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  1. Yeah Sand Shark? Why didnt you? We all got you to 200 pages and the least you could have done was go by HiSun.
  2. Have two giant bottles of AVON skin so soft and was excited to learn about it on FB to keep the F'ers away but withing minutes got bit 3 times! Bummer does not work for me so its either cover my legs with loose pants( old hospital srubs) and long sleeve or keep spraying deet on me. The latter Im not a fan of to do daily as thats some serious chems being put on your body. Someone will be a billionare if they were ever to invent something that actually works. I even tried burning coffee grounds in my garage before and while I work in there. Heard mosquitos hate the smell and leave, once again dont work for me.
  3. There are no more off weekends. Its damn busy every weekend now a days with the whole SXS dunes takeover. Im glad I still have not gone back to RV as Toyhauler and truck is nice to just unhook and go to BVille.
  4. So are TAPP clutches the best out there right now?? I only ask cause at the SSSS I finally got to see a PRO R and many of them had the clutches installed. I dont recall what Speed show it was but they def went into why they chose TAPP but should be interesting what you early birds find out what the best set up will be. That way once I get mine, I'll know what paddles, clutch settings and shock settings to start with. I still predict this Christmas will be the best one ever for me when my ElJefe is delivered. Hell I'd be ok if it was just a RC Speed LMAO
  5. RG always said there is another delay and customers cars will not be ready by the SSS. Why are people up in arms? But now you open up another can of worms with what you posted and cars are not even in the US? So where are they Hisun Mexico just waiting for paper work ready to cross border Hmmm
  6. And thats why I am rather happy I have a 1950 unit. The guys 1000 and under should have serious miles under the belts and should more chit break at least they will stop manufacturing till its fixed before I take delivery of mine. But like other said this was one of the pre prod models torture tested. Aint it also the one RG unofficially raced?
  7. Nah, just Friday before all the crowds. Aint you going Fri? If so I'll see you there!
  8. Jeez thanks Rockwood. So If I feel lettuce hitting me now I will know why its cause they will think I am you! Gents Im the other Asian that dunes and have yet to be kicked out of a camps that I hang out at LMAO! Freaking cant wait! Lets see which ride I get first this season, my Speed or my Transaxle that has been at the shop for 3 months now.
  9. I drove by the Anaheim location today 9/13 and didnt see any containers in front. There were about 6 stacked behind the big gate but I believe those have been there. Must be going straight to Fairgrounds from Long Beach harbor or Mexico border.
  10. See my friends there.. But lets face reality last year Speed was the only thing new at the show and of course drew the crowds. And will once again take over the show. Speed better show up with the "Big Surprise" RG been claiming. Polaris/CanAm/Yamaha had serious sized booths but with nothing new aside from smart shocks, it was dead. Beer for sure but sadly even the models with Boobs have not been there last few shows.
  11. damn thats both f'ed up and hilarious. episode 51 done, i just might make it out for the sand show at this rate
  12. You will have fun, but pre-covid it was off the hook with tons of vendors and high dollar Rails and SXS. Still a good show all in all.
  13. Truth be told, I have not been myself after the IG and live updates shut down. Locked myself in the basement with Jack/Johnny/Jim and Screwball and the bong binge watching Speed show 1 through 50 thus far. Next week will finish 50-100. Wish me luck.
  14. FYI 2 12v Deep Cycle Intersates from Costco
  15. Hardly inside the TH when camping cause we are riding and hanging out 90% of the day. So I purchased Renovo 100W Panel and same brand controller along with a 900w converter. I only need it to keep 2 deep cell 12v charged and on occasion turn on TV or Laptop or cell phone charging station on if it gets windy or hot to be out. I figure I can add another panel if needed, but question is what do I program the controller to for maintaining the batts? Google says between 13.0 and 13.8 on float charging. But wont that slowly cook the batteries as I thought the batts ideal voltage is 12.8. I keep the TH at storage in Brawley during season so nice to know my batts will be full when I get there. TIA

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