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  1. Lol. Well stuff works out some times. 🍻🍻
  2. The table showed up yesterday, YOU ROCK!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
  3. That’s SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!! normally it’s just wife n I but memorial weekend in Utah we will have a full house so I plan to set both up.
  4. NE14SAND


    Our WW is the corrugated side not the smooth side.
  5. NE14SAND


    Ok. Thanks. Im sure it looked great.
  6. NE14SAND


    What’s he charge?
  7. I should have added that information. I’m lookin for the long one that goes in front of the couch.
  8. NE14SAND


    Who’s got the hook on trailer n MoHo detail up in the high desert????? whats the going rate now days? thanks
  9. Been a long minute since I’ve been here! We picked up a 07 28’ warrior and it’s missing one of the tables (it came with the poles) and it’s also missing the propane cover. I’m trying to get it back to complete and stock. Thanks.
  10. show up, find a spot, set up, camp, ride, load up and take your shit with you when you leave. kind of a simple concept, maybe I'm a simple man.
  11. NE14SAND

    For Sale

    hummmm. all this time I've been missing I've been up north hahaha
  12. NE14SAND

    For Sale

    just cleaned garage and found 2 gas tanks, I will toss um in. can text pics.
  13. NE14SAND

    For Sale

    Ok. Did I mention it already has the 125 and the pull start conversion? I'm sure it's not even in the system, it's been in this yard for about 5 years. Buy or I'll ieep it no big.
  14. NE14SAND

    For Sale

    yes and no. they never handled the pink when they bought it and pink was lost in the split up.

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