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  1. Looked to me as the defense on both sides were gassed. But gas on the fire Bills turned right around to play D a second time.
  2. Sad Josh Allen didn't get another chance and game came down to a coin flip. Think a better idea for ot would be after Kansas scored, allow Bills one try to score, if they didn't then game over. If they did. play on.
  3. Mine goes inside enclosed trailer every night. Key is having a car that will fit without tire changes.
  4. The bond that we share with our pets is an amazing aspect of our lives. It is a two-way street of love. There was a reason Luke decide to hang at your home. RIP Luke.
  5. Got home from sand pile last week with some frame repair to take care of. Now done and painted and will start to put back together today. Had a new to me motor to convert, for a friends sand car land yesterday, so will be starting on this soon.
  6. On his it was the wire. Motor would start and rev to a point, then crap out and miss. Then motor would go into limp mode. Seemed the wire had something it didn't like and as soon as it was moved just a tiny bit all was well. Didn't want to tear down in the sand so now back home we can investigate more. Add, we did clear codes after motor would go into limp.
  7. Yes, dealt with similar situation this weekend with son's motor. It was crank sensor wire. As soon as I touched it motor stopped. We played with it and plug, retied it and fixed.
  8. 26 pages to debate if we can or can't follow the rules set by BLM. We of all people should be the role models for others to follow. We should set the example and maybe, just maybe others would soon follow our lead. After all, dunning is one big follow the other guy.
  9. Craigslist, I placed a add a couple of days ago and they seem to be making an effort to protect you from scammers. Hope it works.
  10. And this is all that counts to the majority of auto buying public. Why can't I find these people when I have something to sell!
  11. What would you think a full uncut engine wire harness for a J35A4 would be worth?
  12. Thank you for the suggestions. Love my shop helmet and works great for me. For what little welding that needs done in sand I will just do as always as it causes me no issues. When we weld in the dunes it's usually done just so a car can get back in trailer and home for proper repair.

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