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  1. Those are really good inverters with high amperage chargers. And Full River are excellent batteries. Having dual inverters is a great set up. Somebody spent some $$ on this stuff.
  2. Your friend can turn this off he wanted to. Every Auto Gen Start module has a function to set it so it doesn't turn on at a specified time. Usually set them from like 10 pm - 8 am
  3. This was fun for a short while. Now......not so much.🙄
  4. Don't forget an assortment of hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.).
  5. I previously had a Parkit360 dolly rated for up to 10k. It worked really well but was a bit difficult to get it to turn if you got close to weight limit with a lot on the tongue. It had a handle that you pulled from side to side to turn it. With a heavy trailer you had to muscle it around to turn if standing still. I recently bought the bigger Parkit model they call the Transformer which is good for up to 15k. It has dual motors and turns like a skid steer by putting one motor forward and the other in reverse. And it's nice because it is a wireless remote. It moves my 32' enclosed loaded with no problem. The only issue is the thing was STUPID expensive. https://parkit360.ca/
  6. They are on a Can Am X3, never had any issues with them coming lose or off. I don’t know what the top speed is, 75 or so I guess. Maybe others have them on faster cars and can comment? They hold nice and firm, can’t imagine an issue.
  7. I have a bunch of different whips on my toys from buying them used and changing them. I have two Gorilla whips with the remote controls. Neither lights/remotes work very well and they are too flexible in my opinion. With a bigger flag on them they bend too much at any reasonable speed. I like my whipsandshyt whip and it is super bright. It also held up when I drove into my trailer and forgot to remove it. The mount broke but the whip did not. My favorite though are the 5150 whips. The reason I like these is the magnetic mounts. No pins to get stuck or have to line up. Just push them in and pull them out. So I would recommend either whipsandshyt or 5150.
  8. You can always look at the list of who's currently online on the site and narrow it down pretty quickly. Don't block him, some of us need the entertainment 😀
  9. It really depends on what you are using a cooler for. If you are putting drinks in it and it will be opened continuously throughout the day with people grabbing a drink and closing it, then a basic igloo will do just as good as as a Yeti or other knock off type rotomold coolers. If you are putting frozen food or other items and will only open it once or twice a day, the the Yeti style will work better. I have a 150 qt Yeti, a 162 qt Marine Igloo and two other of the blue igloo extreme. They all work the same for general drink use when being opened regularly. For drink use in the boat, I like the big 162 qt. I line the line bottom with blocks, put drinks in, then cubes on top. Holds tons of drinks. The cubes melt then the blocks keep the water in there cold for many days. Don’t drain the water if you don’t have to. The cold mass keeps the ice longer. When we go on a long trip we put frozen food in the yeti. It keeps stuff frozen for 5 days or more.
  10. Ironically, the Verona bunk model has the biggest kitchen area Renegade offers in any of their RV's. Even bigger than the 45' Class 8's. Go figure.
  11. Good thoughts and input. I don't plan to tow a full 20k hence my comment about not going up to a class 8 (Renegade classic, Showhauler, etc). To go up to a class 8 I gain a half bath and of course, more HP/torque. I expect my fully loaded stacker will be under or close to 15k. My last 3 trailers (still have 2) have been all aluminum and since having them I will not go back to steel. So I figure a 22' - 24' all alum stacker will be 7-8k empty. I have a lighter sandrail, a SxS and two quads so about 5k#'s of toys. That leaves another 2k for tools, spares, fuel station etc. and I'm at 15k. I don't like to push things to their limit so I figured the Verona having 20k tow capacity I would be more than good. The 15k limits on most of the Class A's I'll be at max tow. The other thing I'm pondering is total length. No, I'm not trying to start this debate all over again 😀. But it is on my mind. I don't mind going over a little but hate to push it too far. The Verona is 40' a 24' trailer with a 5' extended tongue is 29' total. So with a foot or so for the hitch this puts it right at 70' and already 5' over max. If I go with a 45' Class A it puts me at 75' or 10' over max. The Dynaquest is only 37' but I just don't think we can live with that kitchen and lack of cabinets. All 3 of our kids will be gone in two years. 2 are already gone and our youngest is a junior this year. However, we expect to still have them come on trips with us and maybe grandkids in the future. One of the things we really like about the Entegra Aspire is the layout would be great for just the wife and I for extended trips of up to several months at a time. The kitchen and living area layout is about the best I have seen. The only drawbacks are lack of overhead bunk and the length and the overall Class A aspect. Ugh! So many first world problems 🤑🤑🤑
  12. Also just found the Entegra Aspire 44L that might be an option. They do not have an overhead bunk option though but the kitchen is very nice. Anyone have one they can comment on?
  13. I’m starting to get more serious about upgrading my Moho. I currently have a 2009 Super C Kodak diesel bunkhouse that has severed us well. However, I really want some newer features and I want to go to a stacker trailer so the 10k tow capacity isn’t enough. I need minimum 15k tow capacity and really prefer 20k. I like the Super C concept as I like to do my own maintenance and the engine access is fantastic. Also like the safety of a front engine. That being said, I’m not opposed to a Class A. The must haves are: bunk beds that can convert to closet or other use when extra sleeping not needed Overhead bed above cab Large kitchen with ample storage and pantry space 15k-20k tow capacity As much seating as possible we like beds that don’t require sofas or dinettes to be converted. I’m an early riser and like to make coffee and chill while others are sleeping in. 1. Top of my list currently is the Renegade Verona 40vbh. This checks all our boxes although seating is limited to a 2 person couch and the dinette plus the cab seats swivel around. Absolutely love the kitchen size and ample cabinets and pantry. Drawback is it is only offered in 360hp 1150 torque Cummins 8.9. I’m OK going a little slower up the big hills. 2. Also considering the Dynamax Dynaquest 37bh. Similar to the Verona but kitchen is much smaller. Benefit is you can get 450hp/1250 Cummins 8.9. Has larger rear overhang past axle than Verona so won’t handle/ drive as well and lots of tail swing. I think the small kitchen is a deal breaker. 3. Discover Fleetwood 44 LXE 44B. Lots of seating, bath and half, kitchen a bit smaller than Verona but OK. Weird layout with bunk beds in the rear and only accessible through master bedroom and bath. Can’t imagine someone taking a dump on the toilet or being in the shower while anyone is in the bunk beds. Love the underbelly storage though! I also looked at Newmar Dutch Star, Berkshire and Tiffin but didn’t like the layout. We don’t really need a bath and a half and lots of other things like kitchen space lost to these models. Most don’t offer a cab over bunk either. The Verona is currently about $330k new, Dynaquest is a bit more with the 450/1250 option. The discover fleetwood is like $450+ I think. I would prefer to stay closer to $300k but will go higher for the perfect rig. No, I’m not interested in going way higher to a Prevost, KingAire or a Class 8. Would love to find a 1-2 year old used one and save a few $$. Any recommendations or things I should consider. I’m not in a hurry so may wait to see if market normalizes next year but I’ve got the itch 😀
  14. I went with a Magnum 2000 watt inverter/charger when I did the set up in my Moho. Part of the reason I selected the Magnum is because it has a 125 amp charger so when I run the gen it charges my batteries fairly quickly. My research also showed Magnum to be a reliable brand. I also like their remote panel and auto gen start module.
  15. Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback. I wasn't sure how legit these ads were. You hear how nice, higher end used Funco's are unicorns but there's like 4 of them on this site. I'm not in the market for one but I am starting to look around for a stacker and plan to upgrade my moho soon as well.

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