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  1. When you say set up for 33" tires I assume you mean the gearing is for 33's? Do you know what the actual R&P and individual gear ratios are ?
  2. Did you come across any S4’s? I’m starting to look for an S4 and deciding if I should go ahead and order a new one and wait.
  3. Same reason I’m looking. My 32’ enclosed, 37’ overall behind my 40’ Moho is looooong. I need 24’ of clear floor so I’m planning to do a 24’ extended V-nose with the cabinets in the V to give me the 24’ I need but not add to trailer length. I have yet to see one for sale so likely will order one.
  4. Intech quoted me 99k for a 24’ extended V-nose with fuel and a few more options than this one has. I talked to the seller when I considered this one, sounds like it might have a few dings and dents. I’m sure they are not an issue, just depends how picky one is.
  5. This one seems a bit high on asking price but maybe he’s negotiable. Intech is about as good of a trailer as you will find anywhere: https://www.racingjunk.com/stacker-trailers/184359075/price-lowered-24-ft-intech-ikon-24ft-wide-body.html?category_id=5706&np_offset=103 There are several others on Racing Junk and seems like more posted every day. You may also want to use Search Tempest and look at all C/L adds.
  6. https://www.racingjunk.com/stacker-trailers/184357624/2019-mission-stacker-trailer.html?category_id=5706&np_offset=96#5 i have no affiliation with this seller, just looked like it might be what you are looking for. I’m up in the area where this is pretty often if you want me to check it out if interested. I have a 32’ Alcom Pinnacle. They make nice trailers.
  7. I looked at this model closely before I bought my new Moho. Layout of this model is very funky. Bunks are in the rear and right next to the chitter. Kids would be damaged by sight of mom or dad on the crapper if they get out of bed at the right time. Can’t believe they actually built this layout and some people buy it. That’s a little too much “all in the family” for my liking. But, to each his own I guess.
  8. I’ve duned with GBR and this car is very nice. Pictures don’t do it justice, looks even better in person. Car ran flawlessly when I was with him and you can’t ask for a better guy as a seller.
  9. Here’s an ad I came across for a 28’ stacker. Might work for you? https://redding.craigslist.org/tro/d/anderson-stacker-trailer-28/7471448844.html
  10. Cant help you with a contact for purchase but can give you a real world recommendation. I have a Bendpak 10k asymmetrical extra tall. It has been awesome. I’ve had it in use about 6 years now and it has never missed a beat. The asymmetrical gives you more door clearance for getting in/out. I use it for everything from my SxS, Sandrail to a F350 crew cab diesel. Not working on the ground is a game changer. I plan to never be without one again.
  11. Any luck finding anything? I didn't see a 26' hit Str8up. Is it already off the site?
  12. PM me your email. I’ll forward you all the build sheets and drawings and his contact info.
  13. There was a dealer on Racing Junk with a nice new 26’ Intech he was supposed to receive in June. Don’t know if it is still available or not. I almost pulled the trigger on it but it needed too many changes for my needs. It did not have fuel though and would have to be added. I can send you the contact info for the dealer if you have any interest.
  14. The model of my Moho for sale is Four Winds Dutchmen 34H. You can see the layout and and specs here. Scroll down in the brochure to page 14, bottom left. mine is the 6.6 Duramax with the 6.0 kw Gen. This is the top of the line offered in these units: https://static.kingscampers.com/pdf/inventory/0bfa99a9f6063e862e56035afd902927.pdf I should have time to get some pictures posted as soon as I get back from the drive with my new one. Once I do that I'll post it on all the usual sites. Again, I'm located in the Portland Oregon area. If anyone from GD buys it, I'll deduct the cost of a plane ticket for you to come get it. Thank you!

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