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  1. Looks like FNG is on, probably working on the issue y’all brought up this last week.
  2. Happy birthday LIBRO. 🎂🎉🤸🏿‍♂️
  3. HAHA, thank you so much. I love this time of year. I made it another year, 32. Wow. Looking forward to the Dune season, but right now, I’m looking forward to a glass of wine and a big piece of birthday cake. Have a great day everybody, it’s my birthday, you deserve to have a good day also with me. 🎉🎂
  4. Those are great pics dbart, looks like a blast. Would’ve love to been there to see that. 👍 We got the pumpkins lit tonight. this was us in 2017. People wanted to take pics with us when we went bar hoppin. 😂We Stayed in character the whole night. Never cracked a smile.
  5. A snail gets jumped by two turtles, the cops show up and asked the snail what happened. The snail replies, “ I don’t know, it all happened so fast.”
  6. We will be taking a look see. 👍
  7. Congrats sir, looking forward to seeing it go through the dunes. 👍😁
  8. I’m out and about quite a bit during the day, and am starting to come across some cool Halloween displays at peoples homes. I know you are a fan of Halloween Slap, so i’ll Share with ya stickman.
  9. I have metal eyelet ceiling mounts (or whatever they are called) that I Hook these rubber bands to and get a good resistant exercise with these. I was skeptical to ever use rubber band exercising as a work out, until I injured my shoulder last year and went to therapy every week for four months and all they had me do was use rubber bands. I think they’re the best thing to use for resistance training, at my age anyways. I don’t use them enough though.
  10. Wow, what a week whoops. Your wife is a stud and darn good intuition. Stick on that pill regiment, and all is gonna be good sir.
  11. Work kicks my butt pretty good. I do a lot of shoveling and meter replacements, requiring lots of squats throughout the day. But my cardio suffers. Been doing some jump rope, and a little bit of running. Not much, a couple times a week. just enough to stimulate the muscles, not annihilate the muscles. Then band practice once a week on the set gives me a hard sweat. Just trying to do a little something every day, even if it’s ten sit-ups while watching the tube. Oh, been eating real good, makes a huge difference.
  12. Been seeing a lot of scooters, and laughed when my buddy sent this over. But the goal today was to relax my brain from a long hard week. And even got an hours nap.

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