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  1. Let’s try this again. 12’x7’ Like new barely used. I bought it brand new end of last year. I need to upgrade to an enclosed. $2500 firm. Located in Apple valley
  2. Westinghouse 2500i 42hrs only used to top off Toyhauler batteries during the day. located in Apple Valley $400 firm
  3. Nice trailer and fairly priced. did you weigh it at 8300lbs or is that from the brochure? Seems way to light.
  4. I sent you a message on Instagram
  5. I have some JK Rubicon axles. $38,000 and they come with the rest of the Jeep.
  6. Dam I didn’t know about the 28’6” rule. Every body is breaking that lol. Last time I went to the DMV they said I still had all of my endorsements. Which should be a mistake 🤔
  7. I went with a 7.3 XLT do it wasn’t to bad. Should be done by June
  8. Granger Ford? I ordered my F250 there and got 4K under MSRP
  9. Yes Those are factors. But that does not mean bumper pulls can not handle correctly. The pivot point with a fifth wheel is much more forgiving with an improper setup. Bumper pulls when setup wrong will let you know in a hurry. Which takes us right back to pros and cons like I mentioned.
  10. Something that I took into account is this. With a bumper pull you can get 14-16’ feet of toy storage. Then if you buy a long bed you can get another 8’. You will have to get a really big (heavy) 5th wheel to be able to carry as many toys. Yes everyone hates bumper pulls and think they tow like chit. But that is usually a set up issue or trailers with axles placed to far forward. Lots of pros and cons to not only the truck but trailer as well.
  11. The Ford 6.2 is a dam good engine. but it comes with only a 6 speed I believe? But I think you can get 4:30’s with it. I bet a 6.4 Hemi 8 speed with 4:10’s would spank it. I dam near went this route. As I liked my 6.4 6 speed. I have had over 23 trucks in my life (I’m 42yrs old) If you have any questions shoot. My 6.4 6 speed with 4:88’s yanked this beast like no big deal. But the fuel mileage would be as low as 5mpg. trailer was every bit of 13k.
  12. I just wanted to put the coilover issue on your radar. Obviously they can be done correctly. But allot of “kits” aren’t so great. Your truck is already bad ass. Look forward to seeing the progress. how much was that camper? I heard they are pricey little bastards. Like same cost as a dam Toyhauler pricey.
  13. How much travel/ articulation will you get with those coilovers. I just recently watched a video by CJC about how little travel coilovers allow on solid axle trucks.

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