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  1. Having spent 27 years in the Army, I couldn't resist a little desert camo pattern. I'm just getting started, I'll post more when it's done.
  2. The large "original panel array is on the south side of the house. Actually about 190 degrees, so it misses the first light in the Summer. Then after about 3:00PM the Sun no longer hits them directly. By putting in the West panels, we get Sun until the horizon. It's an Outback system; yes, it does switch from solar, to generator. When the Battery Tender tells me we are low, I start the Generator and plug it in. Not much else to it. The batteries are charged and the A/C load in the house is covered too. I takes about 20 minutes of generator time to meet the "Charged" parameters; a little longer in the winter, (cold batteries) We added a second Controller to the wall about where the orange air hose is hung. The inverter (between the two grey breaker panels) is an A/C110v. There is room to add a second inverter to the rack below the first to get A/C220v, but nothing in the house is 220v, so that is not needed. This is an old picture, you can see the corrosion on the dead batteries, they were DRT, Dead Right There!
  3. This is vacant land at the base of our mountain, Good for well drilling. There are a few lots out here that already have wells and they flow very well. (pun intended) LOT-243C N Chosen Few Rd, Seligman, AZ 86337 | MLS #1047151 | Zillow $1600 an acre. I have seen as low as $500 an acre, but not for a few years now.
  4. Here is a place near us. Seligman AZ. On Interstate 40 at Route 66. About 45 miles East of Kingman AZ and 45 miles West of Williams AZ. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/33867-W-Whiskey-River-Rd-Seligman-AZ-86337/60121641_zpid/
  5. Nothing to be jealous about. Just 40 acres surrounded by 1280 acres of State Land, no neighbors and all the Snakes, Rabbit, Bobcat, Javalina, Mountain Lion, Deer and Elk you can eat.
  6. No offense taken. Solar is a constant learning curve. I appreciate the insight. We bought the house 2 years ago and the seller installed new batteries before we closed. The house was build it 2010 and I was sure the old batteries were the original and they were dead. We did add 1400w of panels facing West with an additional controller to keep the power going until Sunset. These 6v batteries are in two strings of 4 wired in series to make a 24v system, then the two strings are wired in parallel. the old batteries were very similar in size but had three strings of four 6v. According to the Solar Company I consulted with after we moved in, adding a third string was not recommended per the battery manufacturer. The thought was to increase the storage capacity knowing that it would take longer to fully charge. I do like the idea of using bus bars. I will have to look into that. Correct me if I am wrong, but I would only have the Two "Strings" of four wired into the bus bar. Each string would still be series with the ends connected to the bus?
  7. I guess "Challenge" is not the correct word. It is a daily "process". We have plenty of panels and batteries, but we cant just turn everything on without thought of where the electricity comes from. the way most people do. We have panels facing East, South and West to gather every minute of daylight. Most days we are fully charged by 9AM. We balance the open windows for cooling depending on the wind direction, then when it gets too hot for that, we turn on the A/C; we watch the battery levels to make sure you have enough for the overnight. Use the daytime to charge small devices and lights for reading etc. This time of year is much easier with the longer days and more power input to the batteries. Winter time with much shorter days we use more rechargeable batteries in table lamps instead of the switch on the wall. But, thankfully there is no need for A/C. It is a different lifestyle and one that my wife and I embrace. We don't have brown outs or complete outages. In the past two years we only had a low battery system cutoff once at about 4am, (we were just learning what we could do and how late we could stay up binge watching the latest series.) We also have a standby generator now incase the battery levels drop to that point again. Then there is the water level checks and occasional equalizing process. We also found that cold batteries don't keep a charge as well as warm, so we insulated the solar barn. Even without a heat source, the barn is now 5 to 10 degrees warmer than outside. "Process" much better word. PS. we have thought about installing a small wind turbine to give some nigh time supplement. Because we live on top of a mountain at just over 6000 feet we almost always have some wind.
