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  1. I bought my RF system for my Turbo S4. from Craig at Pro Utv Parts. Best price I could find. He may be able to get individual parts, just call him and he will let you know. Call or Text Craig at: (801) 367-1395 https://www.proutvparts.com/
  2. Better solution as mentioned before, slowly fed into a wood chipper feet first.
  3. THD


    I think he almost had it on the second try!
  4. I was just watching Tucker Carlson and he reported that some pharmacies are refusing to fill ivermectin prescriptions as well as other meds to treat covid. Not sure how true this is, but he said it appears to be mainly the large chain pharmacies, CVS, Walgreens, etc. He had a Dr. on that said his patients were experiencing the same issue. Not good if Pharmacist are over-riding Drs.
  5. I've seen this one before. Isn't this at sand mountain NV?
  6. That's the million dollar question. It will happen, which most people know, when is what nobody knows. I have a gut feeling it will be soon. Things are crazy right now with supply chain issues, inflation, poor fiscal policy, political unrest, and a way overpriced market in my opinion. I also think it will not be a long glide slope into recession, I think it will happen very quickly when it does.
  7. Here is a story on the FDA recommendation on boosters. https://www.statnews.com/2021/09/17/fda-advisory-panel-recommends-against-booster-doses-of-covid-19-vaccine-for-most-americans/
  8. Here are some links to stories on it. I included both liberal and conservative media reports for balance. You will see cnn and msnbc kind of dance around the reasons for the resignation, while the post and fox give a more pointed reason. When I posted originally I thought it was 3 or 4, but it was only a couple. There were others that resigned over an Alzheimer's drug which I may have confused with being over the vax. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/31/health/fda-vaccine-officials-step-down/index.html https://nypost.com/2021/09/01/two-senior-fda-officials-resign-over-biden-administration-booster-shot-plan/ https://www.msnbc.com/opinion/why-these-covid-vaccine-scientist-resigned-fda-n1278207 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fda-resignations-question-biden-follow-the-science BTW...the panel that decides on whether to recommend or not voted 16 to 2 NOT to recommend the booster for most individuals.
  9. I think this is what is driving the push for booster shots too. The FDA scientist voted overwhelmingly not to recommend the booster for most people. They recommended it for high risk and those over 65 though. Some of their top scientist resigned due to the booster being pushed by the Biden admin contrary to what FDA recommended. The NIH director just came out and indicated that it is waiting for more data to make a final decision on the booster. I translate that as meaning no matter what the FDA scientist say, they WILL approve it. It's not about the science, it's about the $$$. Billions of $$$.
  10. Have you looked into the Andersen Ultimate hitch? I towed with a short bed F350 and could turn 90 degrees with it, but it was close to the cab at 90. Towed a 42' toyhauler for about 40k miles and never had an issue with it.
  11. One theory that I think might be behind this mandate is that large corporations (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) pushed Biden to put out this mandate to cover their a$$es in the event that their employees have a serious reaction to the vaccine and try to hold their employer liable for mandating it themselves. Now that the feds mandate it, companies are just following the requirements and are not liable. Not sure if this was mentioned yet? I still can't understand where the arbitrary 100 or more employees came from, maybe this is the reason? Apparently the feds don't "care" for those that work for smaller employers?
  12. Here is a great interview with Eric Clapton discussing his experience with the jab and his views on the vaccine mandates. Well worth watching, it's almost 20 mins but worth the time.
  13. Condolences to Chad's family and friends. It sounds like he had a profound impact on those that knew him. May he rest in peace.
  14. THD


    Thanks for posting that Esco, it was tough getting thru the whole thing without my eyes welling up. I had my wife read it and she got real emotional. This should be mandatory reading for all the younger people in our country to illustrate what REAL hero's are! Hint, it ain't social justice warriors!!
  15. I posted earlier about the immigrants having the option to take the vax, and only 30% have taken it. My wife got vaxed when I did, which surprised me because she indicated she wouldn't take it. She has Lupus and it has been in remission since she was in her late 20's. Now, 25 yrs later, after getting vaxed, her Lupus symptoms are coming back. I read up on it after she noticed the symptoms and there appears to be some evidence of people with auto-immune diseases showing a flare up in their symptoms after getting vaxed. Of course there is no info on the long term affects with people with auto-immune diseases. I am dead set against the mandate especially since ALL the long term impacts of the vaccine are not known yet. And the crap about horse medicine is ignorance. There are many drugs that vets use that are also used to treat humans. A vet can prescribe medication to his own family, at least in our state. And my wife was on high doses of hydroxychloroquine for her Lupus and despite what the leftist media want you to believe, it is a PROVEN drug that is SAFE to take and is available OTC in a lot of places in the world. There is too much dis-information out there for strictly political reasons and it's bullchit!!
  16. THD

    Old ATC 70

    I gave a buddy a frame, forks, and rear axle that he never got around to building a complete bike. I can ask him if he still has it if you are interested? I also have a stock tank with the fork dent and some rust inside that I will give to anyone that could use it.
  17. THD

    Old ATC 70

    Got mine up to 51 mph once, had to pump the tires up to max pressure to break 50 which was the target. A buddy and I, both with 140's made it up Olds on em.
  18. My youngest daughter who is vaxed got the virus in July, and a few of her vaxed friends got it over the summer too. None were seriously sick though, aches and pains and loss of smell and taste. She just got back from a wedding in New York and some of her friends that attended the wedding got the virus, and they were vaxed. The odd part is my daughters husband who is not vaxed never got it. They never quarantined from each other when my daughter got it, and he was at the wedding with her in NY.
  19. Whether the USPS is mandated or not does not change the fact that there are carve outs. One being the arbitrary 100 employees or more benchmark. Does not seem to be an equal application of the rule to me. Not to mention all the immigrants crossing the southern border that are given the option of taking the vaccine, which only 30% take the shot, yet they are trying to force the vax on our own citizens. The conspiracy side of me see's this as a move to satisfy the democratic base (poll #'s) and also a way to shift the focus away from Afghanistan, which it has to some extent. But, give it a few days and we will be posting on another thread about the next thing the idiot does. He definitely is a great source of hot topics to debate.
  20. Ya, I just read that. Apparently a Biden official said they were not subject to this order but they corrected that statement late last night.

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