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  1. So I have a 2014 ram 3500 with the 6.7 Cummins. I have always ran Rotella T6 full synthetic. I have always been a 5000 mile and fuel and water separators every 10,000. Am I changing it to often. Oil is getting harder to find.
  2. We did the entire trail last March. We left from Salome and went counterclockwise. What an adventure. I am wanting to do just sections next and do more exploring. It took us 6 days to run the entire trail.
  3. Not to hijack but what all are you doing to the R? Let us see some pics. Ok sorry Spode from your videos you seem pretty handy I think you are capable of doing most of the bolt on work yourself. Get the boy into the garage and get after it buddy.
  4. Ok so who else looked on Instagram? There are a lot of Stephanie Cox's lol
  5. I wish I could find the pictures but I remember someone from this site a long time ago put a full size chevy blazer in their WW. It always amazed me to see it. Glad to see this works I am wanting to build a budget crawler and haul it in my 5er and was worried about the weight.
  6. Leaving in the morning can't wait. Here is my rig stop by for a cold one
  7. Me and the boy are headed out Tuesday morning until Sunday. Supposedly our Glamis group has a buddy with some property a mile or so away so camping there. Plan to check out the night festivities. This is my Rzr if you see me wave me down.
  8. Getting ready to head out in a few hours. Camping in 10 or 11 all sxs and 1 quad.
  9. Thanks the quad is super clean and very little use. Should make somebody a solid quad oh I an forgot to mention it has reverse lol.
  10. Here are a few more pictures

    2008 KFX 450

    2008 Fuel Injected KFX 450 with lots of upgrades. Jannsen Aarms with Fox Float shocks, Two Brothers exhaust, Dynatec programmer, Aftermarket swing arm, Lots of billet. Also comes with full set of Skat Trak sand tires on ITP wheels. Located in Chino Valley Az but I will be in the dunes January 21-23rd and could bring it with me. If you have any questions please feel free to call 928-713-8716 $5500 obo.
  12. Currently we only have Clutch. He is an American Bulldog that I sort of saved from a guy where I work. The guy got kicked out and had the little guy living in his truck. A deal was struck and Clutch came home. Had some major health issues and almost lost him at 1 year old. Didn't think we would have him long so he is super spoiled and going on 5. He might honestly be the last dog I ever own.

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