  8. Who doesn't want to breathe clean air? Right? or Left? Before you read this let me be clear, I live off grid. I make my own electricity 100% and it is a challenge... daily. The Climate Change Alarmists want everyone to think that the world will end in 12 years if we don't do away with fossil fuels right now. If you deny their claims you are a Climate Change Denier or a Terrorist worse than the Taliban. So let's play a game. Ask the Greenies these three questions: Question #1 Is the US 100% ready to throw the switch and power everything with clean electricity? I mean right now today....anyone? Of course not. There is no infrastructure to support everyone driving electric vehicles; not enough electricity to start with. No electric Semi trucks to move good to market, no electric airplane or trains to move people, etc. We are just not ready to start today or tomorrow; it will take years to get the technology even close to where we can consider 100% green energy on a large scale. The alarmists have to at least acknowledge this simple fact. Question #2 How long will it take to get green ready? Who knows...but, we are heading in the right direction...maybe not fast enough for the "12 year" crowd, but there are still some huge barriers to overcome that we have no answers for. Such as; currently, it would take solar panels to completely cover Texas, Arizona, California and Nevada to produce enough electricity to power the US grid. But that only works if the Sun is shinning...no clouds, rain and no night. There is simply no way to store enough solar power to light up Las Vegas, let alone the rest of the country. Electric vehicles take too long to charge; unless you only commute back and forth to work, electric vehicles do not make good road trip vehicles. These and many other technological barriers still stand in our way. So let's be extremely optimistic and say 5 years. "In 5 years we will have overcome all the barriers to green energy" Question #3 If it will take 5 years and that is a huge "IF". Wouldn't it be better for the planet if the country with the highest clean air emission standards be producing the worlds fossil fuel energy for the next 5 years? If you agree that 5 years is the goal then why have China, India or Russia produce the fossil fuel energy for those 5 years. Those countries have none or almost no clean air standards. The fact is that since the 1974 Clean Air Act, the United States has been the world leader in reducing harmful emissions. Let me put it this way, Harvard University concluded that even if the US went carbon neutral tomorrow, we would reduce greenhouse gasses by less than 2% globally. The US is not the problem, we are the clean Fossil Fuel solution until the technology is renewable ready. So face the facts Greenies, In order to get to 100% renewable energy sooner and cleaner, "Right" now, the United States needs to be the world leader in Fossil Fuel production while we work to make renewable energy a viable alternative. My Two Cents, thanks for reading.
  9. The purpose of the "leak" was to energize the radical left base for the upcoming election. Anyone think it strange that all the left politicians had their statements ready when the surprise leak happened? Even the spontaneous protesters had professionally printed sign disparaging Alito.
  10. Thanks matt86m All great information. I bought the buggy from a young guy in Scottsdale AZ. We live in the Northern Arizona mountains just outside of Seligman AZ on Route 66. With miles of rocky hard packed dirt roads, juniper trees, prickly pear cactus and manzanita bushes this buggy can get up and down the rocky stuff with ease. I'll have to take it out to my range and shoot a few rounds off the roof. And to color hides the road dust.
  11. I have this SandLimo, but I don't know much about it. It's registered as a 2009, powered by a 2.2 ecotec with 091 trans. It runs great and definitely hauls the gear. I have heard Joe Fab made about 2 dozen of them but that is just a rumor at this point. If anyone has some more information on this, I would appreciate it.
  12. OK, I admit it. I have had my fair share of government training and free ammo. But I blame them for my current love of firearms. I don't care, pull the trigger it goes bang, I am all in. As a High Master Class NRA Competition shooter in both High power and High power Long Range, I get asked about what I shoot all the time. I always reply: whatever is cheapest. LOL Seriously, It is like golf. People spend thousands of dollars on new guns, golf clubs and the best ammo and gear each time something better is on the market. The best advise I could give is spend the money on "TRAINING" and you will be happier shooting anything well, and less disappointed shooting the high dollar stuff poorly.
  13. The Twins Semi Autos, because "America"
  14. Well there you go. With a little more searching in here, I found the manufacturers suggested alignment. Thanks Joe Fab. 1/2" Toe-in 3/16" neg-camber 10* Pos caster

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