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  1. Post up in buggy parts as a wanted ad, you might get a better result. There is Jesse from JP designs in Santee not sure how busy he is or if he would have a set laying around. 619-448-5465 or 619-985-5467 Good luck, this is Al I was just in getting the tire today.
  2. Do you have anything on the axle side of the boot? If that is clamped it can pull the boot off, they are meant to slide on the axle. You could try getting new boots and putting a small bead of silicone or RTV on the boot to hold it a little better and use the safety wire. I personally like the over the CV boots so you can just pop them off to grease but it looks like you have a zerk in the CV already so not a big deal for you to silicone it. Good luck.
  3. If they need repair/recovering I would suggest to just get new seats. I looked into it last season and for shipping and repair/recovering it wasn't much more to go with new Beard, PRP or other brand seats. Before the change of name they would give a 20% customer loyalty discount on new seats. Not sure if that will fly now or not.
  4. There is also one in Nasty City closer to him.
  5. Do you have a fuel regulator or is that the regulated return to the tank? You will need one or the other I would assume for your setup. As far as finding parts I could see it being a pain for someone else build. I have built/assembled both of my buggies and keep good records of what I used and if I ever sell will give to the new owner. Is your front rims combo or just VW spindle?
  6. My new HRT built mini rail, running a GSXR 1K engine.
  7. I've seen them in old school buggies not sure if they are any better or worse for safety. If they can be mounted securely I would think they are an upgrade from the fiberglass seats.
  8. I rolled my rail late last season blowing all 4 beads. The guys that we met earlier in the day had one of the exhaust jacks and it was easy to get the car up and get the tires back on the beads. I am wanting to get one for sure. I have been looking at this one to get for next season. There is other brands that are better but figured if it saves my bacon once it will be worth it.
  9. Do you have any pics of the case opened up you can post? Like the idea you got here.
  10. They are the smallest I was able to find that didn't use the conductance/rpm type pickup.
  11. I have this one for maint. purposes. It has multiple reset able meters also.
  12. Possibly interested in a set also depending on price point.
  13. Give them a call, every time I have called they were on top of helping me out. I have the Rugged system and our group has a mix of both. I'm happy with the customer service and the system from rugged.
  14. I just installed the Latest Rage micro stubs and you can get all the parts individually from them, I have a live axle and didn't want the brakes or rotors and got just the parts I needed. I went directly to them to pick up the parts. I would assume you could special order individual parts from any place that sells Latest Rage parts.
  15. Correct, the switched has fan relay coil, ECU/Ign. and power steering, Constant has lights, radio, and constant engine etc.

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