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  1. Cross Post from misc for sale items Will trade for a Rugged Radios Quad set up RH5R 2-way Moto radio
  2. Train Vs. Ped.... Unfortunate accident.
  3. my sentiments have nothing to do with other people's sentiments. i was in Glamis this past wknd and heard of this tragedy. doesnt matter to me what the affiliation is with any social website. it is sad in any viewpoint. Sad yes.... But it just amazes me how people will say one thing until its one of their friends friends whom has been hurt or killed. Does it really matter? Granted people do stuppid things but for the most part people dont plan on being killed. Do you think this thread would have started out the same way if it was titled GD.COMER hit by train and the facts were they were doing the night train crap??? Talk about effing stupid things to do!!!!! But hay.... Its OK to say some STUPID JACK (_|_) JUMPED THE TRACKS.... Go ahead and let the flaming begin... Its unfortunate that this guy lost his life. If the story remains true he was doing something that alot of people have done. Is it stupid to get near live train tracks and DO ANYHTHING?? Yes! With that said there are family and friends who are very unhappy due to THEIR loss.
  4. Amazing how this thread started.... WE dont need this... This is all WE need..... Now someone here "knows" the person and everyone is all SAD, RIP.... Prayers.... Incredible!
  5. Is it the bolt type or allen type??? Eithe way, drill a small hhole accross the head and use some safety wire.
  6. Good luck...... Racing is a blast. Make sure you keep a resume of how you have done in races. New sponsors will want to see it. What class are you racing? I raced for a good 6 or 7 years. Most of it was downhill and some cross country. Have Cal State championship and a couple other titles as well. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have if any. You could also ask AZHG's hubby as well. He raced for a long time as well.
  7. On the bright side..... I already have my lawyer picked out when I sue because I could not see the fence at night and I hit it and injured myself.... Awwwww.... MY NECK!!! MY BACK!!!! Settle outta court for a dollar!!?!?
  8. sIngle carb and yes it is built for blow through
  9. Are they not selling them in the dunes???
  10. I have a 1915 Blow through that starts and idles great... In forst gear it stammers when driving. Once i get into second and get on it it gets a bit better and in third it runs pretty good. Is there some sort of FAQ somewhere that will help me in tuning this thing? Anybody have any ideas of where to start on getting this thing in top form?
  11. ***MODS.... I would normally put this in the for sale stuff but due to the logistics of needing to sell this before leaving out of state I was hoping you guys would leave it here. I need these gone by Wednesday. I would greatly appreciate it I did put this up on craigslist for 500.00 CraigsList I have one reserved infeild RV/Trailer Spot for the Nascar Sprint Nextel Cup, Pepsi 500. The spot is a couple rows back from the pit exit. I believe its row 10 This is a 15" by 40" paved spot that you can pull a 40 foot motorhome or trailer into starting Thursday the 28th through sunday the 31st. Its close to a food stand, showers and a bathroom. RV lineup begins Thursday 8/28 at 5 am and entry begins approximately at 7am. You can exit on Sunday 2 hours after the race but you dont have to leave until Monday. Also included are an overnight vehicle pass and 2 infeild wristbands. Extra wristbands can be purchased on site for 55 dollar and they are good for the whole weekend. These need to go by wednesday!!!!!! Funeral forces sale. I can work with the buyer to get the package and can even overnight the package but would rather drop it off in person. Location: El Monte it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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