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  1. Speed is offering a warranty for use of the Speed key. I think its an extra $1500. Technically a factory warranty for a factory tune.
  2. My buddy Brent, give him a call. He did my house last year and does all my property repairs. He's in Vista. Good guy and fellow offroader. (760) 216-2547
  3. I talked to Gary after one of the first Speed outings, he git a ride and was there for some input. I'm sure Tommy is giving some as well. All good news and between them 2 and Robby, that is a chit ton of shock knowledge.
  4. So what do the chirping birds say about <250?
  5. My fabwerx trailing arms had the extenders since Thad recesses the mounts in the arm.
  6. I'd call it double sheer.
  7. But is a canam x3 upper shock mount in double sheer if its mounted to plastic?
  8. Go back a page or 2, already gave Kyle his props. He can wheel.
  9. Their not, never said they were. The Herbst are proven across the class. The ID, Dave is an acquaintance of mine and designed the front end on my old TT. I like his trucks and his designs. From a small-ish (not a dig, just saying their not a Geiser or Mason sized) shop they had a Championship truck not too long ago. As far as front of the field, that would be Mason and Jimco IMO. I was simply stating who I would go with before I bought a Brenthel. Surely I would rent a Brenthel though, I am their target consumer.
  10. Let me rephrase, in my opinion there are not as advanced as the Masons and the Jimcos. Yes they are making huge strides at development. They are the new kid on the block and really focused on the arrive and drive program from what I can tell. I'll restate, I think their business model is really cool. I guess if I was in the market for a TT it would be a Mason or Herbst but I have a soft spot for ID. If a 6100 it would have to be a Herbst. However I am not. If I were to get back into racing I would be hitting up Brenthel and renting a 6100 for the 500. Even if it has the clevises on the rear end.
  11. I disagree. Again this was a ground up build according to Polaris. Packaging can be done from the onset. Again, leads me to believe using the clevis was not an idea to make their machine better, and was a decision to bypass other issues. I agree nothing is perfect. But things can be perfected and improved upon. Especially at $50k price tag.
  12. We did address this, maybe I'll make myself clear, I believe the clevis is an inferior design in this application. Specifically the Pro R. Whether it works in a road car, an airplane or a space ship is a different argument.
  13. I legitimately believe legal issues are the sole if not the largest reason they went with the clevis. There is no other explanation. It's not superior, it's not widely used in this industry and they had failures first race out. Also I never said they should used portals, I'm on my phone and without going back I'm pretty sure I stated portals are the standard on the top tier racecars. The other option was to simply package the front end properly in order to not use the clevis. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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