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  1. Welcome To GD.com! Lots of great people here. Highly recommend you Dune with us all. Peace
  2. I think Glamis is OPEN year round?? Peace
  3. Da chEFF is looking for Tik Tok Followers. Any takers? Peace
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself. Peace
  5. I love Mosquito Bites. They make me itch. What's better than the itch? Peace
  6. I like your attitude! My sentiments exactly. Peace
  7. Elton John concert last night! Weed Eat the yard today. Golf tomorrow. Got lots going on today at the Dream Home. Floors getting their final coat / Retaining walls getting built. Exciting stuff in Grapevine TX. Peace
  8. I'm not going to watch it. I'm keeping the blood pressure down today. Peace
  9. We're making the Veterans trip for Mental Therapy. Expense Vs. Mindset? We missed Dune season last year and it's changed our world. Time for a sand fix! Da chEFF is going to spend some CASH for Clarity. We'll determine after this trip if it's financially worth going back. Maybe chEFF's SXS will be up for sale?! NOT! Peace
  10. I agree! My mind needs to understand the outside is never ending. Accept it. Move in and enjoy the journey. Peace
  11. I too was disappointed losing this TOPic in the crash. Great Story. Great Achievement! Awesome News. Congratulations Y'ALL! Peace
  12. Wear your Red White and Blue! Peace
  13. Elton John. Funeral For A Friend. Peace

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