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  1. The design is holding up on his TT with 40’s and race speeds. Being hub centric, wheels on TT are 5 lug instead of normal TT bolt pattern.
  2. 14 spoke wheel hadn’t been shown before, probably one of the last production items no one had seen.
  3. I thought that as well, thought it had been mentioned it the weekly videos. Robby mentioned in the comments to the live at the track that the speed key would not remover the speed limiter. That he’s 1000% sure EVO (aftermarket) would not be able to tune out the limiter. That Speed can but some sort of liability waiver would need to be signed.
  4. Yeah just thought they had to be welded to cage for score. Having to remove seats for belt change with door intrusion bar would suck.
  5. Rules changed on door intrusion bars welded to cage?
  6. Doesn’t appear to be any changes to the X3 for 2023
  7. Gonna suck for dudes that bolt on parts and a wrap to a sxs and call it a build…The aftermarket makes a killing with other brands, I can see why some talk chit. Dropping money on cages, doors, seats, wheels, roof, etc. just to be safe and not look like 💩
  8. A little deceiving in his post, makes it sound like the issues he had were due to running straps to the lower bolt. Not really a theory saying he learned the hard way.
  9. Exactly, yes they ran limit straps at the 1000 just not off the bottom shock bolt/clevis. The 1000 is the only race I heard of them having shock issues, think it was twice they had extended pits replacing shocks.
  10. Interesting theory cause I remember them blaming pre-production shocks, then his race team for using the wrong size springs in the 1000. Weird too, think the 1000 was the only time he had shock issues and they didn’t run limit-straps to the bottom shock bolt.
  11. He’s waiting for a few patents to clear to show shock parts.
  12. Just test prints not actually master #23 nor master #1234.

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