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  1. WTB front combo hubs, wide 5, do not need brakes. Let me know what you have, thanks
  2. 600lbs bars, includes all brackets and clips. Also includes sway control bar. $ 125.00
  3. So, on the other end of this scale, I would say start your helmet wearing again in your early to mid 60's. Head bangs hurt!
  4. Yes, hard decision to make. I still will be involved and work on others car when needed. Still plan to go out and camp from time to time. Just done driving the dunes though.
  5. Yes the trailer is sold also. Thanks for interest.
  6. Maybe, find out today if they are taking it also. It's a really nice trailer that I have enjoyed having.
  7. Now priced at $ 12,500.00 in south dunes 2-22 thru 25, if I still have it.
  8. GLWS I did some great dunning with owner and this car, many summer runs.
  9. My thoughts as well or give to my son. I put my car on craigslist in a few locations and also race-dezert.com. Time will tell. Now if you're willing to finance at low interest and no money down.
  10. Trailer pictures. 2014 16' Millennium. 5' rv tounge. 4' side door. Tires are great shape and maybe 2 years old.
  11. Internal bypasses on rear and had it all tune by Carl Mason, not bad in the rough either.

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