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  1. The cops like them, they can't run from them. DON~~~
  2. Those are roads these are trails. DON~~~
  3. I have friends that have pack rats and they leave the hoods of there cars up. DON~~~
  4. Dam I was saving that one for later. DON~~~
  5. We drove our Hummer up to CK one weekend when they had all the beer you can drink for one price so we go the heck out of there early as part of the road is one way. You don't want to travel with a bunch of drunks. I think the best ride for a side by side would be up the back side. I have been up part of the back side in my Hummer and it looks like a fun trail. The front side is just a dirt road. DON~~~
  6. 6 foot 72 inches. high. Weight is no problem but the width might be a problem as the tool boxes on one side and the cabinets on the other. The sand rail tires go under the tool boxes and the side by side is skinny. DON~~~

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