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  1. Always used jerry hall in Phoenix for our 2 strokes. I would pull the cylinder so they could machine to the new piston
  2. My dune sport 14.50 x 17 mounted are 34 tall at the tire 35 to the top of the scoop. I had sand masters on mine when I bought it and hated them. I put on 16.50 dune sports for about 5 years and now I run the 14.50. The dune sports are a drifting tire, so they will change how your car performs.
  3. Who uses them, do they work keeping static and dust down and what material is used?
  4. Best way to get rid of them once you find them is a torch with map gas. Instant death. F those things.
  5. I want a simple way to put up a flag on the toy hauler when camping. Don't want to attach to the ladder. Ideas?
  6. Halls precision in Glendale did our 250R back in the day. I think they are still in business.
  7. Looks nice, color is perfect
  8. Normally I use WIX, nobody has any so picked up the k&n so I can change the oil next weekend, any reason not to use it on a ls motor?
  9. Mefi coils are hot always when key is on, ground triggered, definitely check te ecu grounds
  10. Slave is sticking, easy to take apart and clean. You will have to bleed the system afterwards

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