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WTB Used Paddle tires 33-15


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Hey GD.

Looking to buy a set of used stu 33-15 sand blasters or what ever....

In desperate need of some. 

Goin thru a shitty divorce so my funds are a little limited for new ones, but have some $ hidden away for some used ones if you have any spares or extras even if they are chunked up I just need some that hold air🙏 

Here's what I've been working with for the last 2 years and now they do not hold any air....those paddle tires came with the SU I bought, I did not shave them...

Don't need them asap, but trying to get out to glamis at least once this season..


Matt 760-560-6778



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These are old and weather checked but they scoops are in good shape and they do not leak.

Also, a set of fronts. 

Just posted them on FB

Set of paddles 14.50 x Extreme Eliminators mounted on aluminum wheels (5 lug). Older with checking but never leak any air. Great profile, taller than a 13.50 STU and shorter than a STU Blaster. Front sand tires on aluminum spindle mount wheels. $300.00316886466_5746418265426353_6411438676572738357_n.jpg.2b68cd3ff794282bdfac738a5af7be0a.jpg315609843_5853262728049779_4738226109812823099_n.jpg.e304d4c43baab56fdcae40f38e2b44b6.jpg312547667_5109015375867266_9084545743467791733_n.jpg.908601c49225d9a96a63d35f05c0d2a8.jpg

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