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  1. I have a friend that loved this all the way up to the rubber flap by the heat box started folding up. He found a forum where others had similar issues and did a fan and controller mod and it is back in the line up. You may want to look into it.
  2. They would smell better if they ran race gas in them!
  3. Right? Test for anitbodies is never mentioned, ever! And if you've had it and recovered, without the poke, you are surely better off than those that haven't had it but had the vax.
  4. I identify as "vaccinated".
  5. You said they punched the lock? A little late now, but https://jimmijammer.com/Product, JJ.htm maybe for future?
  6. I've never tried at any other, but the bone pulls right out!
  7. I take it to 200 before wrapping and resting in a cooler for an hour, but same results.
  8. What does it have for longer arms? Not a lot out there anymore. Sorry to derail...
  9. I was thinking to myself, are people going to try and take someone's OG name during the new sign up?
  10. Rods and reels, so rod!

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