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  1. Kawasaki cut me in the amateur ranks. No more green for me! Peace
  2. Black Door explains the Wife very well. I'll paint the Dog House Door RED. Peace
  3. ChEFF

    Glamis 911

    I used the POULE PICK-N-PULL Recovery Company! Worked Great. I heard they've since closed the Doors. Peace
  4. Doors black. Trim DARK Gray. Lighter Gray on the wood. All The colors are in the Rock Ledge. Exterior colors have been picked. Hope it turns out nice. Peace
  5. Jealousy runs deep in the Heart of Texas. Peace
  6. Exterior is getting painted now. Hope I've picked the right colors. Too dark....too light? guess what? It's just paint. Peace
  7. Working Today. Need to knock out Mondays work today. Want to free up some time to handle the Dream Home list of things to do. Just reviewed the ACCTS RECEIVABLE list and it's STUPID!! People need to pay up for their services provided. Y'all have an awesome weekend. Make someone smile. Peace
  8. Would be cool to have a fantasy league for outdoors. Peace
  9. Enjoy the great May weather. Peace
  10. WOW! Looks awesome! That should make our house worth $900k. We'll be selling soon. Tell the neighbors we have a 5 bedroom 3 1/2 bath 3500 sq ft house with 25x50 garage Majal / Pool for sale in Grapevine, Texas. Peace
  11. I believe the TOPic says.....Let's Clear the Air. Well........Congrats, your place has done just that. Enjoy the Peace that place offers y'all. Peace
  12. Did a lot of cleaning with the skid steer yesterday. Grab all the leftover rock and stacked it for retaining walls. Gotta Landscape Architect coming next week to draw my design. Peace
  13. ChEFF

    2013 Yamaha 700 SEL

    I say that regularly. I'd love to be 350 miles from Mother G! This is a great quad. Peace

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