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  1. I came upon this accident at about 11:15pm returning from olds... this was a very uncomfortable moment for me... my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and everyone involved. Made me think twice... I dont like to ride at night... and if have been drinking stay out of the drivers seat and off the bikes please!!
  2. my thought and prayers go out to you and your family!!
  3. mememememememmemem iam gonna be in glamis, camping by the compound, our friends have compound access, so we are going to camp close to them.... see you in G baby
  4. Alright Nate we are coming out to see you...keep your head above us at all times, and we will leave some grub and don't forget to eat the pie... turkey and the rips out for you on a plate, just watch for the sand on the pie....we'll be missing you this t-day...FHJ is gonna party like a rockstar for ya..I'll be there tomorrow afternoon!!!!! See you then!!!
  5. For sure FHJ, I am your kinda girl, luv the rips, and I gosh I love BEER... and most of all the happiest place on earth Mother G!!! Hope to meet you guys on Thanksgiving weekend for the frst time!! Later GG5420 Let's Keep Glamis Clean and Open!!
  6. Had some rips for, ya, Keep your eye out over us out in those Dunes that we love so much, RIPS for you today !!!!!!You are not forgotten!!
  7. FHJ,you posted a reply awhile ago, and as I have kept up with Nathan's topic, I can't tell you how touched I have been with all of your replies and the families. You posted a reply that had said It's Been Awhile, and every time I hear that song I think of you and Nathan.... as I go to the Family Values Tour tomorrow night , to see Stained, Lincoln Park, and Stone Temple Pilots, I will be sure to think of Nathan, because it's your song to him .....as i see it.So stay strong sweety, hopefully I will get to meet you in the dunes sometime..... Let's Keep Glamis Clean, and OPEN!!!! And of course, we all have to say hi to Nate!! Hi nate!!
  8. Awesome , luv it, I thank god for Glamis everyday !!
  9. Yeah he said it all, don't go FABTECH their **** sucks ass. GO CAMBURG, they are much better. BUt if you have no lift , just let some air out of all your tires lol, I have a two wheel drive chevy nad we just let some air out and we cruised all last season , drags , comp ( kinda got stuck but we made it lol ) So go on get your ridegoing ..... See you in the dunes!!
  10. when your truck is so dirty and covered in dust inside and out that it doesn't even get clean after 3 washes, got my truck is still dirty from New Year's.
  11. star 151 that was one of the most beautiful things i have heard in a while!!! damn bringing in the dr.dre!!! comp making your stomach turn and people coming together!! yeah rock on!!!! keep at the beatiful work!! thanx for the inspiration i got chills!!!
  12. Well I have to go with the southern comfort and coke, preferrably cherry coke and then some more. But I have to be able to see straight to make it to comp, so be careful, and drink responsibly.

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