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  1. My wife has been telling me don’t leave any trailers on the street, I listened because she is on one of these neighborhood sites, but I wasn’t quite that convinced it was that bad. I have a trailer place near me I have bought a lot of my trailers through the years and the last time I bought one I was amazed at all of the locks they had on it. Wheel locks on every wheel, cables through frame, ball lock and placed behind K-rails. I asked the guy does all of this work and he said no. He said they come in with a second set of wheels and using a forklift (yes I guess they bring a forklift) they lift it enough to put the wheels on it, freeze any remaining locks and smash them with a sledge. They then lift the empty trailer over steel bollards and k-rail. He says they can do The whole thing and have it hooked up in less than five minutes. Scared the poop out of me. I don’t leave any of my trailers on the street anymore unless I’m leaving for G the next day. Maybe I need to reconsider hooking everything up the night before, just trying to be a good neighbor. Maybe it is time for a tracker thanks for the suggestion. Sorry for your loss, this sucks, people suck! What scares me is this is the best the economy has been in my lifetime, what is it going to be like when times get tough?
  2. The car that killed the mini van gets a make over. By the number of my posts you can see I’m not a poster, not big on social media either but I’m making an exception for my friend. This is a tribute to my friend Gil George. The blue car you see is very special, the story is my wife had a Funco Hustler 2 gen 3 (Pictured Flag car - If you’ve been to Glamis you probably have seen it. She designed the graphics for it) she was very happy with it until I got my new Gen 4 with the new at the time bypass shock option. I took her for a ride to a spot where there was a pretty nasty kachung and Instead of slowing down I stomped on the gas, it went through like butter. After she rode in it she knew she wanted to build a new Hustler. But she wanted to do something different. Gil was reluctant (he would say no you don’t want to do that) and she kept bugging him for quite a while until he agreed. He sketched out the car on a yellow legal pad. It was a Hustler 2 seater, but with a swooping line front to the back (with Gen 4 suspension) at the time Funco was known for the mini-van look. This was way different. Don’t know if they built any more in this configuration as it’s a tight fit cabin wise, could never be a four seater. They changed the arc of the roof to be much higher in subsequent models. But the basic design was the basis. I don’t think they built too many mini vans after this car. After my wife had her L-4/and L-5 vertebrae (I think that is the right term) fused to her tailbone she was concerned that she could make her back problems worse if she kept driving her car. We said we were not going to sell it so I sold my 4 seater car and Gil figured out how to get me in it, a 6’-2” man into a spot built for a 5’-7” woman, (I called it operation shoehorn). The cool thing is I got to experience this light car with only 250 hp and what a blast it was to drive. I didn’t turn into a bowl, people were amazed to see me jump into a bowl! Just a freaking blast to drive. I drove it for several seasons, super fun. My wife began dying a little each time I left camp with her baby. I don’t blame her she was longing for the dunes again in some capacity maybe just be able to get back in the small dunes by the gecko loop, so I jumped on the grenade again (just kidding I know how f-ing lucky I am) I bought my second new Funco in my life, the first one is the one showing up on the surbaru\v8 thread (4 seat purple and green). My new one is a G52. I did that so we could do a remodel on her car to make it more accessible by adding doors, the air bag control system (so it can be lowered for easier access), new more comfortable seats, enclose front of car, add full dash, livorsky gauges, taller paddles, billet wheels and many other small details. John at outback is freshening up the Subaru giving it a little more boost maybe. I really believe this was Gils swan song! We started this remodel project with him and now we will have to finish it without him. We just lost a piece of history, a person who made incredible contributions to our sport and to our lives. I am a better man for knowing him. I will miss you friend, thanks for always telling it like it is! Nobody will ever accuse Gil of sugar coating anything! This page is a tribute to the man, I will add progress photos, although we are painting it now so this should come together fast. The frame is done and as you can see it has a brand new skin. Feel free to share your stories about Gil.
