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  1. Our group will be out Wednesday at rr, all rails
  2. Do the dedicated hot spot devices that you can purchase from the carriers work any better then phones as hot spots
  3. I run the same Reese goose box as Lambro on my weekend warrior pulling with regular bed Ford F-250, no issues turning, the ride is good and easy hooking and unhooking. If I was to get a new trailer this would be the hitch I would install.
  4. Last season we struggled to get connection in places we used to get good signal, buttercup and Gordon’s used to be good, now not so much. What works to increase signal? Lot of talk on you tube about boosters, do they work?
  5. Anybody do this type of work? Looking to get drawings done. Phoenix area. Mark 480-201-2706
  6. What gets confusing is some of the measurements I believe are with the Schrader valve in and some are not. on my Kings I've always bottomed it out left the Schrader valve out and as you push the shock body in it pushes oil in to the reservoir so you end up with a couple inches of oil
  7. 2006 Tatum mid engine LS2 twin turbo Fortin 4 sequential 934 cvs 3.0 bypass rear 2.5 bypass fronts
  8. My Tatum mid with similar parts 2507 total 829 front 1678 rear

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