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  1. Sold pending wire transfer early next week.
  2. It was 42k for me. When I counted it $1000 short. Buyer recounted it was correct. My wife counted it $1000 short. His wife counted it $1000 short. it was banded from the bank so he said it should be right. He went back to his AMG Mercedes and brought back another wad and counted off the $1000. It was stressful. probably counted on my trusting the bands from the bank.
  3. Yeah I had 4 deposits spread over a month. I Might fly under the radar a bit better than you lol.
  4. Cash or cashiers check. just deposit it less than 10k at a time. Counting out large sums really sucks though. I had a buyer come up short $1000 and we had to count numerous times.
  5. Congrats Dale. Long over do my friend. when can I borrow it?
  6. Keep in mind you have a bunch more experience towing than the OP does. Of the trailers you pictured only 3 I would use weight distribution on and 1 of those is meant to be behind a motorhome so it really don’t count lol I could have got away with no load distribution on my big Stealth but it was better with it. The OP should run a good hitch and learn how to load a trailer once he gets some experience he can make the call if he wants to use it still
  7. I’m talking about the frame of the trailer and the bars and brackets of the hitch. Takes a huge amount of force to sag the front suspension 20’ away.
  8. That’s not a bad rule of thumb. But with the bigger bumper pulls that would be a boat load of tension on the bars and trailer frame. Best I could do with this was get it within 3/4” days of where it was empty. Tongue weight was 1800# empty. To scared to see the number loaded lol. Towed like a dream with or with out the hitch. With the hitch just gave me piece of mind and less air in the bags.
  9. Get a good weight distribution hitch like an equalizer. Many people make a big deal about how bumper pulls tow horrible. Simply not true if the axles are placed correctly on the trailer and you know how to load it correctly. Get the biggest trailer your wallet can afford.
  10. Bldrinker

    Hell Yeah

    If that is accurate. That’s not an easy shot without stress. Add in the stress of the situation and that’s pretty damn impressive.
  11. Brand New never hauled anything. Only selling this to buy Walts trailer. I’m into it $6200 I have added a roof coating, tie downs and a lift kit. Has .30 Aluminum siding with hidden screws Compare to this smaller trailer. At a dealer in Yucaipa. $6200 title in hand 760 912-3547
  12. The price is getting close to my bottom dollar. My daughter will be driving in 3yrs might just give it to her. That way we still have it to go to mammoth every year.

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