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  1. I would guess that it takes 2 ignition cycles to set the code. So it sets a overboost code going from home to the first fill up. Then it picks up another overboost, that turns the check eng light. To experiment with it you can try going all the way with out shuting the engine off. Thats pretty common with a Dmax,with a couple of mods. Jay
  2. Great job guys That is a great looking car. Jay
  3. This just happened to me last time out,after running 2 years at the same nut adjustments. I think they just got hard and cracked. Iran all week with no prob. last weekend. I was running 2.0x8.00x200 on top and 2.0x12.00x250 on the bottom. I bought the eiback 2.0x12.00x275 , seems much better on the g outs. I have some 2.0x12.00x250 king springs left over.
  4. I went out on Wednesday , about 11 am. It was great, we were all alone, the sand was smooth and rippled! The deep ruts had been knocked down to about 1/3 of what they had been. The best part was that it seemed to dry out some of the wet sand that was holding the shape of the ruts. If the sand got dried out a little, it should be much better. HAVE A GREAT TIME OUT THERE ! Jay
  5. You got take me over there next time,that looks like fun.I might even be able to get my little 4 banger to lift the front wheels. Jay
  6. Turbolark I think they want helmet, arm restraints, battery kill. Let me know when you go, Im only a short distance from Irwindale.

    2.3 Ford

    www.esslingeracing.com These guys do amazing stuff with that motor. If you dont need any mods ,maybe just a local machine shop.
  8. I'm curious , what was the Reaction time ,60ft and 1/8 mile. Does your time slip tell you that info ?
  9. How can anyone make a accurate decision on a truck that is so new. Most of the trucks are fine at first.The owner rants and raves about it. Wait till you have 70 or 80 k miles or more, Thats where it counts. Cummins is a strong contender to say the least, But who wants a stick shift. And how is the new engine going to do ??? Ford has a great looking truck and the trans is good also ,now. But the trucks with the 6.0 ps have too small of cooling system. This years Ford has gone from a Variable vane turbo, backwards to a waste gate controlled Twin turbo set up. The LBZ Dmax is a Towing monster and the Allison is very tough. The ride is the best of the 3 . The steering linkage sucks! That being said, The tierods would be the cheapest to upgrade to aftermarket replacements
  10. I think they use the same font seal any how. Go fix the motorhome
  11. J.P. Designs His 2 seat car is 113 in. wheel base. Sandcars.net has a short w.b. car also.
  12. You can do alot with that new turbonetics single turbo.
  13. Charter Oak H.S. Covina Ca. 1982

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