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  1. Is there a specific Funco Facebook page that the majority of people go to? I came across several different ones.
  2. Funco Gen 4 Hustler 4 with a Turnkey LS6 and a Mendeola 2d built by AZ Transaxle. I’m the original owner. I’ll post up an official for sale ad, complete with pics, if I decide to part with it.
  3. I’m not sure of the date of that photo, but Sandy used to run the dunes with us. He also owned the blue, white and orange 2 seat Funco G52 that you owned. You both have great taste in cars!
  4. We used to see lots of sand cars for sale on this site, but now, very few. Where is everyone posting their cars for sale? Thinking about selling my Funco Gen 4 Hustler 4 with an LS6 and 2d. I’ve looked at str8up and race desert, but it seems like there are not many cars for sale on those sites either. Maybe everyone loves their sand cars as much as I love mine and they are keeping them? I don’t know, but just in case I decide to sell, where is the best place to post it?

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