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  1. Friends of Oceano Dunes (www.oceanodunes.org) is a 501C3 non-profit founded over 15 years ago for the sole purpose of protecting our access to the Oceano Dunes. With 6 on-going lawsuits we need your help....PLEASE consider a donation today so you, your kids and grandkids can enjoy it for the future. Link to article here: http://www.courthousenews.com/2016/04/08/o...ss-to-dunes.htm SAN LUIS OBISPO (CN) - The California Coastal Commission illegally issued emergency dust-control permits at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, off-road drivers said in court this week, in a long-running fight. Oceano Dunes is part of the 34-square-mile Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, which is the largest remaining dune system south of San Francisco, and the second-largest in California. The 5½-mile-long off-road is the only California State Park where vehicles may be driven on the beach. Friends of Oceano Dunes sued the Coastal Commission on Tuesday in Superior Court, claiming it abused its authority by issuing emergency permits to the California Parks Department though there is no emergency. Friends of Oceano Dunes has filed nine lawsuits over dune-riding in the past five years, five against federal agencies and four against the state. In this week's complaint it states: "The Coastal Commission and Commissioner [Jack] Ainsworth have exceeded their authority, prejudicially abused their respective discretion by failing to proceed in a manner required by law. "The lengthy legal fight dates back to 2011, when the San Luis Obispo Air Pollution District released a study that found the Nipomo Mesa area, just inland of Oceano Dunes, often exceeded state standards for particulate matter or dust The study concluded that dust kicked up by off-road vehicles at the recreation area coupled with lack of vegetation due to the continued presence of vehicles was a contributing factor.High levels of particulate matter can cause asthma, chronic lung disease and cardiovascular disease. In reaction to the study, the pollution control district developed Rule 1001, mandating implementation of a particulate-matter reduction plan. California State Parks was designated as the lead agency to carry out the plan and begin scientific monitoring. Friends of Oceano Dunes sued four times to strike the rule, which essentially has essentially been allowed to stand. On the other side, Nipomo Mesa residents formed the Mesa Community Alliance and sued California State Parks in 2015, seeking to compel it to enforce Rule 1001.The battle continues in the newest lawsuit, which claims the Parks Department got its permits from the Coastal Commission in an appropriate manner, and has not performed the necessary environmental analysis before installing dust control monitoring equipment."State Parks concluded that an EIR is mandated because the agency's Initial Study found that the Overall Dust Control Project potentially would have significant environmental impacts, including impacts to coastal resources," the complaint states. "To date, State Parks has failed to complete an EIR for the Overall Dust Control Project (or even issue a draft EIR)."Measures described in the dust control project include fencing of about 4,300 acres, several 33-foot-high wind towers, meteorological instruments, solar panels and batteries.Friends of Oceano Dunes asked the court revoke the emergency permits and prohibit State Parks from conducting dust control activities. It also wants the court to order certain closed parts of the recreational vehicle area reopened.The Oceano Dunes are one of the most popular off-highway vehicle destinations in the country, generating a $171 million economic impact annually, according to a 2012 State Parks study . About 80 percent of off-road riders come from outside San Luis Obispo County, the study found.The Coastal Commission's legal department did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday. Nor did Friends of Oceano Dunes president Jim Suty.
  2. Over Presidents weekend at Dumont, my second gear in my Mendeola 2D started making noise, all other gears seemed to be quiet and working fine. I called Scott (MCMSCOTT here on the forums) to see what he thought, and he told me to take it easy on second and bring it to him when I got back. So my sons and I pulled my transmission and I drove over (3 hours each way) to see Scott. Scott has been doing my transmissions in all my buggies for over 10 years, and it is always nice to see him tear it down in front of me so I know exactly what is wrong. I'm expecting to see second gear to be toast, but after we tore it down we could see a lot more was going wrong. Ring and pinion need replacing, third gear was missing some teeth and second gear was worn. I was expecting one thing (bad second gear) but ended up having a lot more wrong with the transmission. I must admit, if I shipped my trans off to someone else and they called to tell me all the stuff wrong with it, I would have a hard time believing it...without seeing it first hand. Have you ever been surprised by what noise you hear, what you think it is and then what it ends up being?
  3. Racing my younger son.... Turbo buggy against alcohol drag banshee Dang kids.... He won
  4. Thought I would chime in, I just bought RCV 930 CVs with the 300M starts and also new 300M axles from Jason Alper. Jason was AWESOME to deal with, he answered texts and phone calls. I HIGHLY recommend you give him a call. The 930 RCV CV's are gorgeous, I was really impressed with the quality and appearance. Jason even cut my axles down to the length I wanted...they fit perfect! Happy Duner Here!!! Thanks Jason!!!!
  5. I have done several transfer pumps over the years. You can get a high volume low pressure pump from NAPA or equivalent. My current system is an old diesel transfer pump with water separator and filter. Steel tank, hose and filters are advertised for fuel and gas. Pretty sure the pump is ok...if not I will build another system. I flushed the tank, new hose and new filters. Check it carefully. If you are talking about the standard ,manual transfer pump with the lever to pump with,most are NOT rated for gasoline,only diesel fuel. If talking about a cheap electric gas pump ,then yes,good to go of course. I checked it...steel tank, hose/filters and pump are rated for gasoline and fuel. I use this pump Here is the whole unit:
  6. I have done several transfer pumps over the years. You can get a high volume low pressure pump from NAPA or equivalent. My current system is an old diesel transfer pump with water separator and filter. Steel tank, hose and filters are advertised for fuel and gas. Pretty sure the pump is ok...if not I will build another system. I flushed the tank, new hose and new filters.
  7. I Just installed a 57 gallon transfer tank (L-tank) and pump (15 gallon a minute) in my truck. Comes complete with 20' hose, nozzle and filters (water/fuel filter) Spent $175 off craigslist. Having a tank in the truck allows easy refill.
  8. I towed mine 2500 miles this summer. Spent a week in the Oregon Dunes playing, then a week traveling through Washington, Idaho, Montana and Nevada. Towed great. Jim
  9. I tow with a Kodiak 4x4, not sure I would want to tow with anything less. The Kodiak has great brakes and the extra weight of the Kodiak keeps it very stable.
  10. JimS

    Brake Issues

    Have someone apply emergency trailer brake at brake controller in truck check voltage at plug on truck where trailer plugs in, should be >12V check voltage at trailer wheel, should be >12V If above is good, Check for a bad ground. Check that the brake shoes are adjusted properly
  11. I wanted to give Jim some kudos. I called to ask questions about my full Throttle, and was asked to leave a message. I assumed, especially since I am calling from San Jose, that I would not get a call back...but was surprised. Jim called me back and was extremely nice and patient. He answered my questions and I GREATLY appreciate it. I hope to stop by sometime and personally say thanks. It was nice to interface with a person like Jim...seems like a great guy. Thanks Jim!!!
  12. My RZRs has the rattling noise from lose calipers. I went to adjust the allen head adjusting screw and none of my allens fit right...what size is it so I can go buy the right tool? Anybody?
  13. The Weekend Warrior repair department sent a truck to my house and fixed the wires. What great service. hahaha Thanks for the input guys. I found the wires buried behind the fuse panel. Hooked them up, and all is well. Thanks for the quick responses and sorry for my delayed follow up. Take care. Jim
  14. I have a 2001 SLC39 with one AC unit and wiring in the ceiling for the 2nd AC unit. I installed a ceiling fan using the factory second AC unit set of wires in the ceiling. Unfortunately I can't find the junction box that will allow me to turn the wires on. Any clues?? Yeah...yeah...I should of checked the wires before I installed the fan... Jim
  15. JimS

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