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  1. Thanks guys got it to separate just waiting for muscle to come and help balance it down to ground! Love this Forum
  2. Damn Brada, you got it a few hundred before me (El Jefe 1950). Gonna be at least 2 in our circle and from what Im hearing possibly 2 more! gonna be like the old Wildcat days with a camp full of them LMAO!
  3. Thanks all!! First time attempting and had no idea adapter plate stays with the motor. So yup the plate is still on trans and will attempt to remove later today. Should I bolt back the motor to plate before removing?? On my 091 I just looked at it and see 3 threads studs with nuts on each I dont see a 4th where the starter was. The two bottom left and right have plate welded to frame which help support and mount transaxle to car. So do you know if the bolts going through transaxle is threaded through or can I just remove the nuts?
  4. Got everything visually disconnected from motor. Pulled the 4 bolts from plate/091 to motor and am able to pull the motor clear from plate about 1" and thats it! I have a jack under the oil pan and my 2 sons and I are trying to wiggle it off and no luck. I tried pulling clutch in but that just holds the motor even tighter. What am I missing gents?
  5. Wow thanks for educating us non Racers! That being said, Speed is supposed to be ready to race out of the box right? I mean RG I believe had always claimed that back in show 1-99? Not that I'd race or anything but if true then thats pretty bad ass.
  6. But we gotta help SS get to 200!
  7. For the time being....RG heads home and who knows what may happen after.
  8. just about any tranny can be blown from what I have learned, depends how your riding right? Im more of a cruiser and hit the go fast pedal on occasion lol.
  9. JBL

    CCW folks

    Have had my CCW for over 8 years now and during 1st training and every subsequent training, the LEO remind you not to "paint" or wear clothing as not to show other you are carrying. I've always took that into consideration when carrying and wear enough clothing to not show. My LEO friends and family do the same. But today at a restaurant this young skinny adult came in wearing a snug t shirt and shorts. Clearly painting what appeared to be compact pistol inside waist not even subcompact. Yes I know what Im looking for but even my son noticed it without me saying anything. "Dad that guy looks like he is carrying a gun" Yeah it could have been some young grad fresh out of police academy proudly displaying but come on this was not cool. If this young man just lifted his arms over his head he would have revealed he was packing and it could have caused some commotion. Ok Rant over thought I share my thoughts on that and post something close to many hearts regarding carrying.
  10. Thanks but I've decided to just have 091 rebuilt and keep the HP down at safe levels.
  11. You can bet that Berts Mega Mall will be selling the Speeds upon arrival for $45K for base!
  12. Thanks Bobalos. Is it a basic stuff to separate the Transaxle from the Motor? I see the bolt mating the two and will start after removing and labeling everyconnection. I dont want to be surprised when I take it off, thanks for tips.
  13. Need tips on how to get my motor transaxle out so I can have the tran gone through. Then I would put everything back in and take it to Outfront for tuning. My big question is I cant get a motor lift attached since the intercooler/radiator/panels are in the way. Am I right to just slide the M&T off the back say on plywood to get it on the ground? Thanks for help.
  14. Yup almost died last season with my 2.5 Subi 091 Transaxle. I drive from Wash 13 to vendors and crawl sand highway to Olds, park and watch. I dont want to break down out there and die of thirst. Better spend your money like KLC said and get S4 or Albins! LMFAO OP good you are talking to John Outfront for subi power. Also consider V6 but def get a car with 2D minimum. I can have fun all weekend and burn 20-25 gallons of race fuel. Cant say same for my friends with their V8's and race fuel.

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