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  1. This is your answer why we use heims Undoubtedly they wear quicker then big uniball set up or a bigger Heim then we use . But it's not uncommon to find major sudden stops in the dunes. Can you say witches eye. Seen it a 100 times. I did one at our Regatta , Bent all the heims , bent the steering wheel ,shock shafts , twisted the pinion gear and thought I was getting a helicopter ride out with a broken back and broken wrist . It takes a huge shot to break the shanks on the Heims we use. Very very rarely do we break an arm or worse yet peel the mounts off the chassis. When it does shear the heims its usually earned . Typically pull the spindle/tire wheel tie the arms up ,3 wheel her out of the dunes , replace heims and brakelines and go out to find another hole
  2. BTW here is a reason we use a heim instead of uni ball Anyone take a guess why ?
  3. And where is it located
  4. My wife just checked on ours. I am not a rich guy by why in actual F would they send me money for ?
  5. FWIW I reached out to my lender yesterday to find out if actual loan forgiveness criteria/paperwork info was available. Nothing yet
  6. I could be wrong but I don't think the wheel your looking for exist as a standard wheel Your wheel now is 3 1/2 x 8 1/2 you would need 5 1/2 X 6 1/2 The 5 1/2 inner bell was made for us by DWT and they have discontinued that inner half
  7. You would like to think smarter people then us will fix it , but the SMARTEST people got us in this mess. Question for you all ...I am looking to buy the grandkids a new slide for the inground pool. Chinese ones are 1/3 the price of domestic made and even those are not cheap. In the name of principle do I lay out 4 to 5 k more ? I've recently tried to use a lot less amazon as well. It's more work and a challenge in the current "stay at home/essentail business" cycle. But I'll do what I can. The buy only American Made deal is not easy on so many fronts !
  8. To much thinking for free money IMO We will do our normal payroll healthcare rent etc. whatever is not forgiven we’ll return . I just don’t see how or why someone would try to manipulate the numbers. I’m not insinuating anyone here would . At the time we applied we did’nt need the help but thought it was a good idea. As it works out My son’s been off for going on a month dealing with his family’s Covid. Instead of putting him on unemployment or using up his PTO we arekeeping him on payroll. Did the same for my wiring guy as well that was Off 2 weeks. Couple that with not seeing an Albins for 3 months (covid shutdowns in New Zealand and Australia ) we are stoked to have it.
  9. Congrats on the new build sir
  10. all yours send me an address i'll ship them to you monday
  11. I've got a pair of suspension seat bases for making garage or office chairs. Will fit any standard width suspension seat. Can't force myself to throw them away. Originally made for display seats
  12. ALL built , just closed the SBA portion of the Mortgage. A third party bank carry's a gap loan until SBA funds But I will start beating on my steel suppliers 🤕
  13. I'll answer on the George behalf. We are much more PRAGMATIC then EGOTISTICAL . We maintain a high level business relationship with the land managers that is way more important then our need to prove we are faster in a race that's not really a race. I think the events of the last race that's not a race proves my point. As far as John thinking he's the fastest guy in the dunes..right on all good we are all the fastest in our own minds. Now with respect to Subi versus V8 debate. Purely from a business standpoint It's a non debate for us. I could no more sell a new Subi car then I coulld an electric car. It just does not t make any sense. The markets just not there and when you crunch the numbers its not good on paper. From a purely fun standpoint ... If I thought a Subi car was more fun I would drive one. Hope this closes the debate about why we have not gone to race that's not a race. But still glad a FUNCO have won every race that's not a race.
  14. My lender handed me a check .. I don't bank with them. As long as you document your payroll through your IRS payroll forms it won't matter what account it comes from. Today I'm liking the SBA. It's somewhat of a complicated process but our building loan funded through SBA on the 5th of April , interest rate is a full point lower then when we started the process almost 2 years ago at under 3 % fixed Tomorrow is another day LOL
  15. I'm no germaphope but we are taking precautions and have been very careful as a Family/Company. Even so .... Shit is REAL I know firsthand My 2 year old grandson had./has it. 10 days mild symptoms ,fever has been down for 2 days now thank god. But his mom (daughter in law and my 4 year old Grandaughter ( Aysthamtic) , going on 5 days with mild symptoms. Chad ,( Aysthmatic ) my son has not shown any symptoms but will have to quarantine for 2 weeks 7 days after their household show no other symptoms. We are thankful to not have not seen the terrible symptoms yet. Ya'all can ignore every precaution and laugh and claim what a hoax it is and it may be just that. But they/us are living with it and it's not easy for them. Fear of the unknown playing the waiting game.
