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  1. Stock rods and pistons? any block work 

  2. Stock rods and pistons? Any Block work done?
  3. Yes you came replace the sensor your self, The newer ones are improved.
  4. Should be covered under under emission warranty,. BOSH holds the design and patent on the DEF system thus very manufacture is having major DEF sender issues in the diesel industry. The unit will eventually derate and not function because it believes it is out of DEF fluid. Freightliner has a temp bypass fix for certain s/n ranges until they have hare a recall campaign to address it . Other manufactures have new sensors, however they need to be ordered by a dealer with t a s/n attached to it. While other manufactures can only receive one per-day no matter how many they have on order for downed units.
  5. Jose Osterhout is the best guy around, fair prices and takes a lot of pride in what he does He does all of Ca Fire, most all local heavy equipment companies, along with auto. Her has done all my vehicles, and all my friends. Even had him come up to Perris to do a couple machines for me. He can be a bit hard to get in touch with because he is slammed all the time. He also has a YEPL page Osterhout window tinting. 760-224-6711
  6. We stopped for the night 1/2 day on our way up to St Anthony one year, Great place to to visit an check off your list. Wind blows sand up the valley so most every thing is a jump/drop off. There are a lot of trees and narrow trails (great for a sand flea) not so good for a sand car. The sand is very soft. We stayed in their over flow camping area no hook-up. The other camp sites looked nice w/ bathrooms and showers. We left after about 4 hours and went over the 14 by Duck lake back to cedar City and the 15. There is a lot off off-road trails and areas of the 14. Next time we are going to check out Little Sahara in Nephi Utah,

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