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  1. Kind of looks to me as he created a rock bed lake in his front yard. Surrounding areas like your drive drain as they did prior to slab, and they still do. What changed?
  2. Looked at this and it is for type one. It will need to be clearance for the rear main bearing in the 2D. Not a big deal just and easy to do.
  3. Add the vid from a few years back. Somehow when copied video wants to start midway. You wish to see complete you have to move curser.
  4. Grand kids and family here from Vermont for visit. They do grow fast!
  5. This made an appearance at Tucson Dragway back in the day. I was there. Along with it was "Hemi Under Glass" fun show! Also remember, these were real cars, not fiberglass copies. A Detailed Look At The Plymouth Barracuda Hurst Hemi Under Glass (hotcars.com)
  6. Looking to see interest level of going Labor Day this year. Posted this in another forum and realized it should be moved. Plan on hot days. Rides early (6am and late afternoons). Pad 5. Anyone up for it?
  7. We used to put the large opening on the tail pipe of a running car or truck, then weld them. The carbon fumes displace the oxygen and without that they can be welded safely. No oxygen=no fire. Actually, learned this in Glamis in the 70's when I needed a tank repaired over a Thanksgiving weekend.
  8. I agree. BUT you have been in the building prosses for a long time. He, IMO has had time to discuss this specially once he saw the driveway layout. His culvert has been clogged so now he is concerned.
  9. Thought I would tease the idea of a Labor Day weekend dune trip. Pad 5 with early morning(6am) and late afternoon runs. Plan for heat! Anyone interested?
  10. I got mine from Pacific Customs. Measured the inside of tube and outside of shaft. Probable even a local nut and bolt supplier would have them.

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