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  1. I agree but I have stuff I can't find buyers anywhere else. DON~~~
  2. Just put a set price and and you won't have to deal with it. DON~~~
  3. "T" trailer with a wheel. It is cool to load it when you get on the wheel just take your hands off the steering wheel and drive it up to the front. DON~~~
  4. I had two, one I can't get in touch with and the other one is a camp host at Big lake and he can't leave until winter. DON~~~
  5. The trailer. The tongue comes off so it fits in my big trailer, or it is easy to store. It is one of a kind because I built it. You know me I am always thinking out of the box. The key is the wheel, it fits in the front receiver. It also doesn't need a license plate because it is considered a dolly. It has two tongues, the one in the picture and a short one to move it around. DON~~~
  6. This might help, go here https://www.ebay.com/shp/Calculator?_trkparms=clkid=2521745375397262459 and it will tell you how much the freight is before you list it. Also ship thru ebay and they will give you a discount on your shipping. On your my ebay page just chick ship on the right side and it will take you to the shipping page and will take the shipping out of your pay pal acount. You don't even have to go to the post office, just print the label and put it in your out going mail. It also sends the buyer a tracking number. DON~~~
  7. PM me or call 520-745-2281, I am in Tucson. DON~~~ Click on the picture for the complete information.
  8. I have a fiber glass bed cover, does that mean I can ditch my commercial plate ? DON~~~
  9. We took a trip to Big Lake AZ 9000 ft. Nice and cool. DON~~~
  10. This is a good deal. DON~~~ https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/234680
  11. I agree with him, if they are going to bash our country get out. They are sure not trying to improve out country. DON~~~
  12. I say if they don't like the U.S. leave or go back where you came from. DON~~~
  13. The drive up 89A to Flagstaff is a nice drive also. DON~~~

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