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  1. Thanks guys for the info. All this reassures what I thought to be the correct working of the suspension. My initial findings of 1 turn and 1/2 turn out from closed lead me to question maybe the valving or something might be off. If the range is 4 turns of adjustment maybe,but if it is 20 turns of adj. it is near the extreme end it might need to be addressed. I will check the preloads along with count the turns on the adjusters on rebound and compression and see what the range is on each. I have until the middle of November to get the car dialed in for the wife. The car should be close and hopefully with some adj. I can make it plusher .If not I don't have a problem paying a pro to make it better.
  2. Let me start off with I weigh 155 #. I haven't had it in the sand yet ,but on the concrete no way! I know tire scrub will be different in the sand but how much ? With all my weight bouncing down on it it don't really move. I can lift up on the front end and it will move a couple of inches. The car has 22 plus inches of travel in the front. I had to jack it up about 14 inches from ride height to get the tires off the ground To get it on my trailer to get it home I jacked up the front and strapped it in . It went from 95 inches to 79 inches.
  3. I have not had a chance to test out the suspension yet ,but I am guessing that is where it can be soften up for a plusher ride. The smaller bumps is what bothers her back the most. Actually crossing other cars tire ruts in the wet sand is what the problem is in our old car.( 1000 lb mid engine mini car with small tires). Now we have a 3000 lb rear engine ls five seater with 37 inch front tires with triple bypass. The front tire roll out alone will make a big difference ,but i want to make it as enjoyable as I can so at the end of the day she is happy and not in pain. Happy wife Happy life.
  4. Thanks Guys, I understand the basics of how they work. On most dirt bike suspension it is publicized , the range is "24 clicks" or "so many turns"on the rebound and "x" amount of turns on the compression. This is my first time to have King triple bypass shocks and will be wanting to readjust the suspension for a plusher ride. The previous owner used to like to jump the car and my wife has a bad back so the car will be staying on the ground and not need such a stiff set up. Right now the rear rebound is 4 turns out, compression is 1 turn and 1/2 turn on the short tube. So I was curious how much range I have to play with and if all three tubes had the same amount of adjustment. I just thought with all the knowledge out there it would by an easy answer. I guess I will just physically go back out each adjuster and count the turns myself.
  5. I know they say run the adjuster all the way closed and then count how many turns out ,but where is the limit of how far out you can go and still be in the adjustment range ? How many full 360 degree turns out from the fully closed position? Hope this makes sense.

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