly. I appreciate all the info guys thanks a lot
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    Johnson Valley not closed. BLM campgrounds are closed but not dry camping. If you still want to go and are concerned, hit me up and you can stay at our place. We are at the end of Larrea Road which is across 247 from Boone road. You can ride to Pioneertown from there over the mountains. Pappy and Harriets serving take out food. We were just there yesterday.
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    Did anyone mention no bathrooms. Its all hard pack except a ridge line of a dune through the desert. Don't bring paddles. I've seen people with paddles but only at the dune. My son in some of the dune sections.
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    Anybody have an extra s4d or one that they aren’t going to use. Figured with everything going on somebody might be willing to sell. thanks
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    Jazmin was my Rottie/lab mix. Not only was she loyal, she was also the neediest, pushiest lapdog that ever leaned on a human being. I got her as a pup back in 2004 when Deb said she wanted a Rottweiler. Deb and Jaz loved going to the river and Glamis. Unfortunately for Deb, they got into a dispute over a chair next to the fire and Deb said, "It's either the dog, or me." I sure wish she hadn't said that, cuz it really didn't have to end that way. I kinda miss her sometimes. Jazmin wearing a witch's hat for Halloween that she really didn't want to wear, and sharing a camp chair with Deb that she really didn't want to share. Jazmin wearing her rescue outfit, she could deliver Coronas to stranded duners, two at a time! Jazmin wearing her sunglasses in camp. I had a long travel golf cart and Jazmin decided that was her golf cart, I was just the chauffeur. She'd sit on the seat and impatiently wait for me to drive her to the campfire, or the river's edge, or into the dunes where she'd chase her tennis ball everywhere. One time in camp, we chained her to the biggest ice chest I'd ever seen, about 300 lbs. When we got back from the ride, she had yanked the chain so hard she had jerked the ice chest about 6 inches at a time, about 7 or 8' in all, trying to follow us! She loved people and would wander around the fire to see who would pet her, give her a treat, or just pay attention to her. One time she picked out a nice single guy and put her chin on his knee. Then one paw, then the other paw, then she was completely in his lap, all 110 lbs of her! He was trying to look around her and asked, "Whose dog is this? Can you take her back?" I said, "sorry, you petted her, now you're stuck with her!" The day we brought her home, she made a beeline for the bed and was all comfy in the middle of the king sized bed before we even got upstairs! That night, I put her in a crate at the foot of the bed and her farts made my eyes water and we wondered if she wasn't actually a skunk! I took her and the crate downstairs into the bathroom and she cried so loudly, I thought the neighbors were going to call the cops, she sounded like we were torturing babies! She won that round. Come to think of it, she won every round... She got rid of Deb, snuck onto the bed with me after I fell asleep, destroyed half of the blinds in the trailer trying to see what was going on outside, forced me to take her to the beach, the park, Glamis, the river, pretty much everywhere. She never barked unless the mailman or the UPS guy was on the front porch. She loved them both, since she thought they were there to visit her. They were both convinced she wanted to eat them, since she only had one bark, pretty ferocious. Jazmin eyeballing some Middle Eastern lady's baby in the park. She took off headed straight for the baby and the lady went nuts, assuming Jazmin was going to eat her little baby. Jazmin stopped, laid down, and tried to lean forward to kiss the baby. Even still, the lady said, "No dice!" She loved to play soccer in the park. She loved going to the beach, even if she was moody this day about the price tag on her head. One time I threw the ball way out there and halfway there, she got confused and started following a small family of ducks who were headed across the channel, so she kept on going. Fortunately, a nice guy with a jet ski was playing in the area and he went over and got her turned back around. She turned and looked at those ducks another 4 or 5 times! Moody girl again. From the day I got Jazmin, I was always aware that she wouldn't live forever, so I spoiled her rotten. She had a doggie bed in the living room, where she watched TV, she has a doggie bed in the trailer, I played with her and cuddled with her whenever she wanted. I fed her premium dry dog food, but when she started getting pickier the last few months, I switched her over to canned dog food, and then finally to beef steak scraps from Ramey's in Brawley. It's like prime minced beef. It was a long ways to go to get food for the dog, but when she ate it mixed with rice and some carrots, I could tell she really loved it! Jazmin still being playful in her older yrs. This is her, "Come at me Bro! stance." Last night, she was on her doggie bed in front of the TV. She'd been getting weaker over the last few days. She looked over at me and tried to growl, so I went over and picked her up and brought her on the couch with me and she snuggled up with her head on my lap and she started snoring, imitating my snore. We watched TV until about 3AM and then I went to bed, covering her with the blanket. This morning about 9, I got up and she was still sleeping on the couch under the covers. She got up and went outside thru the doggie door before noon, and then again about 2pm. At 3pm, I went looking for her in the back yard to bring her in for her meal, and she was laying on the grass. She didn't move, and when I touched her, she was still warm, but not breathing. She passed away peacefully about 230 pm, on the grass in the warm sun, in the nicest weather you could ask for. I loved her like my kid for 16 yrs and I treasured every day with her. She was fun, well behaved, affectionate, possessive as hell and she always let you know exactly what was on her mind. Although we made the most of every day we had, I wish I could have just one more day. I dropped her off at the Humane Society, gave her a last kiss goodbye and I could barely choke out the words. I'm not emotional or sentimental, but goddammit, there's a huge farking hole in my heart and I can't even see the keyboard. I stopped at the liquor store on the way home and bought enough booze to float a battleship for a week. I'm gonna drink until I sink that battleship! Here's to Jazmin! She's survived by Max, a black lab who is very sweet, but as dumb as a box of rocks! Rest in Peace Jazmin, you were always a good girl the entire time. I'll never forget you! If anyone happens to have a picture of Jazmin sitting on the golf cart from back in the day, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share it here. Thank you!
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