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  1. Do the math, they haven't even broke even for the past two years. DON~~~
  2. This one cracked me up. DON~~~
  3. The funny part is they don't get enough gold to pay the bills, let alone pay the help. DON~~~
  4. When I was driving my Arctic cat in the Utah trails I met a few people that was starting to go up a trail in a regular car and I would stop them and tell them in a short distance you are going to get stuck and there is no where to turn that tank around. DON~~~
  5. FOR SALE Alumicraft 2 seat mid engine dual turbo Northstar V8 with a Mendeola S-5 clutch less five speed, Vin # AZ-261483. Shifter is steel with billet alum cover. Kennedy double disk clutch, entire unit Deep Cryogenic treated. 935 polished U joints, 300M axles. Body with full hood and tinted real glass windshield by Jeff Davis, Lots of chrome and one off billet alum parts. All panels were powder coated then graphics Custom paint and entire body 3M clear coated by Johnny Vegas. First place car show winner. Car is street legal in AZ, not street plated at this point. It has dash lights, parking lights, high, and low beam head lights, driving lights and horn. Car is all 4130 and Car weight is less than 2000 lbs. Billet dash with a Complete set of Auto Meter gauges built in, Big tack, boost, oil pressure w/ warning light, water temp, volt w/ warning light, fuel gauge, Garmin GPS, with antenna programmed for Glamis. Beard extra wide super seats, Crow 5 point belts w/ wrist restants. Momo steering wheel with matching shift knob and a expensive spline Quick release by Mark Williams. Turning brake w/custom billet handle, Parking brake, dome light, strobe light rear facing all separate switched. Engine was a factory crate engine with dual turbos, K & N air cleaners, custom oil pan with extra capacity, Custom headers Jet Hot coated inside and out, Custom Magnesium fined light weight valve covers, Custom engine cover by Jeff Davis and a Haltech engine management system, Haltech instruction manual and includes a laptop with all programs. Comes with hand drawn wiring diagrams for complete car, all wiring is soldered and unplugs. MSD ignition system, Custom headers jet hot coated. Peterson billet fuel and oil filter. Two billet fuse blocks one for motor and one for everything else, every fuse has a sealed Bosch relay. Built in battery float charger. Custom built 25 gallon aluminum fuel tank with baffles and sump, Custom billet fuel filler with expensive marine fuel sender unit for gas gauge, custom built storage box built into fuel tank for tire gauge, small tools ect. Also aluminum storage box in front of the passanger foot area. It has always run on 110 race gas but the price of 110 is getting too high so it could be changed in the future to either pump gas or E85. It has a large fuel tank, dual fuel pumps, and bigger injectors so it would be perfect for E85 for even more horse power. The engine has excellent oil pressure but burns some oil which would be fixed by changing to pump gas or E85. Ron Davis double pass radiator with dual fans computer controlled. The frame has stainless steel items which includes steps, driver left foot rest, passenger grab bar, light brackets and two cross members one front and one rear for jacking without scratching the paint, also comes with custom made jack extensions to fit a floor jack. Four Douglas bead locks front and back with Two Douglas loading wheels and tires. Fox shocks with built in reservoirs all dialed in by Alumicraft. Peterson billet fuel and oil filter. Here is the gear ratios for the S-5 in this transaxle. Not much rpm loss with gear change. R&P is 4.57 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 2.91 2.08 1.67 1.35 1.04 overall ratios 13.29 9.60 7.63 6.16 4.75 diff 3.79 1.87 1.47 1.41 Assuming 6500 rpm red line and 33" tires, and no wheel spin. 1st = 48 mph 2nd = 67 mph 3rd = 84 mph 4th = 103 mph 5th = 134 mph $32,000. DON 520-745-2281 zticket@cox.net
  6. Go here and they will tell you anything you need to know. DON~~~ http://atvutah.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?board=offroad
  7. We were camped in Manti UT a few years ago and the place I went to fill my propane the guy would just pour the drain oil all over the lot next door. I told him some day it would come back to haunt him. DON~~~

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