  3. WTB - looking for an A plus suspension atc 70 frame or complete bike have cash!
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words, I am blessed! Bonus Shot my beautiful daughter really respecting the chains! It was her first time seeing it, couldn't help her self.
  5. The cooler isn’t going to be in that location otherwise my ADD wife would have made me change it! By the way thanks to my beautiful wife for this! Best anniversary present ever!
  6. I can’t keep from staring at her as well! And yes I have been gong to the dunes since 84. So this isn’t just a guy with a big wallet. The car was $150k but could very easily be $100k. I went for the Albin’s and the stroked ls3 with a blower. Had the turbo subi but wanted to try the blower. Probably my last car so I went for it all in. After seeing x3’s for $80k this looks like a bargain to me. Attention to detail is just incredible with this car! Thanks Grant you guys rock!
  7. Did this sell? If so what do you want for the frame?
  8. You Sir are a steely eyed missile man!!!! As a big believer in Karma, I really respect what you are doing!! As the sand community steps forward with parts. Other people have graciously volunteered to physically help out. I can’t do either of those things, but I want to help you with the financial burden (and keep you out of the dog house). If you are ok with that PM me your name and address and I will send you some money for parts. I’m pretty close to Kartek and Carcraft so I can pick up any part you need and send it if you prefer. I am proud to say that I have helped many people at Glamis. I was taught when I ride by a group that looks like they just tore the front end off of their car or is stuck to stop and give them a thumbs up (you ok, need help?). If they need something a like a ratchet strap, or water, you just give it to them. It will be payed back to you in spades in the future. I’ve have also had my bacon saved a few times by wonderful people who stopped to help me as well. I’ve had people damage their own ride trying to help me drag my buggy out of the dunes (which I paid to fix). Something you don’t see much in this world, people helping others, wow what a concept!!! I believe good Karma will come back to you for what you are doing!!! Thank you!!!!
  9. I have a seven year old STI block 2.5L Subaru. I was running race gas (10 lbs of boost), but I am nearing retirement and I wanted to eventually swap out to another engine that I could just run pump gas. I ran into John out at the dunes and he said that because I have an STI block he could de-tune it to pump gas and I probably won’t even notice the difference. The motor is seven seasons old (John built it) but it was my wife’s car and with us out for several seasons due to her back surgery as well as couldn’t afford to go as much. The motor really had very little hours on it but I thought while we are doing the work we should probably pull the heads and do a valve job and head gasket at the same time. John discovered that my cams were junk (had a few spots out of tolerance) so those were also replaced. I get the car back for the Christmas – New Year’s holiday and I and I have to say the car is night and day different!!! The motor rips, John said I lost about 30 horse power but I not only don’t feel it, I am blown away how much peppier the motor is and how much fun it is to have approximately 300 horses in a 1700 lb car!!! I have owned the big horsepower cars before so this was just as surprising to me. I have more fun in this car than any car I have ever owned. Thanks John!!!!! It made me realize that these turbo motors take an incredible beating internally and really need more attention than I previously thought, freshening the top end every 3 seasons or so is going to be on my A rotation!!!!
  10. Rest In Peace Fellow Duner!!! Our prayers are with you!!!! I'm always interested in what happened as we can all learn from these horrible events. I have seen quite a few Funcos crashed but few that were torn up like this one!!! They were either really hauling the mail or they rolled off a huge drop at speed. One thing that may have made a difference is a helmet. I will not leave camp without my passengers or me wearing a helmet. The belts stretch so much in these violent crashes that you could strike your head on the cross bar (as you are rolling) and not even know you did it. How do I know, because it happened to me as a passenger in a buggy roll over!!!! Luckily I was not hurt but I never got back in a car again without a brain bucket (or with that driver).