  16. We are only talking about 359 BiiiiiLion l of the 2.2 TriiiiiiiLion. chump change right ?
  17. Thanks sir ... I've gotten over the feel bad part 😃 especially when the check deposited LOL My point was how more about the socialogical effect of free shit , and how quick we can become entitled
  18. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/jobs-economy/os-ne-coronavirus-large-companies-get-small-business-loans-20200415-gonpormpjzgjve6jquazs6f6ci-story.html The people that need it the most are getting screwed again by Washington So many layers of the onion to unpeel I think it's safe to say most of us here fall into 2 categories. We own small business or make a descent wage as employees. Whatever your situation we all pretty much believe that if we work hard we can take care of our families without Govt handouts. With the other ends of the spectrum being Big Corporate America or Welfare types. Both ends of this spectrum gobble up Government handouts like candy while those of us in the middle pay or taxes ,work hard and get the shit end of the stick. This PPP deal got me thinking about how easy it would be get hooked on the governments TIT. Understanding and recognizing we were fortunate to be funded. I know sure as $HIT if our application was held up like some of my friends as well as guys here I would be as pissed as them/you. Did I deserve it ... maybe, maybe not.But the Government GAVE it to me. If I had not gotten it and OUTFRONT ( just an example) got his my next thought is. He got it why the ***** didn't I ? My point is Big Corps and the Welfare state are used to getting something for nothing , so they become entitled to it and toilet bowl never stops flushing free money. We all just want to work hard work honest and earn our way !
  19. typo sorry .... 33% LESS then applied for .... I didn't even ask for an explanation of why
  20. FYI I only factored payroll related expenses which included Payroll , PTO , Healthcare and Retirement benefits Payment was roughly 33 % of amount applied for. Terms of loan are very simple and straightforward. As long as I make payroll and have supporting documentation loan is forgiven. In the unlikely event I don't make full payroll, up to 25% of loan can be used for mortgage , rent , utilities and interest on debt.
  21. Interesting reading It looks like the big banks dropped the ball https://www.covidloantracker.com/ FWIW our actual funded amount was significantly less then what we applied for using the formula provided. I'm definatlley not looking at what appears to be a gift horse in the mouth.
  22. Update ... we got funded today ... will rat hole it for the future
  23. Agree with your first comment wholeheartedly... they only want to lend when you don’t need it. Second comment , is true as well however ... We just closed our SBA plan on the new factory. initially started working with a slick talking SBA lender that I just did’nt like. Our real estate broker connected us up with another lender that could “splain thangs” in a way a dumbass dune buggy builder could understand. It was a crazy detailed loan process but he walked us through it and made it work for us. Paperwork is not a strong point for most of us to put it mildly. SBA just sent us a Deburment plan where we can not make a payment for 3 months up to 9 months or more with no penalty or accrued interest. I had them Splain things so I could understand it. We will keep making the payments but we don’t HAVE to.
  24. We carry a checking account with what used to be a small bank. Now they are a much biggger business bank.We really don’t BANK with them. Never borrowed any money , never had a credit line, just checking. I just was’nt feeling warm and fuzzy , thinking we would get shuffled behind their BANKING customers. I pulled the application and called my friend that is VP at a small 4 branch community bank. His advise was be “aggressively patient”. When he asked for something new while he was figureing out what SBA wanted I aggressively made it happen. then was patient while he worked through it. Rarely do I do something right but this time I may have. All said and done I’ll be moving some business his way. On a side note I really struggled ethically with even applying. We are really busy ,my guys are all working and backlog is strong. Others are really being damaged by this crap so am I taking money from someone that really needs it ? Another side of me said The pie has been cooked , it’s gonna get eatin so why would’nt I want a slice. Our reality is I may need it to help manage cash flow. We have 2 cars done as in completed , with 35% balance owed by customers. Of shit they aren’t done because New Zealand and Australia are on lockdown because of COVID 19 And I have no clue when I will see Albins transmissions. 14 of them on order and 90% paid for. Cant collect the car payoff until we finish the car.

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