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Found 1 result

  1. My season is over and it's time to tinker. Aside from the normal CV's, fuel filters, hub bearings and fuel cell foam maintenance, I'm going to replace my current 410HP Turnkey LS1 to a 415CI LS3 stroker. I'm planning on replacing everything...exhaust, intake, and ECU. I'm going to try the Holley EFI stuff....I've heard great things about it and my builder if familiar with it. I'm having Steve Dose in El Cajon, CA. build the motor. He does mostly Class 1 stuff but he's done a handful of sand cars and he's a family friend I've known for 30 years. This will be a pretty mild build for longevity. I'm not a drag racer and I don't shoot the hill very often. I'm looking for a little more power that is reliable and runs on 91. Were shooting for somewhere around 500RWHP with a good torque curve. I ordered the block last week and that has already been delivered. Steve ordered the rotating assembly and that should be here at the end of the week then they will be off to machining. I'll forgot what brand everything is but I think he ordered some of it from CBM. I'll get that next time I'm over there. I have a question for some of you big HP motor guys...I've been running the Bosh 044 fuel pump with a Holley Hydromat and -8 PTFE lines. My hydromat is three years old and it's on the smaller side, so I think it might have a hard time keeping the stroker fed. I'm going to replace it with a bigger one. I did the math on the Bosh 044 fuel pump and it came up a little short. I estimated GPH on the high side of 650HP: 650HP x .5 BSFC = 325 325 ÷ 6 lbs = 54.1666 GPH The Bosh 044 is rated at 53 GPH free flow so I'll need to upgrade my pump. Steve recommended the Weldon A600-A, (https://www.weldonracing.com/store/A600-A-p53630158) which has -10 fittings. I called Holley and they said -8 would be sufficient for my setup. What are you guys with the bigger HP engines running for fuel line? Mine is a top of the fuel cell suction style system so the pump will have to pull fuel up and out of the cell. Is -8 big enough or should I go to -10, at least to the pump inlet? I'll be pulling the car out this Friday to get started. Thanks, ~jw

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