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  1. lol you did it in the correct spot. That bowl is not nearly as crowded with people coming up and you have a nice audience watching from above. I'm talking about the people trying to dune on the other side coming from the drags. and i'm just chit talking lol i love watching the madness
  2. Go for the beers, stay for the chit show. Watching the people who don't have a clue how to drive try to get a parking spot is priceless. on the busy weekends you are bound to see at least 3 cars almost get in a wreck because everyone thinks it time to show off on the dune right in front of it. We usually go to the drags and see whats happening for a few minutes then head over to the ledge for a bit. its cool if you want to walk around and see some nice cars
  3. View Advert Wicked Sand Rail Wicked Sand Rail Redline LS1 Mendeola S4 Sequentail New Kennedy Clutch Tom Face Headers 934 CV's Pro Am hubs and brakes Power Steering Fox bypass and coilovers all the way around CNC Pedals Beard Leather Seats Heated front seats Crow 5 Point Harness Rugged intercom with headsets Rugged Car to car radio Rigid LED Light Bar and pods DWT 17" Wheels and deadlocks (Just polished and rings were powder coated) 2 LED Whips Lowrance GPS asking $65K Car is prepped and ready for the dunes. Call or txt josh with any questions 714-616-1411. Located in Brea, CA Advertiser Horsepower Lifestyles Date 09/13/2021 Price $65,000.00 Category Sand Cars / Off-road  
  4. yes, you can turn them around typically. They are pitted where the balls go and its pretty much pitted the whole way around. Rather be safe than sorry and just put new ones in. Keep the pitted one as a spare
  5. Alright guys like most things there is a shortage of parts. I'm trying to get some new 934, 35 spline CV Stars. Does anyone have a connection? I've tried McKenzie's, Kartek, and i even called fortin and no one has any in stock. All are on back order. I might have to just go buy all new cv's just to get the stars but i'm trying to avoid that. Any help is appreciated
  6. I just redid my Tatum wheels. I had OMF do them for me because they would do them exactly how i wanted. They polished them first and the powdercoated. They did the inside of the wheel
  7. What is your budget? I might be selling a tag axel country coach soon
  8. if all else fails and you need a loan hit up offroad loans. Clay is great guy and will get you financed but their rates are on the higher end
  9. If you are planning on towing a stacker or anything bigger than a 24' box honestly then only go diesel pusher. You will be maxing out a gasser and it won't be a fun tow. And if you go the stacker route try to find something with at least 400hp. A 330 will do it but a 400hp is much better on the hills. Not sure what your budget is but if you can swing it definitely get a tag axel. They tow much better than than a single axel

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