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  1. October is typically a bull month for crypto.  If you're wondering if it's too late to get in, it's not.  If you haven't dabbled in bitcoin (yet), go to coinbase.com, create an account and get started!! Hell, start with $100 and see what happens 🙂  You'll be amazed!

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  2. Bitcoin has seen a recent resurgence.  After dipping down to 28K, it's not poised to break 50K.  As you may know, I'm very bullish on Bitcoin and crypto overall.  Bitcoin is up 380% vs. other asset classes including gold, and the NASDAQ 500 (which only boasted a 47% return).  There is speculation that bitcoin will hit $100K-$150K, but then dip back to $20K.  I don't believe this simply due to the fact institutions are buying up bitcoin, and there is a fixed supply of only 21,000,000.  What are your thoughts?

  3. 5 hours ago, Flattman said:

    I have the same drone, but I don't have the stones to try the follow feature for fear of losing it.

    LOL... It will always return to home (you should set the  floating waypoint (home)) so the home location changes as your position changes.

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