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  1. The weld on that frame is artwork
  2. Thats beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics!
  3. Looks good! Cant wait to see how it comes out.
  4. Where is the leak at on the radiator? If its on the tank you can weld it. If its on the core then Radiator shop.
  5. @J Alper Those are some pretty bad azz looking engines! You don't have any issues plumbing the steam port to the water pump? I have read that its a no no, but there is always multiple ways to skin a cat you know.
  6. Hey Dan, not that I know of... But we should link up for a ride out in G this season!
  7. My friends Funco has what you show in the pic. Just a crossover tube with no breather to the expansion tank. Several times we had to stop due to an overheated head issue. Both times we had to crack the crossover tube bolt and let it breath out the steam. It was messy and a PITA. I have the stock style crossover with a steam tube that goes to the expansion tank on my LS swap I am doing.
  8. One of my friends is moving from Aeromotive to Weldon. I'll have to take a look at them.
  9. @Fullthrottleguy just mentioned this to me in my engine swap post. I'm sure he has more info on this.
  10. Thanks for the info! When I sold my Honda the entire fuel system went with it from tank outlet to tank inlet. It was a small Bosch (did not flow as much as the 044) with Bosch filters and it was on the edge of not being enough. I planned on an upgrade and found that the A750 vs the A1000 price was not much different, plus the price from -8AN to -10AN was not much different. With future plans on engine upgrades not solid, I wanted to make sure whatever I decided in the future I wouldn't have to mess with the new fuel system. The fittings are all E85 rated with Aeromotive filter/shut off pre and post. I did buck up for the Aeromotive X1 regulator as well. The tank is out of the car, and it will be easy to change the bung on it now vs. later. Today the LS is stock, next year it won't be, will it end up TT, or super high compression NA on E85? I don't know but I don't want to nickel and dime myself over years of upgrades to a fueling system when I can buy once and cry once. On the pump, I've recently heard from a lot of people that the A1000 are locking up due to the vibration and brushes wedging in the housing. This is the reason I am feeling the brushless design. Can you elaborate on the motor controller you mentioned? I was not aware you needed additional equipment for the brushless pumps. This may change the plan a bit. Heads... Well, I am thinking I may send them to PRC or CBM for porting and valve job. I already have a GM performance cam in the engine (don't know specs) so a little more powa would be nice. Plus the heads will already be off the engine due to my eff up. All in I would imagine there are multiple ways to accomplish one's goals... I tend to be more hardheaded in what I see and want. The Honda was on E85, and I told myself as I was pulling it out that I didn't want to mess with E85 ever again, yet here I am planning a fuel system to handle E85 just in case... lol.
  11. It has a pressurized cap. My radiator does not have a cap on it. This is the only way to introduce coolant to the system.
  12. Well, the process has begun... Started with removal of the Honda V6 and its accessories. This I found to be the easy part... For mock-up I did not install the clutch as I have to change the throw out bearing and do some cleanup in the bay. It will come out once or twice before going back in permanently. It went in with no issues. I quickly installed the rear cage to check clearance, no issues there other than the intake elbow. There is just not enough room from the TB to cage to make the elbow fit. I do have to rotate the intake 180* and that is where the problem began. I was excited and didn't stop to think of potential issues, not thinking about the sand build up under the intake, I removed the harness and unbolted the intake. Popped the PCV system off and grabbed the intake to remove... Thats when the gallon of sand that was under the intake flowed into all 8 intake runners and into my cylinders... Or some of them anyway. As I sat there cursing myself for not thinking things through, I realized the worst part was having to buy new gaskets. I'll just blow it apart, clean it and reassemble it. Being April, I still have plenty of time before the season starts *knocks on wood*. With that nonsense to deal with, I am pondering should I spend the $$ and have the 243 heads ported while they are off? It is a stock bottom end LS1 with a GM Performance Cam and springs. The intake is an LS6 with a stock 78mm throttle body and GM computer. I planned on pushing it to 383 cubes next year (can't swing that this year) but I might swing the heads now. Would it even be worth it with the 78mm throttle body?! I already began the purchase of parts and items I would need for the swap. Fuel system is mostly here with just a fuel pump on its way, I wanted to go a little overkill in case I ended up with TT on E85 or something crazy, so all new -10AN fuel feed lines, Aeromotive filters, brushless Aeromotive fuel pump and Aeromotive X1 Regulator. I'll have to replace the existing 3/8NPT bung with a 1/2NPT bung on the fuel tank to feed it. The return line will be -8AN from the regulator to the tank. No changes there needed. Next thing to figure out is coolant lines... What are your thoughts on hard lining them vs. -16/-20 hose? The hose is very pricey compared to hard line fab. Since my current radiator uses an expansion tank, I will have to weld on a -4AN bung for the steam port line coming from the LS. I also need a bung added to the lower radiator hose for the expansion tank to drain back to. This is where the coolant line material comes into play. If it is hardline, I weld in a bung for an AN feed. If it is a soft line, I will have to have some sort of break in the line where a feed bung can be added, then soft line to radiator. I decided to just add a second PC925 to the car. Ordered a Funco battery box to add to the passenger side of the Forin. That will make it easy to wire into the new battery disconnect switch. I'll try to get some pics of stuff as it comes in.
  13. Thats a big difference in gravity feed. Shouldn't have any issues now. Are you going to weld an AN Bung to the downpipe and use a hose to connect them?

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