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  1. Not a fan of I pad ,the resolution in the sunlight is no bueno A lot of guys like Magellan and a lot like Lowrance
  2. There IS more to life then the dunes. Been diggin doin this kind of stuff it’s just a different kind of enjoyment For Pure Adrenalin short of maybe Trophy Truck racing the dunes are it for me.
  3. In my feeble mind they only started using the R in 2020 other wise the XRS is the wide 172HP version Cheff ,feel free to hit a guy up if you need the lowdown on what you should spend money on vrs what the internet world says
  4. reach out to me tomorrow I may have something for you
  5. Oh yeah ....all I want at the show is for it to end already
  6. Don't ya'all be strangers ... remember I am one of you GD.COM knuckleheads
  7. Brother from another mother don't count
  8. Send me your buddys name We are taking the whole family on disney cruise in 3 weeks with a port day at St Thomas
  9. For Funco parts you call GRAMPA AUTO ... not NAPA If GRAMPA GRANT don'y know GRAMPA GIL might then you go to UNCLE GREG or GRANDSON CHAD ... if that don't work your "F" ed
  10. Well done guys ,Well done !
  11. This is spot on Be careful what you wish for
  12. pretty accurate post my 2017 has 2600 miles on it. But I drive it like a little old fat grampa on the weekends. Once I figured out the clutching zero drivetrain issues, I drive it in the desert relatively hard . In the dunes I drive it like I do my sandcar. really really really HARD
  13. Does that mean I'll be seeing you soon for an X3 2 seat cage
  14. In my humble opinion The best all around performer is the X3 2 seater... but expect to put some money into it to bring it up to snuff ... that said I have not been in a 2020 but ther are still some things a guy should do. Next for out of the box turbo S 4 seat .. great out of the box with no "needed " upgrades ... I would never own another 2 seat chassis Polaris. NOTE : have not driven the 2020 2 seat The X3 4 seat is actually a $hit ton better all around car then I thought it would be. My son has one and it is amazingly good ...Again plan to spend some money I also think every one needs cage ,belts etc so that's all a wash
  15. was no fan of this one either lots of back story here
  16. Ok it's your kid ,go ahead But for gods sake put some safety equipment on the kid. He hits the face and his head leaves the building
  17. 1st motorcycle and buggy I remember blasting the dunekat at glamis north of 78 in 1969 or 70
  18. AWESOME ON EVERY LEVEL MY FRIEND From your recovery to your car transformation
  19. Absolutely. Have your Freind reach out anytime m
  20. Oh I'm sorry your RIGHT I should of said ASS UP HEAD DOWN M-F 8 to 5 except weekend ,holidays, and vacations
  21. As always your sunny disposition shines right through. Its called TIME MANAGEMENT my friend

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