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  1. I'm in the San Diego area and need one in order to get insurance on the buggy. Thanks!
  2. Ok so who around here can bang out an appraisal for me?? I'm in San Diego, the buggys' stored in Lakeside.
  3. I just got a call from Foremost and they now want an appraisal in order to underwrite the car. That's $200. Here we go....
  4. I got a quote for 30k replacement from Foremost insurance at $354 for the year. Does that seem high or cheap I don't know. I thought a read a thread earlier in the year that you could get it done for around $150?
  5. Ok I'll be the second post. I lost my super overpriced Funco whip and flag out at Buttercup about a month ago. Glad to see the site back up and runnin'!

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