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  1. thanks y'all. I ended up flipping the springs back to being on top. The truck is just to tall to have them be hung below the axles. Driving down the road, the rear tires got significantly hotter than the front, and I didnt wanna risk a blow out on longer trips. Im bummed as the height is just ridiculous, but it is what it is I guess. cheers.
  2. Are you just saying an extension ramp hanging off some recievers? or an actual trailer? ya thats my concern. I hear nothing but good things on the swivel trailers and people not getting pulled over. buttttt is it really worth it. My thought right now is to weld in two receivers that would fit the swivel wheel, but try out an extension platform first to see how well it tows with the weight hanging off the back like that.
  3. grabbed the wifes phone instead to show some more pictures. you can see how close the nails are now and see the height difference for level. From what im gathering though, this may be normal. so ill probably just trim the nails and run it for a bit to see how it goes. I definitely prefer this height.
  4. holy Crap that thing is so tall! lol. If i was just doing desert I would have kept it that way, but trying to keep things as low as possible for all those trees! My phone decided to take a Crap on me this morning, so once i get a new one today ill take a pic for yall to see the level difference now. I may just run it for a bit and see if it being unlevel now becomes an issue. Good idea on the ramps. I have a turbo s to. honestly that may have been my mistake last I drove it up, I was in 4 high, I wouldnt have thought it would have been the slightest issue though considering how well that thing crawls... But the new door coat material is slightly slippery (i think its linex instead of rhino lining). If i go back to the flipped height ill do that instead...doh!
  5. Oh thats interesting they started flipping them from the factory around then. And yea they welded extra support to help with this mod. I do have wheel wells though and they have plenty of space to support the tires in the current (factory/lower) position. But the fender screws stick so far out that they will for sure hit the tires if i go down the road. As for the height, there are a number of things that bother me. The overall height is just a bit ludicrous, especially because we really like to go to national/state parks, and its going to become a potential issue with the tree's. Also the garage door becomes a problem when on level surface, as the approach angle for any toys is incredibly steep. just the other day i pulled the rzr in, and the belt started smoking because it was struggling to crawl in so slowly (as i obviously didn't want to run it in to fast and possible hit something). Ok that's really good to know. I Guess maybe they had not started moding the trailers at this point to match the height of the new trucks. Thanks for the info, super helpful! maybe I will just trim the screws off like you had and see how this goes for a while. Had you or anyone else considered using blocks instead for a smaller raise?
  6. my assumption is those top plate's were welded on when the axles were flipped by the original owner (im the third). its a good question though, ill take a closer look in the day light.
  7. Hey y'all, I bought a 2017 iconic 2817ckg. The axles were flipped on it and was to tall for my liking. I took on the task today to reverse the flipping. But I think I'm either missing a part, or I have some brackets (see picture) the wrong way. currently now the trailer tires are sitting to low, and the fender flare screws are almost rubbing. Also it is sitting not level when connected to my stock 18 ram 2500. Does anyone have an eclipse fifth wheel of similar model that can share pictures with me? or if in sd let me come take a look? Thanks!
  8. Hey y’all. looking for some input and advice. We are looking for a new trailer and want to go to a fifth wheel this time. The problem is we prefer to keep our trailer as short as possible so we can get into as many parks as possible. this leaves the obvious downside of limited garage space. I’m looking at the swivel wheel setup from cruiser lift to help with this. http://www.cruiserlift.com/swivelwheel-58-dual-wheel I’m wondering if people have experience with this? How bad of an affect does this have on weight balance. And also does anyone have experience with this and the CHP? As this is setup to be technically a trailer extension, do chp officers actually realize that? Or are they ignorant to it and would give you a ticket anyways for double towing? that leads me to the next question. How difficult is it to get a double(triple) tow endorsement? And does the chp still harass you if your doing it even though you have an endorsement? thanks y’all!
  9. Glad to see the site back up even though I had my been posting much. Looks like it took a heavy hit! darglestein is the new name. Matches up with my username on other related forums. cheers!

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