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  1. You "can" make your buggy street legal in CA, but you wont want to take it in the dunes once you do... You will need all the things every other street legal vehicle needs. Windshield, wipers, turn signals, fenders, bumpers, and so on and so on. State Parks even made a handout some years back to show what your vehicle would need to have to be legal on the road. I've only seen a few buggys do this, and most are used for filming, like Pursuit Systems, but even they like to use normal street legal vehicles whenever they can otherwise do so.
  2. There are lots of agents... it just depends on the time. There may only be one or two line agents on the fence at anyone time, but there are others on ATV's and buggies, and still more on the interstate. As with everything, its all dependent on the conditions. Right now, at night, there are more than a dozen BP agents in the dunes on OHV's, as it is very active. Its so active right now CHP and CalTran put up signs to warn motorists to look out for pedestrians on the highway.
  3. If you are paying 13.95 an ounce for 1234YF, you are getting outrageously ripped off. Its 6.50 an ounce retail in the valley, and can be bought for less in bulk. As to the changes, well, just like with R12, you gotta bite the bullet on that cost if you want to fix it right.
  4. The signs at buttercup just mean that no part of your rig can be on or over the pavement. There is no "set back" rule like on gecko, they just want the pavement clear so vehicles can turn around in the turnabout. I'd give your rig a few feet, as I have seen folks get smacked when parking right along the road. That area is pretty good to drive on, as is everything south of the interstate. Like others have said, be prepared for lots of action at night. That area is very active with Border Patrol right now. When folks talk about Gordons/Dunebuggy Flats, they mean the Coachella or along the power line next to the old All American Canal. Like was said, think of it as a baseball field, powerline is first baseline, Coachella is third baseline, bathrooms are home. Stick to the Baselines to access the field, but even they can get soft sometimes. BLM used to waterdown the first base line to the bottom of the drags hill for dust abatement, but I haven't seen that done as much lately.
  5. This highlighted route is the only 100% legal way to get there, once you get across the tracks. Ted Kipf, along with the access road to Boardmanville are considered public roadways, because the county, at least on paper, maintains them. While you could take a "navigable" wash from route 759 down to the access road, you still couldn't drive on the access road. Any off route travel is subject to citation, as Lance can tell ya himself. :0 Pushing the OHV over the tracks is legal, but you need to be quick about it, so as to not impede traffic, which would be its own offense.

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