  11. Mayday! Mayday! We have a code brown!
  12. After being in this sport since 1984 I just have to say WOW!!! 30 to 40 foot drop!!! I have seen more of them than I care too remember and I don’t remember one ending this well!!! This happened last year (maybe 2 years ago) at Dumont and in a pretty well-built sandcar and he did not survive! Glamis Gods were smiling on this person!!! I am so happy to hear that the driver is going to be ok! Who cares what damage the car has, it did its job, it sacrificed itself to save the occupant. One time at china we watched a brand new $100,000 car do virtually the same thing (he also barrel rolled after the drop) and there did not seem to be anything on the car that was not broken. It was scary to just look closely at all of the ripping and tearing of the car. Engine block cracked in half, transmission split wide open, all four corners violently ripped off. I was talking to the owner and he said it was his maiden trip and boy was wife going to be pissed. I said well remind her that this car did what it was supposed to do it sacrificed itself to save you and your three buddies lives!!! Remind her that you are alive to be pissed at!! A few bumps, scratches but all four of them were ok. You slam a passenger car into a wall at 40 MPH and depending on the car and the safety equipment you may not survive. I am frankly shocked that a production vehicle did this well! Kudos to Polaris!!! I agree with a previous poster we need to look at these crashes and learn from them. We should always strive improve our safety. Sometimes by adding something simple like the wrist restraints. I have never put my car on its lid but I was a passenger in a car that went side over side and end over end. I had five points on and uncomfortably tight. I saw it coming and grabbed my should straps to try to keep my hands in the car. My head hit the top bar on the cage as were rolling end to end. Before the crash with me cinched in I was at least 6” from that bar. Glamis Gods were smiling on me and warning me to wear a helmet stupid! I don’t ride anything without a helmet. In a crash metal twists, belts stretch and you bend as well, protect you and your family with the best safety equipment money can buy!!! Don’t get cheap on belts, replace them frequently and always strive to dune another day!!! Can you tell my camp moniker is literally “SAFETY FIRST!!!!”
  13. I always blow the sand out of the car with compressed air. Then vacuum the car, wipe down the car with a clean dry cloth, then use Pledge on all painted and chrome surfaces, wipe off any excess. You won't believe that even sand blasted areas will look better than you can wax them. Plus waxing bars sucks. Much quicker, no wax stuck in corners you can't get it out of, and can do it at the dunes if you want to. (Oldtimer tip of the day!)
  14. Do you need any special racing affiliation to buy race gas at the station in Brawley? I don't think you do at Red Earth, is that right?
  15. I always admired the work the people on this web site have done to customize and refurbish their Atc 70. I didn’t see myself riding or wanting one because I am 6’ – 3”and I really didn’t see what the big deal was. Still it inspired me to try restoring something that goes back to my first trips to Glamis in 1986. We had been going to Glamis for about a year with my brother and sister in law. She rode a Honda 185 Atc as well as any guy could. We all had 185's, 200X‘s and one guy had a 250R and she rode the 185. One trip she brought something new, she had a 1986 Fatcat. She was able to drive that thing through the dunes really well (which now I am really amazed because those things are gutless and just like a three wheeler you need power to turn). I thought it would be a fun camp bike for me. After restoring it and riding it I decided that I wanted to do a Yamaha Big Wheel BW-350. The Big wheel is a blast to ride and didn’t take much restoring. Then my wife said she really wanted one of those Atc 70’s. So I picked the first year 1973 just for the unusual Daytona orange color and the cool factory flames. I picked up a basket case and through the help of resources on this site as well as first hand help from several people on this board (Poole). I was able to bring back to life a beautiful 38 year old machine!! This thing runs like it was new!!! So thanks to all of the people on this site as well as Sterdy Products, Beatrice cycle, the Australian company that makes the new exhaust, and last but not least Norm from Norm’s cycle in San Bernardino for bringing the motor back from the dead! I included pictures of all three bikes. Oh and yes…………I GIT IT!!!! I found myself looking at the R55 suspended frame thinking hey I could build myself a….……….lord help me is there a program for this?

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