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  1. 17 hours ago, onanysunday said:

    This is my favorite of my dads Corvettes. 1960 with late model 5.3 motor and electronic auto. 9" rear end. Electric power steering. Aftermarket front end with disc brakes. Rear discs as well.  Even has AC. He has driven this cross country on a hot rod tour.





    Super nice. DON~~~

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  2. 9 minutes ago, sausage450r said:

    We dont have a bum problem, we have a loser drug addict problem. I got nothin for these assholes. They look at me or talk to me at 7-11 or walmart they get instant attitude, my local 7-11 has had problems for years now, and many of the workers have been assaulted. Do your part and make these people ashamed of themselves. compassion wont change them. Only shame



    I think she has it right, and she is paying the taxes that support the city. DON~~~

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