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  1. Anyone have a stock cdi box I can borrow or buy?
  2. I just read now the gov wants control over your home thermostat too!!!!! This is to take place on any new or substantially modified home and will operate via radio waves....
  3. yeah, maybe it was like "Pit Crew Challenge" LOL
  4. A 3 ton will not lift my motorhome, I use two 2.5 ton jacks to lift the front and a 12 ton bottle jack to left the rear and it is just a 28' class "A" Exactly, trying to lift the toyhauler with a flat tire a 3 ton struggles, hell even jacking up my truck with a 3 ton is a PITA. Anybody know what brand of jack Discount Tire uses? I would think wiht the amount of use they get, they would use a quality product
  5. A quick search brought theses up. Looks for professional brands. http://www.sjdiscounttools.com/lin93657.html http://www.phjjacks.com/merchant/merchant....ategory_Code=FL Thanks! hadn't come across the second link yet....
  6. If a guy was to go by a new floor jack for X-mas what would you get????? Looking for 4 ton capacity
  7. I think you can just get a regular fuel pump from checker or autozone.....
  8. After you do all that carb work, put a fuel filter in to catch that crap before it gets to your carb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. has anyone else had a problem with the Zerk fittings popping out of the steps when greasing them? they are a pressed in Zerk and I would think I could just tap the hole and use a threaded zerk???
  10. Best Advice Right there!!!!!!! I too suffered from falling WD bars and now I use ZIP tys...
  11. oh, yeah, have some nice sharp drill bits for drilling through the frame, that was the hard part....tap magic is wonderful stuff makes it like butta!!!
  12. Sorry I don't have pics, but basically they mount to the body at the "pinch weld" (where the outer door sill meets the inner door sill) Its about a 3/4 inch seam that runs the length of the cab on both sides. Two bolts should be plenty strong but yu could reinforce it a little with some strap steel
  13. Well, they definately look cool, maybe I'll run into you down there and I can take a closer look at them

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