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  1. The ISDRA Desert Advisory Subgroup for the dunes is asking for additional members. This subgroup works with the BLM on how fees are spent and other maintenance issues at the ISDRA. It meets at least three times each dune season and helps priortize issues with the BLM. If you are not familiar with the Desert Advisory Council you can review their website here. Desert Advisory Council link Here is the link to the information on the Subgroup for the ISDRA Subgroup link
  2. The Bureau of land Management (BLM) Desert Advisory Council (DAC) is restarting the DAC Subgroups for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA) and Dumont sand Dunes areas. The DAC is requesting visitor applications for those that would like to be on one the DAC subgroups. Below are the link to the BLM notice of the application process for these subgroups and a link to the main DAC website. The DAC website contains links to the information on the goals and mission statements for the DAC subgroups. https://www.blm.gov/get-involved/rac/california/california-desert-district https://www.blm.gov/press-release/blm-seeks-desert-advisory-council-subgroup-applicants-february-28
  3. Have used this type of plugs for years. I have had ATV tires with the Tulpe plug last for decades. Now with steel belted tires I have seen the steel belt to saw off the plug so if used with a steel belted tire it needs to have an inside patch as soon as possible.

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