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  1. Thats Bad Ass! Like Big Boxing/MMA Title Fight press day before the Bell with a big stare down! Now thats the kind of press and pics is what keeps things exciting. I wonder which Casino is taking bets on who will be champion during the fight of these two. Come on CanHam bring on your new X3 for a true battle royale!
  2. used to be glued to laptop for Speed episodes, now I can care less. Def lost its appeal and just play the waiting now with my new toy Lol. But so easy to gain more excitement back by let a few customers with deposits who are CanAM X3 and RZR owners come out to put a few miles on them. What would it hurt? They need to keep testing putting miles on and Speed already took their money. Customers can start posting YT vids and talk about what their experience was. Polaris invited a few dealers and Ytube bloggers to test the new RZR and comment. Simple.
  3. There was a 2 seat Talon with the Jackson turbo and he had zero problems keeping up with the group. Hell if they came out with a 4 seater with better suspension and allow the Jackson Turbo be installed and keep the warranty, that will be another game changer. The popularity of SXS continues to grow but now at what cost? $40k for a toy is starting to get stupid.
  4. Thanks, been looking at all options. Spoke to my local muffler shop and the Cat thieves are hitting hard. 13 trucks from a yard in one night, and 3 in his shop that day. He knows the cops and they said its not even worth their time to try and catch them. Im trying to get him to weld on exhaust flanges when they install my new CAT and make me an exact size pipe with flanges so I can just take off the Cat and go straight pipe. Then come time for smog just swap it out again.
  5. Thanks but I believe there is one at Berts Mega Mall. There was a YTube post on it a few days ago. Chattworth is far as hell!
  6. Whats wrong with sticking with Igloo? I picked one up at Costco and loaded it with ice and drinks for a party and left it sitting 4 days after party. Opened it up thinking it would have water, but was surprised and 80% ice remained. Made me a believer for the inexpensive brand.
  7. Day or night these aholes are taking them. when I reported it to the city they said minimum 2 a day are reported. Spoke to a buddy who used to live in San Diego and his was up to 6 a day. I found some DIY rebar cage that I will install along with an actual alarm system just to deter these jerks. They say the stock pipes can be cut in less then 60 seconds. so If they have to cut more chit off and an alarm goes off while its parked in front of the house they will be met with my shotgun. Ahole will have a sawzaw so my life is in danger so I have to protect myself!
  8. wish I could but CA is brutal and I dont know a shop that will pass a straight pipe.
  9. Heard about that Shark. Glad the crew got you going enough to ride. But lets not bring up the whole Bad weld thing as it might spark a ton of chit talk again about Speed welds and people never buying one. Should people stop buying Super ATV stuff now due to bad welds.? LMAO
  10. My F350 was parked in front of my house when it was stolen. My neighbor knocked on my door and informed me he heard some sawing at wee hours of morning but when he looked out his window he saw a guy climbing into a black sedan driving away and didnt get a plate. My damn camera was not pointed out to street as it only covers my front door and driveway. Neighbors cameras are pointed in similar fashion and they did not capture the Aholes. What have you guys done to protect the Cats on your vehicles?
  11. My tanks are forward of the double axles and is a front bed model. I filled the black water tank at home before trip for 2 reasons, 1. Add weight and 2. let the chems and water swish around to clean tanks. But again moving the tools, tables just about everything forward even on my front bed helped alot. The sway bar helped tame it down. I have only one trip 450 miles total doing this and it was night and day compared to my previous trip to G without making the load corrections suggested here. Bottom line move all weight forward and get a friction sway bar or two.
  12. Here's a pic empty. I installed one friction sway bar before trip to G last weekend. listened to all of you about moving as much weight forward as possible. Only put approx 5 gallons of water in Black tank and zero in fresh tank and gray was empty. also loaded the rail like usual drove it in vs back in in and set off. I also lowered air bags from 60lbs to 30lbs. Hit some wind on way out and had no sway that I really noticed and I paid close attention to mirrors and how truck handled. Loaded up with water and more fuel at Red Earth and proceeded to G without a hitch. On return trip this past Sunday the wind was a howlin with easily 20mph gusts. I drained the freshwater tank on wash road and I did not drain gray nor black till I was almost home (200miles) Encountered serious cross winds at times and it swayed me a few times but nothing that alarmed me. I will say the sway bar did a fine job as well as you gents saying move what I could to front. That wind got nasty at times for sure and had a few sweaty palms but was more concerned about getting blown into the other lane. I would guess I still need to tinker with bags and WD bars to fine tune but I am close. Thanks Gents! Sorry NO IMAGE...trying to upload and chit keeps flipping over and showing upside down.
  13. So I was fortunate to watch part of Chupacabra review this AM on the RZR. Then half way through watching it, the vid stopped. Pulled by either RZR or Youtube (not an expert lol) But why would they pull it? Also I cant be the only one wondering what would happen if that rubber band and clutch grenade sending frag into the cockpit.
  14. Tires on trailer and F350 are E rated. In fact Big O tires would not even sell me a D rate for the truck. All tires are brand new, but will post pics after I get trailer back from shop for brakes and bearing repack. Spoke to shop and they said absolutely run at least one friction sway bar (which I bought). He also said you can run 2 if need be but to try one first.
  15. Hard to imagine that my subaru 2.5 sand rail weighs more then a 4 seat RZR. I am taking trailer to shop anyways tomorrow for brake check and bearing repack and will ask if a anti sway bar will help. I just watched some YT vids of swayin trailers gone bad and it scared the Eff out of me. Might just have to do the damn loading tire swap on rail so I can back it in. Better safe then sorry. Thanks guys for chiming in.

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