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  1. Not Funny but true. DON~~~ Honk if you are not running for president on the Democrat ticket. The recent debates in Miami, a two-day event, saw massive over-use of the word “free” in the party’s pledge to again change America. In fact, the debate stage was free of even an American flag. Small things speak volumes. So far, the contenders include Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, a fake Mexican; Bernie Sanders, a fake socialist with three houses, flies in private jets and is worth millions; and Elizabeth Warren, a fake Indian. No wonder Democrats and Hollywood actors get along so well since they make a living pretending to be someone they aren’t.
  2. I don't get it, I would rather have one great car I could drive than a ton of unfinished stuff. DON~~~
  3. It looks like he likes deck plate. DON~~~
  4. We spent a week in Payson and did the upper part of the 300. Above Strawberry down to Forrest lake. Fun trip. DON~~~
  5. The things he did, he was not a good person. DON~~~

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