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  1. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I feel you would be way ahead keeping what you now have. Also, watch the video in the Lippert thread.
  2. @Grease Monkey has a couple nice seats for sale.
  3. The seats that it says they work with all have vertical mounting tabs. You can make anything work though with the tools to build.
  4. Your doing the best you can in this given situation. Also from my experience you will never convince a repair person/tech that you just might no what's going on. They will stick to there chosen path to the end and never admit even if the end is what you claimed to start with. Hope they get you repaired and on the road soon.
  5. Happy Birthday Jeff. Missed you this summer, maybe next summer I can make some trips.
  6. How is it fuel mileage wise? Comparing to both the diesel towing and the v10?
  7. I feel mines been a good investment. For 20 years now we spend somewhere between 6 and 16 weeks one big trips per year. Then there are many one week trips and also going to the dunes. So yes we use the heck out of it. California to Vermont to Alaska we enjoy it. Last hotel was 15 years ago because Hawaii would have been difficult. Made it easy to justify a new truck since this is about its only use.
  8. You can still have a great time with your family with a vw rail. They CAN be reliable and enjoyable. All for less then $8,000.
  9. Might be worth sitting out one more season. Could be a real cost savings ahead. Starting to see home sales inventories going up and a little downward shift in pricing. Could be a sign.
  10. Sandlimo Sand Rail - atvs, utvs, snowmobiles - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) And for the long front end, nothing a hack saw and duct tape can't fix.
  11. I remember what outfront John said. He can push with ease his car around the shop, but takes a few people in the sand.
  12. Fake card wouldn't be a good idea if you are considering legal action. That's just giving them cause to terminate.

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