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    Make sure you removed the trans bolts and not the adapter plate bolts.
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    I am in wash 6 since yesterday. Beautiful out here. Most of my group canceled, but flip flop is here so I will be staying through Sunday even if all the others cancel. Beats being stuck in the house.
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    Toe in is stable on the straight. Toe out makes a car turn better. Castor is similar. Mercedes gets it and this vid explains why their F1 drivers can adjust it constantly on the fly by pushing and pulling the steering wheel.
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    My engine will not come out. I think it's jammed.
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    If you liked Breaking Bad, you need to take a gander at Better Call Saul.
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    Brushing Up On My Cooking Skills..
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    Maybe He was singing, Driving this train high on cocaine, Casey Jones you better watch your speed!
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    Back when I used to go to the desert! Not afraid of the desert.
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    Area directly West from Southern most parking at Pad 5, went there a week later to check for good photo and found snake track city along with a sidewinder coiled at hole entrance, pic below. To see how much activity daily the last pic was tracks over my boot print the next day. Checked many spots South and no other spots I've been to have any evidence of snakes so I call this spot Snake City.
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    Crusty please thank your Dad for his service And glad to hear he is home and recovering.
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    Just talked to my EMT buddy yesterday: they're working in completely different shifts to avoid contaminating the other teams. If one comes down, they will quarantine the whole team. If 2 teams come down, they'll just work with what they have that's healthy from the teams. Anecdote time: he also said that Balboa has a whole quarantine tent setup... With no one in it and barely more than normal in the ER.
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    I've been torturing everyone with Lennyisms. Watch out for those poky trees. My initial build that put me through the Rubicon was $3500-ish with a lot of DIY, including the Jeep. Just getting out and exploring without needing a welder: $2k with patient craigslisting.
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    My Dad is home tonight, 4 hour Surgery took 3 hours and recovery was really good. He is very happy, now to make sure it doesn't pop back up over time elsewhere. Eff Cancer! He still thinks it's from Vietnam. Has plenty other health issues from there. Thanks everyone who sent a pm, well wishes, etc. I appreciate it.
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    This project turned out awesome, love the last before and after shots really shows how amazing the transformation is. Congrats sure you will really enjoy your new back yard,
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    I am ready for season 4 West World is good starts out slow first season but it worth it, all the californiacation fans should like TrueBlood good time to start Game of Thrones again, Project Bluebook was good,
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    sounds like the malaria drug is doing an amazing job...seems to be lots of stories of people being declared victims of this even though they were dying from other causes first. This is just the icing on the cake so to speak. I think when it's all done, we will know that the Democrats will take every opportunity to seize and grow power over the people, never let a crisis go to waste, The Govt basically sucks at everything, and the vast majority of people in the world are idiots.
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    Beautiful. Well done. Enjoy!
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    Resolve the issue first, then call 911. Ain't nobody got time to talk on the phone.
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    asphalt late model we always ran about 1/8" toe out. dirt is a different world. usually around 1/2" but on small stop and go tracks have been as much as 1" toe out. helps the car turn in the corner. doesn't seem to effect straight a lot, left front wheel is not on the ground much if at all. The old car in the last pic left front was always up. new car is chained down in front. keeps wheels on the ground.
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    just got home. geco road is closed and empty of all ghost campers gone has a road closed sign at the ranger station. Osborne is closed with a locked gate. washes and the flats are open. only seen one blm ranger,rescue truck all week. venders all locked up.
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    Just to add $25,000,000 going to congress, that's $39,000 each. The people get $1200, they get $39,000. that's what they think of themselves and us.
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    Some night time shots...
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    That's OK I just blast some good old Opera music starting at 7am, just before going on the morning ride....... Breaks the EDM, Cookie Monster Rock and Mariachi music guys from playing the music the next night.
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    Really? I heard there was gonna be battle of the mariachis bands starting at midnight friday night going all weekend?
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    With all of these conspiracy theories going around, I was wondering if any of you heard about the crazy one where our Government is actually trying to use social distancing so that there isn't an initial, massive spike in cases that overwhelms the hospitals? I know it sounds crazy, but they say that given a little extra time, we can manufacture more equipment that will help save lives as well as developing a possible vaccination that will prevent many from getting it in the first place. Now bear with me cause I know it sounds nuts, but this particular conspiracy says that there actually isn't an ulterior motive behind our government officials (you know, the branch of our government that is basically divided 50% on all issues and virtually never agrees on anything, yet some would like us to believe that they all agreed to figured out a plan to kill hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans so that they could ( insert conspiracy of the day here )
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    First off the numbers are being spread by the Press....so we know we can't believe them. I mean if it was really as bad as they say, would CBS have had to use a photo of an Italian hospital instead of one in New York? The stories of people dying from this leave out all kinds of information of their prior conditions. Nobody will say if these people had got hit by the flu bug if they would die as well? I don't think people know how badly this is hurting the economy. We are going into a Depression...not a recession. It is going to be really, really bad with 47 million people out of work and no jobs. The public shaming of people who just don't believe everything the press says is astounding. This information is coming from the same people who said that the ICE caps would be gone 10 years ago. I'm sure this is a horrible virus and people will die, I just don't think it is worth destroying our way of life.
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    Many yachts have a fuel scrubber/polisher that consists of a pump and 1 or 2 of the big Racor Fuel Filters that they run the pump constantly after refueling. This will clean out the algae/water and other dirt from the fuel. Many long range boaters fuel in some of the worst places you can imagine. And as stated before use a GOOD fuel additive and Stabil Fuel Stabiliser if you don't use the fuel quickly. https://www.taylorpowergenerators.com/diesel-scrubbing-fuel-polishing.html https://www.eecnet.com/solutions/data-center-generator/diesel-generator-fuel-cleaning
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    Joe Exotic, Joe Fab, Joe Dirt...……….hmmm. Never seen any of them in the same room together.
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    So the Tiger King is a white, blond haired guy with a mullet named Joe. Changes his name to fit his profession. Does he remind anyone of somebody in the dune world?
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    Season 3 of Ozark on Netflix is here today. Great series.
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    Tiger King on Netflix...…...FTW!
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    Sending one out nearly a mile is easy peasy... Hitting something at that is a totally different show. Nice.
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    Wedding Pics from July in Texas. Never seen these Duners dressed up like this before. Been fighting the photographer for 8 mos regarding these pics. He was holding them hostage for money! I told him to shove the pics up his asss! Now that his business is slammed shut he contacted the wife and negotiated a deal to hand them over. Be careful who you hire to take your important event pictures. Some people are just Crooks! Peace
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    Just pick up this little thumper. It's a Masterpiece arms 300 win mag. TAC 300 action MPA competition chassis MPA barrel and brake Trigger tech trigger Leupold Mark 4
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    So cool its's already been banned for 2021 F1
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    make sure you get one that has straps or clips or something that run underneath the car, otherwise it will be in the next camp on a windy morning covering someone else's ride.

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